The Leland Family of Virginia; et al


This is a generation by generation telling of the Leland Family, begining with Pierre d'Aulnis, born c. 1585.

    I want to make it known I have submitted my Paternal DNA teat to It is a Y DNA 46 Marker Test. I am still unclear as to exactly what it shows, but it is available for comparison on line, or you may contact me at this email: [email protected]

     I would like to take this opportunity to extend thanks to Leland Madison Park, who has restored the Leland Cemetery Plots in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He has restored the plots in both Evergreen Cemetery, next to U. of A., and the Leland Plot in Greenwood Cemetery. Clark Memorials did the work and they did a wonderful job. I will get the new images uploaded as soon as possible.
Richard McLester Leland, III  10/15/2012  

Forty Missions and

     To all family members and anyone interested in a personal story from a member of the "Greatest Generation," this is an account authored by my brother-in-law, Maurice Duvic on his service in world War II. I found it to be a "great" read and I'm sure you will too. To order just follow this link: "Forty Missions and Home"
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"A Good Name . . ."

        By Dr. Alfred Hume, Vice Chancellor, University of Mississippi, at the laying of the cornerstone of the Hume-Fogg High School Building, July 20, 1911, Nashville, Tennesee. Dr. Hume, was the son of Maj. William Hume & Mary Kate Leland Hume, and the 3rd Great Grandson of the Rev. Jno. Leland of Virginia. 

" A good name is indeed a goodly heritage, one to be transmitted to posterity without a stain.  Respectable parentage is a blessing not so much to be proud of as to be profoundly grateful for.  Ancestral pride, though pardonable possibly in private, finds no proper place for expression in public.  No man should boast about that for which he was not in any sense responsible or claim credit for that in which he had absolutely no part.  Honorable ancestry simply levies obligations to be something worthy and to do something worthwhile.  It cannot bestow exemptions or relieve responsibilities.  Every one must stand on his individual merit.  Nothing but shame to him who misuses or abuses his birthright and on the other hand, honor to that one who, rising from obscurity, makes for himself a place among men."



Arms: D'azur: à 2 aigles de profil d'or: affontés et ess: posés sur un rocher de gueules et supp: de leurs becs un casque grillé d'or. doublé de sa. taré de front.

From Ann Bender, the Arms of D'Aulnis 

Pretty close to the translation provided by Mike Dumestre.

"2 gold eagles in profile, face to face (et ess.?)  standing (landed) on a rock made of  ???  (gueule is slang for mouth)  From their beak, a gold helmet with a  grilled visor After that I don't know,  double is doubled." 
Thanks to Mike Dumestre for the above translation.09/18/2002 


Lalande Home

"Pembroke," Home of Francois d'Aulnis de la lande, built c. 1710,
Portarlington, County Laois, Ireland.
For sale January 2012 for 450,000 Euros or $575,000.00
This is the house where Henrietta Lalande had her school c. 1729.

   This is an endeavor to continue the work begun by J.A.C Leland II, in the days before computers, instant communications, ease of travel he compiled a manuscript of our family that even today seems to be a herculean task.  About the only advantage he had was the three cent stamp. 
    Thanks to the internet, new found family members, perserverence and luck I hope to be able to expand our family into the 21st century, and hopefully back before the 18th century where our present story begins. Thanks to Robert Earl Leland of Zanesville, Ohio, fifth great granson of The Reverend John Leland, Sr., it has been found that John was born 24 January 1718 and christened, Jean D'Aulnis de La Lande on 12 February 1718 at the French Protestant Church of the Savoy, in London, England, the son of Henri d'Aulnis de La Lande and his wife Marie. This information comes from Huguenot Society Publications Volume 26, page 41. See the letter from Guildhall in London.  The work done on the d'Aulnis de la Landes is confusing at best, Charle E. Lart in HUGUENOT PEDIGREES, has for Henri's parents: Pierre D'Aulnis, sr. du Caillaud and Dlle. Henriette Boybellaud de Montacier de L' Isle Marais. Pierre's parents are given as Louis D'Aulnis, sr. du Caillaud and Judith Chasseloup, this is found in Vol. II, page 1 & 2.  However, in reading the material sent to me by Ann Bender that she gleaned through research into bot Vol. I & Vol. II of Lart's HUGUENOT PEDIGREES, plus many volumes of the Huguenot Society Proceedings,1909, I feel that Henri d'Aulnis de la Lande was the son of Francois d'Aulnis, seigneur de Bourrouille et de La Lande, and his wife Judith Jolly.  Henri, had a brother Francois d'Aulnis de La Lande of La Rochelle, who married Angelique Judith D'Aulnis, they settled in Ireland and in the church records there, Henri is listed as an uncle to the christening of one of Francois's children, and in London Francois is listed as an uncle for Henri's child.  Angelique Judith Boybellaud and Francois are given as cousins, Angelique being the daughter of Pierre d'Aulnis, sr. du Caillaud & Angelique Boybellaud. In Vol. I of HUGUENOT PEDIGREES, page 14, Lart states:
"By his first wife, Henriette Boybellaud, Pierre d'Aulnis du Caillaud left a daur. Marie (will P.C.I. 1764) who married Captain Henri d'Aulnis de La Lande, who left by her Henri De Lalande of London; John De Lalande who went to Virginia, and Anne Henriette, who married Captain Paul Mangin (b. 1700, d. 1797)."
    Thus, Pierre d'Aulnis du Caillaud could not be the father of both Henri & Marie, it is clear there is alot of confusion.  It is stated in Vol. II, that this Pierre is only married once as it was a different Pierre who married Angelique Boybellaud. My pages will show Francois as the father of Henri, I have not yet figured out who Francois' parents were.
    It is extremely confusing to try and sort out, any assistence in this area will be greatly appreciated.  If anyone knows French naming patterns it may help.
    John was educated at the College of Dublin under the name John Laland, he then came to St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1737 as a School Master and taught there for four years, after which he moved to Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia, where he taught for a year and a half.  He then returned to London where he was ordained in September of 1744.  After which he assumed his duties as an Anglican Minister at Wicomico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia.
    Our predecessor, The Rev. Jno. Leland, of Wiccocomico Parish in the County of Northumberland, Virginia, is not to be confused with the illustrious Baptist Minister John Leland, of Mass., who spent time in the State of Virginia and was close to President James Madison.  The line of Leland's from New England is long and illustrious and perhaps through the endeavors of us all we may find a connection.  However I believe that it was our family who Sherman Leland referred to in The Leland Magazine, as one who adopted the name and therefore probably not linked to this line. There is another family of Lelands in Northumberland County, Virginia at the same time as ours, these are the Lelands of St. Stephen's Parish and they appear as J.A.C. II points out to be unconnected, but it does contribute to the confusion. At this point in time, 2002, it appears that John is the only immigrant ancestor of this line. 
    The fun is in the quest, not in the result.  I would like to make clear that the information in this site is an accumulation from many places, there are many date I "assumed" and some conjectures I made in order to make sense of the information, I tried to make clear when that was done.  Please feel free to let me know of any errors, ommissions, or new information in any of the areas. I repeat this information is basically from secondary sources only.  If you would like to visit my library you will find a link below. The real work has yet to begin.                                               Richard McLester Leland III,© 1999-2002. 
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