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Burial Strays 1813-1920

Source: Parish Registers 1813-1920 LDS Film #952300


 A "stray" is a person born in a particular place but married or buried elsewhere.


Year / Date / Name / Abode / Age


1813 Feb 11th Mary  GIBBS of Zouch Mill 25y
1813 Apr 4th John HICKLING of Loughborough Infant
1813 Aug 15th Thomas  ROSE of formerly of Pinchbeck? Lincs 70y A stranger 
1814 Nov 20th Ann  SKELSON? of Zouch Mill 3y
1815 Mar 1st J. UNDERWOOD of Long Whatton 68y
1815 Aug 1st Henry ATTENBOROW of Loughborough 8y
1816 Jan 14th William MARRIOTT of Kegworth 45y
1816 Jun 5th Isaac SWIFT of Diseworth 29y
1816 Oct 14th Mary  WALTON of Zouch Mill 4m By Coroners Warrant
1817 Jun 2nd James ATTENBOROW of Loughborough 5y
1817 Jun 10th William ATTENBOROW of Loughborough 8y
1821 Apr 9th Sarah CUMBERLAND of Loughborough 27y
1822 Jun 19th Edward GARLAND of Rugby 34y
1822 Mar 4th  John BOWLEY of Loughborough 70y
1823 Oct 20th Ann  PRATT of Sheepshead 60y (name entered as HARRIMAN in error)
1824 May 21st Joseph Dunnecliff? PRICE of Loughborough 16y
1826 Sep 22nd Eliza FREEMAN of Loughborough 9m
1826 Nov 1st Louisa MIDDLETON of Loughborough 18y
1826 Dec 22nd Ann  BENNETT of Kingstone 25y
1828 Oct 16th Richard EXTON of West Leke 16y
1829 Feb 14th Sarah HANDLEY of Sheepshead 76y
1829 Mar 9th Thomas  HICKLING of Nottingham 8y
1830 Sep 16th Ann  SLACK of Leicester 2y
1831 Jan 26th Edwin GALEMAN of Loughborough 21w
1831 Mar 11th William HENSON of Loughborough 7m
1831 Apr 1st Frederick Michael FOSTER of Loughborough 9m
1831 Jul 7th John BOWLEY of Charley Way 52y
1831 Oct 17th Elizabeth JOWITT of Sheepshead 95y
1831 Oct 21st John SLACK of Leicester 31y
1832 Oct 8th William MONKS of Garenden 8w
1833 Apr 19th Elizabeth JOHNSON of Beeston Notts 47y
1834 Mar 17th Elizabeth FREEMAN of Loughborough 31y
1834 May 17th Elizabeth LESTER of Keyworth 49y
1834 Sep 30th Jos. ATTENBOROUGH of Loughborough 34y
1834 Oct 31st Elizabeth FREEMAN of East Leake 73y
1834 Dec 26th Mary  BARSON of Loughborough 44y
1835 Feb 10th Ruth SMITH of Dishley 18m
1835 Apr 29th Mary  NIEMAN? of Loughborough 4y
1835 Aug 19th Mary Ann MIDDLETON of Loughborough 34y
1835 Oct 23rd John WRIGHT of Liverpool 47y Brought from Ashby. Coroners Warrant
1836 Jan 22nd Meriam DEAN of Birmingham 40y
1836 Feb 25th William NORTH of Loughborough 27y
1836 Mar 4th  Jemima BILLSON of Loughborough 16y
1836 May 18th Milicent WRIGHT of Sheepshead 78y
1836 Jun 7th Mary Ann FOSTER of Ticknall 25y
1837 Jan 16th Ann  BREEDON of Loughborough 32y
1837 Jan 19th Charles HICKINBOTTOM of Zouch Mill 13m
1837 Jan 24th Arnold? ROBINS of Loughborough 50y
1837 Feb 11th Harriet GRETTON of Loughborough 41y
1837 Feb 13th Thomas  ATTENBOROUGH of Loughborough 59y
1837 Feb 28th Richard Bowley  SMITH of Dishley 18w
1837 Mar 13th Thomas  BOWLEY of Sheepshead 89y
1837 May 19th Elizabeth Ann FOSTER of Nottingham 1y
1838 Feb 12th Hannah SWIFT of Leicester 14y
1838 Mar 3rd John CALDWELL of Loughborough 65y
1838 Mar 5th Anne MIDDLETON of Loughborough 67y
1838 Jun 13th William LAKIN of Sheepshead 40y
