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Marriage Banns Strays

(where one of the parties is not of Hathern)

Source: Parish Registers 1869-1908 LDS Film #952300

Year / Male Name / Abode / Female Name / Abode / Banns Called

1869 John BERRINGTON of Hathern and Mary BOWLEY of All Saints Loughborough - Oct 3rd 10th 17th
1870 Thomas WRIGHT of Hathern and Harriett ADCOCK of St.Mary Nottingham - Jun 19th 26th Jul 3rd
1870 John FAIRBARN of Hathern and Mary COOK of Shardlow Derby - Dec 11th 18th 25th
1871 John EGGINTON Widr of Sutton Bonington and Matilda JAMES Wid of Hathern - Sep 17th 24th Oct 1st
1871 Samuel GARNER Widr of Thorpe Acre and Ann CHEADLE Wid of Hathern - Oct 22nd 29th Nov 5th
1872 Samuel CHAMBERS of Awsworth and Lucilla KELHAM of Hathern - Apr 28th May 5th 12th
1872 William WALERS of Loughborough and Emma FOLLOWS of Hathern - Sep 29th Oct 6th 13th
1872 Henry BROWN of Hathern and Mary Ann HALLAM of St.Anns Sutton Bonington - Nov 17th 24th Dec 1st
1873 George SMITHE? Widr of Hathern and Maria Amelia WOODWARD of Lenton Notts - Jan 12th 19th 26th
1873 James WARREN of Hathern and Frances MILLS of All Saints Loughborough - Mar 23rd 30th Apr 6th
1873 Walter BICKERSTAFF of St.Peters Derby and Mary BERRINGTON of Hathern - Dec 7th 14th 21st
1874 John NEWSSON ? of Carlton Notts and Sophie CUMBERLAND of Hathern - Aug 23rd 30th Sep 6th
1874 John Thomas DAYBELL Widr of Sneinton Notts and Sarah ECKERSLEY of Hathern - Dec 13th 20th 27th
1875 John WARD of St.Anns Nottingham and Rebecca HUNT of Hathern - Sep 19th 26th Oct 3rd
1875 William BUTT of St.Michaels Sutton Bonington and Elizabeth DAVENPORT of Hathern - Oct 10th 17th 24th
1877 Edwin Alfred GIMSON of Emmanuel Loughborough and Julie CALDWELL of Hathern - Jan 7th 14th 21st
1877 Thomas ABBOTT of Codnor Nottingham and Ann MILLER of Hathern - Jan 14th 21st 28th
1877 Frederick GREAVES? of Hathern and Mary PRIESTLY of Sutton Bonington - Sep 30th Oct 7th 14th
1877 Edwin HOOD of All Saints Loughborough and Mary Wright HARRIMAN of Hathern - Dec 23rd 30th Jan 6th 1878
1878 Alfred COCKERAM of St.Johns Derby and Emma WARD of Hathern - May 26th Jun 2nd 9th
1878 Frederick DAVENPORT of Newark Notts and Elizabeth KELHAM of Hathern - Jul 14th 21st 28th
1879 Tom DOMLEO of Normanton on Soar Notts and Alice HARRIMAN of Hathern - May 25th Jun 1st 8th
1880 Alfred John GUNN of St.Anns Nottingham and Susan ROYSTON of Hathern - Jun 20th 27th Jul 4th
1880 Herbert BARROWCLIFFE of Hathern and Mary Ann FORD of Old Basford Nottingham - Oct 17th 24th 31st
1882 Samuel SALT Widr of Kegworth and Mary Ann BROWN Wid of Hathern - Aug 13th 20th 27th
1883 Thomas FOSTER Widr of Long Eaton Derby and Frances Sutton GROVES  of Hathern - Dec 9th 16th 23rd
1887 John WESTON of Long Eaton Derby and Emily SPENCE of Hathern - May 8th 15th 22nd
1889 Alfred Upton? GOODACRE of Zouch Mills Sutton Bonington and Fanny ROPER of Hathern - Jan 20th 27th Feb 3rd
1892 Harry CHADBURN of St.Anns Sutton Bonington and Annie SPENCE of Hathern - No dates
1892 John FINCH of Kegworth and Millicent CALDWELL of Hathern - No dates
1892 Henry HALL of Whitwick and Ellen CROFTS of Hathern - Dec 4th 11th 18th
1892 Joseph SHEPPERD of All Saints Loughborough and Sarah Anne WILLIAMS of Hathern - Dec 11th 18th 25th
1892 John Sutton GROVES of St.Laurence Long Eaton and Ellen CHAPMAN of Hathern - Dec 11th 18th 25th
1893 Richard PARKIN of Kilburn Derbyshire and Mary Ann EXON of Hathern - Mar 5th 12 19th
1893 Benjamin Augustus WOODCOCK of Hathern and Hephzibah GROVES of St.Laurence Long Eaton - Mar 26th Apr 2nd 9th
