Updated September 2, 2012

The various LeValley families are listed here from largest to smallest:
The Peter LeValley family (divided by state)
The Xenia Ohio LeVally/LeValley group (divided into Ohio and everywhere else)
The Prosper LeValley family
The Valcartier LeValleys
The Charles J. LeValley family
The Joseph LeValley family of Ionia MI
The Coldwater orphanage group
The George LeValley family
The Andrew Jackson LeValley family

1st line:  Name of household head, estimated birthdate, birthplace
2nd line (indented): Residence: town or township, county, state
More lines: Others in household, estimated birthdates, birthplaces

Grouped first by state,
Then by position in the family tree.

Sarah H La Valley abt 1889 Rhode Island
    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Charles J LeValley 1871 Wisconsin
    Tract 410, Glendale, Glendale Judicial Township, Los Angeles, California

Chauncy Le Valley 1900 Illinois
    Councilmanic District 6, Los Angeles, California
Margaret Le Valley 1902 Nebraska
Chauncy Le Valley 1928 California

Jettie D Henney [Hennesy] 31
    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Nola Henney 30
Judith Henney 3
Mary E Le Valley abt 1876 Wisconsin Mother-in-law

Gifford Le Valley 1897 New York
    Gardena, Inglewood Judicial Township, Los Angeles, California
Lillian Le Valley 1897 New York

Louis LeValley 1906 Idaho
    Area A, Sacramento, California
Anna [Aina] LeValley 1909 Wisconsin
Patty Lou LeValley 1931 Idaho
Roy LeValley 1932 California

Edwin LeValley 1863 Illinois
    Judicial Township 4, Glenn, California
Henrietta LeValley 1871Illinois

Donald H Le Valley 1898 Illinois
    Eureka Judicial Township, Humboldt, California
Irene K Le Valley 1897 California
Patricia Le Valley 1925 California
Kay S Le Valley 1926 California
Donaldine Le Valley 1928 California
Micheal D Le Valley 1933 California
Judith L Le Valley 1935 California
Nan Le Valley 1937 California

Jean Le Valle 38 Illinois
    Judicial Twp. 15, Kern Co. California
Hilda Le Valle 39 England
Edwin Le Valle 15 California
Betty Le Valle 13 California

Maurice LeValley 1907 Illinois
    Judicial Township 2, Merced, California
Irene LeValley 1910 California
Rodney LeValley 1938 California

Helen Le Valley 1910 Illinois
    Area B, Sacramento, California

Clyde LeValley 1910 Iowa
    Councilmanic District 5, Los Angeles, California
Lorene LeValley 1914 Iowa
Barbara LeValley 1938 California

Lorene LaValley 1915 California
    Santa Rosa Judicial Township, Sonoma, California

Guy R LeValley 1914 Iowa
    Councilmanic District 5, Los Angeles, California
Frankie B LeValley 1914 Texas

Lee Le Valley 1917 Iowa
    Councilmanic District 7, Los Angeles, California
Helen Le Valley 1920 Minnesota

Fred H LeValley 1888 Nebraska
    Ward 5, Riverside, Riverside Judicial Township, Riverside, California
Martha C LeValley 1885 Iowa

George La Valley 1887 California
    Gridley, Gridley Judicial Township, Butte, California
Mae La Valley 1893 California
James La Valley 1929California
Mary La Valley 1930 California
June La Valley 1934 California

Genevieve B LaValley 1899 California
    Oroville, Oroville Judicial Township, Butte, California
Mary E LaValley 1856 California

Margaret LeValley 1875 California widow
    Santa Cruz Judicial Township, Santa Cruz, California
William Murphy 57 CA nephew

Fred Le Valley abt 1892 California Head
    Fort Bragg, Mendocino, California
Myrtle Le Valley abt 1893 California Wife

Lindsay [Lee] L LeValley 1872 California
    Judicial Township 14, Placer, California
Minnie E LeValley 1873 California

Ray LeValley 1896 California
    Councilmanic District 9, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California
Greta LeValley 1904 Sweden
Marie LeValley 1923 California

Clyde Le Valley 1885 California
    Plymouth, Judicial Township 5, Amador, California
Pearl Lilly Le Valley 1890 Texas

Walter La Valley 1898 Connecticut
    Judicial Township 3, Kern, California
Mebel [Meikle] La Valley 1909
[Walter] Fred La Valley 1926 California
Wm La Valley 1931 California
Helen La Valley 1933 California

Kenneth J Lawler M 38 Colorado
    District D, Denver, Colorado
Marjorie E Lawler F 30 Colorado
Mortimer LaValley M 56 Michigan Father-in-law
Dale Lawler M 10 Colorado
Gordon J Lawler M 8 Colorado
Gary W Lawler M 6 Colorado