1838 Sep 8th Mary PATTISON of London 67y
1838 Sep 13th Thomas  COOPER of Zouch Mill 22y
1838 Dec 5th Michael FOSTER of Dishley 71y
1838 Dec 22nd Eliza LAKIN of Sheepshead 4y
1839 Jan 11th Elizabeth HARRIMAN of Nottingham 31y
1839 Oct 30th Sarah ROBINS of Loughborough 46y
1839 Nov 12th Harriot JOHNSON of Lenton Notts 1y 9m
1840 Oct 22nd Henry HUTCHINSON of Grosby? 38y
1840 Nov 28th John CALDWELL of Melton Mowbray 23y
1842 Apr 5th John WILLIAMSON of Loughborough 40y
1843 Jun 17th Thomas  WOOLLEY of Stanford Hill 9m
1843 Aug 11th Elizabeth WALLIS? of Loughborough 27y
1843 Nov 15th William MIDDLETON of Loughborough 74y
1843 Nov 29th Sarah FLEGGS? of Loughborough 77y
1843 Dec 16th Mary MARSHALL of Zouch Mill 15y
1844 Jun 25th Maria COOPER of Loughborough 40y
1844 Sep 11th Ann KIRK of Loughborough 59y
1845 Sep 11th Edward Arthur Westely BOYER of St.Marys Nottm 14m
1845 Mar 2nd` Elizabeth COOPER of Zouch Mills 64y
1846 Apr 17th Thomas MONKS of Sheepshead 27y
1846 May 6th Samuel CRESSWELL of Loughborough 5m
1846 May 18th Elizabeth MONKS of Sheepshead 23y
1846 Oct 1st Sarah PRIESTLY of Sutton Bonnington 23y
1848 Jul 10th Sarah MARSHALL of Zouch Mills 28y
1849 Mar 3rd Samuel MONKS of Sheepshead 74y
1849 Nov 30th William ADKIN of Zouch Mills 57y
1850 Jan 21st Mary CALDWELL of Loughborough 79y
1850 Mar 8th William HARRIMAN of Loughborough 50y
1850 May 27th Eliza  BRIGHOUSE of West Leake 11m
1850 Dec 17th Grace Wright CUMBERLAND of Loughbro Park 27y
1851 Nov 19th Thomas HICKINGBOTTOM of The Park Nottm 72y
1851 Dec 12th Edward Henry Phillips SMYTHIES of Sutton Bonnington 5y
1852 Aug 11th Elizabeth WALLIS of Loughborough 71y
1852 Dec 11th Mary DAVENPORT of Newark 34y
1853 Apr 23rd Edward Harford HARRIMAN of Sileby 8m
1853 Sep 6th Hannah WILLETT of Castle Donnington 68y
1854 Jan 13th Ann PHIPPS of Dishley Mill 78y
1854 Jan 30th Soloman HEYWOOD of Loughborough 25y
1855 Apr 17th Millicent ADKIN of Zouch Mills 62y
1855 Aug 18th Jane MARSHALL of Zouch Mills 13y
1856 Jul 10th Joseph SWIFT of Rempstone Nottm 48y
1856 Aug 27th Elizabeth MARRIOTT of Loughborough 86y
1856 Oct 17th William WALLIS of Loughborough 81y
1856 Oct 27th Mary PEBERDY of Outon on the Hill 69y
1857 Jan 19th Thomas GRETTON of Loughborough 23y
1857 May 19th Henry ROBBINS of Loughborough 34y
1857 Jul 14th John  ATTENBOROUGH of Loughborough 70y
1858 Mar 24th Mary Elizabeth SMITH of Bethnal Green London 26y
1860 Jan 23rd Joseph SWIFT of Whitwick 9m
1860 May 29th Elizabeth HICKINGBOTTOM of Zouch Mills 62y
1860 Oct 15th Ann ROBBINS of Loughborough 35y
1861 May 4th Elizabeth Mar..? PHILLIPPS of Sutton Bonnington 69y
1861 Nov 9th John  ROPER of Sheepshead 44y
1862 May 9th John  PEBERDY of Houghton on Hill 75y
1862 Jun 19th Walter PEBERDY of Coleorton 10w
1863 Jun 11th Thomas Josiah COOPER of Loughborough 75y
1863 Jul 9th Catherine STEVENSON of Oakley Wood 23y
1864 Feb 23rd Georgina PEBERDY of Whitwick 4m
1865 Apr 21st Emma Catherine KEIGHTLY of Loughborough 31y
1865 Jun 26th Ernest William PEBERDY of Whitwick 4m
1865 Jul 22nd William HOPEWELL of Loughborough 75y
1865 Sep 11th Mary JOHNSON of Loughborough 78y