1893 Alick Charles TUDGE ? of Hathern and Ellen MILNER of All Saints Loughborough - Apr 9th 16th 23rd
1894 John George SMITH  of Hathern and Sarah WARDLE of St.Michaels Sutton Bonnington - Feb 4th 11th 18th
1894 John PRITCHARD? of All Saints Loughborough and Gerrtrude May KEIGHTLY of Hathern - Sep 2nd 9th 16th
1894 George WILDE of Hathern and Sarah Jane BARNES of St.Peter Synell ?Northamptonshire - Dec 9th 16th 23rd
1895 Albert FISHER of St.Saviours Islington and Mary Eliza BERRINGTON of Hathern - Jun 16th 23rd 30th
1895 John Thomas LINE of Coalville and Florence RANDON of Hathern - Dec 8th 15th 22nd
1896 Joseph HOLMES of St.Mary Spondon and Sarah Jane DRAYCOTT? of Hathern - May 3rd 10th 17th
1896 Alfred TOLLINGTON of Hathern and Emma MERRIN? of All Saints Loughborough - Jun 21st 28th Jul 5th
1896 Edward BARLOW of Hathern and Mary Elizabeth FOSTER of Shepshed - Jun 21st 28th Jul 5th
1896 Albert Ernest DUTTON of Shepshed and Clara SPENCER of Hathern - Aug 30th Sep 6th 13th
1896 Arthur Ernest LAMMAS of Hathern and Florence WARD of St.Emmanuel Loughborough - Sep 27th Oct 4th 11th
1897 Albert HUNT of Hathern and Ada LEIGHTON of Pinxton Selston Notts - Apr 25th May 2nd 9th
1897 Jabez BARRAND of St.Stephens Nottingham and Agnes HENSON of Hathern - May 2nd 9th 16th
1897 William Walter HATTON of Hathern and Elizabeth CORTON? of St.Bitolph Shepshed - Aug 29th Sep 5th 12th
1898 Arthur Edward CHAPMAN of Hathern and Clara Elizabeth BROWN of All Saints Loughborough - Jul 10th 17th 24th
1898 Edward Thomas ALCOCK of Hathern and Mary Sampson HANDLEY of All Saints Loughborough - Aug 14, 21, 28
1898 Arthur TAYLOR of Hathern and Florence FREER of Kegworth - Dec 11th 18th 25th
1899 John Samuel BOOT of Hathern and Annie Lydia GRIMLY of St.Bitolph Shepshed - May 7th 4th 21st
1899 Thomas CARTLIDGE of St. Peter Derby and Eliza  DRAPER of Hathern - Aug 27th Sep 3rd 10th
1899 John HULL of Holy Trinity Loughborough and Emma ROSE of Hathern - Sep 3rd 10th 17th
1899 Charles   DRAYCOTT of Hathern and Florence Elizabeth DRAPER of Long Whatton - Dec 10th 17th 24th
1900 H--? Widdowson KELHAM of Hathern and Nellie BANKS of Loughborough - Jan 21st 28th Feb 4th
1900 Edward THOMPSON of Hathern and Gertrude YOUNG of Kegworth or Keyworth - Jan 21st 28th Feb 4th
1900 Arthur HURT of Hemmington and Alice HETTERLEY of Hathern - Jul 22nd 29th Aug 5th
1900 James Henry HUNT of Hathern and Emily HART of St.Bitolph Shepshed - Nov 25th Dec 2nd 9th
1901 Thomas BEAUMONT of Hathern and Lucy Ann TITMAN of Sutton Bridge - Apr 28th May 5th 12th
1901 William PRICE of Hathern and Edith COLLEY of Hampton diocese of ? - May 5th 12th 19th
1901 Moses WATTS of Hathern and Edith BARKER of Long Whatton - Jul 21st 28th Aug 4th
1901 Arthur MITCHILL of Hathern and Florence WHITNORTTE ? of St.Bitolph Shepshed - Aug 18th 25th Sep 1st
1902 Frederick Thomas BOWLEY of Hathern and Hannah COULSON? of St.Bitolph Shepshed - Jan 12th 19th 26th
1902 Hendrick RATCLIFFE of Hathern and Hannah THURMAN of St.Bitolph Shepshed - Mar 9th 16th 23rd
1902 William Henry Holmes MEE of Holy Trinity Loughborough and Sarah Ann  MELBOURNE of Hathern - Mar 9,16, 23
1902 Henry STARK of Shepshed and Mary Elizabeth PEBERDY of Hathern - Apr 27th May 4th 11th
1902 Charles GOODACRE of Zouch Nottinghamshire and Beatrice Annie POLLARD of Hathern - Jul 20th 27th Aug 3rd
1902 Frederick MONK of Hathern and Mary Elizabeth GOODACRE of Thorpe Acre - Nov 9th 16th 23rd

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