Tom LeValley 1890 Nebraska
    Precinct 14, Delta, Colorado
Katherine LeValley 1895 Colorado
Byron LeValley 1928 Colorado
Gorden LeValley  1934 Colorado

Craig Goodwin M 47 Colorado
    Precinct 19, Gunnison, Colorado
Millie Goodwin F 48 Colorado Wife
Sara Carpenter F 75 North Carolina Mother-in-law
Zora Judy F 49 Colorado Sister-in-law
Jim Le Valley M 38 Iowa Brother-in-law
Ruby Le Valley F 39 Colorado Sister-in-law

Nora LeValley 1880 Colorado
    Ward 3, Boulder, Boulder, Colorado
Ray G LeValley 1907 Colorado

William J Lavalley 1905 Colorado
    Precinct 21, Boulder, Colorado
Elnora H Lavalley 1909 Iowa

Leo O LeValley 1881 Illinois
    District A, Denver, Colorado

Bert LeValley 1891 Nebraska
    Precinct 2, Weld, Colorado
Opal F LeValley 1907 Missouri
Juanita LeValley 1926 Colorado
Laurabelle LeValley 1928 Colorado

William E LeValley 1881 Kansas
    Kuna, Ada, Idaho
Electa L LeValley 1869 NY

Maler [Miller] W LeValley 1908
    Boise, Precinct 2, Ada, Idaho

Viola Wilson Valley 1910 Idaho
    Boise, Precinct 2, Ada, Idaho
    Listed in the household of Rowland C Taylor

William LeVally
abt 1879 Illinois Head
    Victoria, Knox, Illinois

Ivan H LeValley 1913 Illinois
    Ward 4, Galesburg, Galesburg Township, Knox, Illinois
Orpha G LeValley 1916 Illinois
Robert L LeValley 1937 Illinois

Fred W LeValley 1915 Illinois
    Ward 4, Galesburg, Galesburg Township, Knox, Illinois

Stella M LeValley 1916 Illinois
    Ward 4, Galesburg, Galesburg Township, Knox, Illinois

Gertrude LaValley 1872 Illinois
    Gibson City, Drummer Township, Ford, Illinois
Merwyn LaValley 1904 Illinois

Fred Mortimer LeValley 1903 Illinois
    Ward 3, Anderson, Anderson Township, Madison, Indiana
Violet LeValley Illinois

Judd N LeValley 1867 Illinois
    Dayton, Dayton Township, Webster, Iowa
Lulu LeValley 1875 Iowa
Stephen H LeValley 1910 Iowa

Edward S LeValley 1892 Iowa
    Dayton, Dayton Township, Webster, Iowa
Julia C LeValley 1897 Iowa
Robert LeValley 1922 Iowa
John LeValley 1925 Iowa

William LeValley 1876 Illinois
    Dayton, Dayton Township, Webster, Iowa

Chan C LeValley 1882 Iowa
    Dayton, Dayton Township, Webster, Iowa
Delia H LeValley 1881 Iowa
Fern LeValley 1924
Keith O LeValley 1918 Iowa
Avis LeValley 1919 Kansas
Garey LeValley 1938 California

Boyd LeValle 32 Iowa
    Fort Dodge, Iowa
Cleo L. LeValle 40 Iowa
Rae Jeanne 1 Iowa

Beverly LeValley 1935 Iowa
    Dayton Township, Webster, Iowa at the home of her grandfather Frank Peterson

Walter H Le Valley 1878 Illinois
    Logan, Jefferson Township, Harrison, Iowa
Vera Le Valley 1889 Iowa
Hugh M Le Valley 1917 Iowa
Keith V Le Valley 1922 Iowa

Carol LeValley 1920 Iowa (Harrison IA in 1935) lodger
    Ward 1, Council Bluffs, Kane Township, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Frank E LeValley 1870 Wisconsin
    Ward 2, Cedar Falls, Cedar Falls Township, Black Hawk, Iowa
Lena Le Valley 1866 Iowa

Art LeValley 1906 Iowa
    Anamosa, Fairview Township, Jones, Iowa

Fred Lee Le Valley 1873 Iowa
    Hutchinson, Hutchinson City, Reno, Kansas
Amanda L Le Valley 1898 Nebraska

Wm LeValley 1876 Kansas
    Odee Township, Meade, Kansas
Esther LeValley 1881 Kansas

Omer LeValley 1892 Kansas
Hilda LeValley 1912 Kentucky
Stanley LeValley 1931 Kansas
Billy LeValley 1933 Kansas
Ronald LeValley 1938 Kansas