1866 Sep 8th Abner John PEBERDY of Whitwick 2m
1867 Jan 14th Florence Kate KEIGHTLY of Ashly Pl.Loughbro 14w
1868 Aug 17th John E. KEIGHTLY of Ashly Pl.Loughbro 3w
1869 Apr 12th George Eyrs Dutton CLARKE of Sileby 2y
1869 Jun 1st James CUMBERLAND of Sutton Bonnington 53y
1869 Oct 13th ? Alfred CALDWELL of Bacup Lancs 3? .bus? (unable to read first name)
1869 Dec 11th William GUTTERIDGE of Loughborough 73y
1873 Jun 4th Harriett SMEDLEY of Thorpe Acre 58y
1874 Feb 4th Isaac SWIFT of Copt? Oak 80y
1874 Feb 11th George Vernon PEBERDY of B. Hesford? 2y
1874 Feb 28th Ethel Ada PEBERDY of Loughborough 12w
1874 Apr 7th James WATTS of Nott'm in Loughborough Union 84y
1874 May 19th Laura Annie Elizabeth CALDWELL of Bacup Lancs 19m (or May 17th)
1875 Feb 22nd Henry Garton PEBERDY of Loughborough 1y 7m
1875 Apr 24th Elizabeth HART of The Union Loughborough 83y
1875 Oct 8th Ann DANDY? of Dishley 22y
1876 Jun 22nd Elizabeth WILD of Clifton nr Manchester 33y
1876 Jul 18th James HICKENBOTTOM of 30 Buckingham St Leicester 79y
1876 Nov 7th Charles Edward PEBERDY of Loughborough 6y
1877 Nov 3rd John HARRIMAN of Quebec House Sileby 59y
1877 Feb 8th Sarah SHIRLEY? of All Saints Loughborough 69y
1878 Jul 30th Catherine LEONARD of Nottingham 44y
1878 Aug 23rd Lucy BOOT of Nottingham 3y 6m
1878 Sep 3rd Frederick Harold PEBERDY of Loughborough 1m
1879 Mar 26th Robert COX of Oakley Wood part of Sheepshed 2y
1879 Mar 31st James COX of Oakley Wood part of Sheepshed 4y 6m
1879 May 13th Millicent BUSTER ? of Beeston Notts 78y
1879 May 13th Charles Edward PEBERDY of All Saints Loughborough 2w
1880 Nov 8th Charles Edward PEBERDY of All Saints Loughborough 1m
1883 Apr 6th Thomas HICKINBOTTOM of Loughborough 78y
1883 Oct 23rd Thomas WOOLLEY of Bradford Yorkshire 32y
1884 Jun 18th John William Lowe COOPER of Loughborough 5m
1886 Jul 15th Benjamin SMEDLEY of Sheepshed 68y
1889 Oct 5th Samuel WIDDOWSON of Union House Loughborough 11y
1891 May 8th Elizabeth CALDWELL of Loughborough 79y
1891 Jun 6th Sarah BURTON of Sheepshed 78y
1892 Dec 19th John W.L. EXON of Loughborough 86y
1902 Mar 31st Thomas SUTTON of died in London 64y
1902 Oct 9th Stanley GOODACRE of Loughborough 1m
1905 Dec 30th Agnes ADAMS of Long Whatton 56y
1906 Feb 21st Jane WILKINS of Long Whatton 55y
1908 Jun 9th Harold GOODACRE of Loughborough 9y
1908 Jul 4th John GOODACRE of Loughborough 81y
1911 Mar 25th Elizabeth BROWN of 305 Castle Boulevard Nottingham 72y
1911 May 31st Fanny TAYLOR of Junction House Ironville 73y
1911 Jun 14th Louise SAVAGE of Qarndon 44y
1913 Mar 4th Thomas FARR of Loughborough 36y
1916 May 19th Lucy LESTER of Annesley Nottm 48y
1916 Nov 9th Thomas  BROWN of Nottingham 73y
1917 Mar 5th Charles Archibald JAMES of Leicester 31y
1918 Oct 5th Alice Sophia SWIFT of 32 Clarence St. Loughborough 29y  late of Hathern
1919 Mar 3rd Lucy Ann LOVETT of Loughborough 26y
1919 Mar 18th Thomas CHESTER of Barrow on Soar 77y
1920 Feb 7th Annie BERRY of 700 Hucknall Rd Basthorpe Notts 73y
1920 May 29th Charles Edward GOODACRE of Thorpe Acre 29y


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