Charles LeValley 1892 Kansas
    Hutchinson, Hutchinson City, Reno, Kansas

George H LeValley 1890 Iowa
    Ward 5, Chanute City, Neosho, Kansas
Florence M LeValley 1898 Missouri
Alfred LeValley 1917 Kansas
James LeValley 1926 Kansas
George Albert LeValley 1928 Kansas
Olive May LeValley 1930 Kansas
Nancy Marie LeValley 1933 Kansas
Jerome LeValley 1935 Kansas
Dale Wilson 22 son-in-law
Marguerite Wilson 16 daughter

Rex LeValley 1893 Iowa
Everett LeValley 1918 Kansas

Beryl J LeValley 1915 Kansas
    Smoky Hill Township, Geary, Kansas

James C LeValley 1903 Kansas
    Ward 2, Iola, Allen, Kansas
Alice LeValley 1909 Kansas
Mary Jean LeValley 1931 Kansas
Clayton LeValley 1932 Kansas
Vivian LeValley 1934 Kansas

Frank LeValley abt 1875 Massachusetts Head
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Grace LeValley abt 1897 Massachusetts Wife
Mary LeValley abt 1924 Massachusetts Daughter
Francis LeValley abt 1927 Massachusetts Daughter

Lillian Le Valley 52
    Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts
Ruth Le Valley 25
Louisa Harvey 84 Mother

Albert Le Valley abt 1887 Michigan Head
    Duplain, Clinton, Michigan
Vermie [Vernie] Le Valley abt 1899 Michigan Wife
Robert Le Valley abt 1922 Michigan Son
Lavern Le Valley abt 1929 Michigan Son

Claude La Valley abt 1915 Michigan Hired Hand
    Caldwell, Missaukee, Michigan

Jacob Wildermuth 61
    Caledonia, Shiawassee, Michigan
Sadie Wildermuth 48
Clyde La Valley 20 Michigan Hired Man

Olando [Orlando] Le Valley abt 1848 Michigan Head
    Fairgrove, Tuscola, Michigan
Iva L Le Valley abt 1884 Michigan Daughter

James L Le Valley abt 1893 Michigan Head
     Marathon, Lapeer, Michigan
Beatrice M Le Valley abt 1896 Michigan Wife
George T Le Valley abt 1927 Michigan Son
James L Le Valley abt 1933 Michigan Son
Mary A Le Valley abt 1934 Michigan Daughter

Russell Herfurth 27
    Columbiaville, Lapeer, Michigan
Donna Herfurth 24
Dianna Herfurth 1
Mary Le Valley 75 Michigan Lodger

Robert Ward 42
    Columbiaville, Lapeer, Michigan
Le Essa Ward 37
Ward Baker 9
James Baker 10
Emma La Valley 74 Michigan Mother

Don La Valley abt 1907 Michigan Head
    Columbiaville, Lapeer, Michigan
Hazel La Valley abt 1917 Michigan Wife
Margaret La Valley abt 1938 Michigan Daughter
Florence La Valley abt 1939 Michigan Daughter

John Le Valley abt 1886 Michigan Head
    Almer, Tuscola, Michigan
Mabel Le Valley abt 1904 Illinois Wife
John Lewis Le Valley abt 1937 Michigan Son
Evelyn Le Valley abt 1938 Michigan Daughter

Donald Le Valley abt 1914 Michigan Head
    Almer, Tuscola, Michigan
Mary Le Valley abt 1919 New York Wife
Mary L Le Valley abt 1939 Michigan Daughter

Frank R Le Valley abt 1890 Michigan Head
    Fairgrove, Tuscola, Michigan
Ethel E Le Valley abt 1896 Michigan Wife
Russel D Le Valley abt 1919 Michigan Son
Glen Le Valley abt 1922 Michigan Son
Gean Le Valley abt 1929 Michigan Son

Clinton LaValley abt 1902 Michigan Head
    Fairgrove, Tuscola, Michigan
Neta M LaValley abt 1903 Michigan Wife
Betty A Meyers 15 stepdaughter
William D LaValley 14 son
Normal LaValley 12 daughter
Ruth A LaValley 11 daughter
Dean C LaValley 5 son

Leeman LeValley abt 1879 Michigan Head
    Marathon, Lapeer, Michigan
Fanny LeValley abt 1880 Michigan Wife

Mert LeValley abt 1888 Michigan Laborer
    Dayton, Tuscola, Michigan

Fred Le Valley abt 1901 Michigan Head
    Ionia, Ionia, Michigan
Hilda Le Valley abt 1900 Michigan Wife
Richard Le Valley abt 1929 Michigan Son
Shirley Le Valley abt 1933 Michigan Daughter

John La Valley abt 1854 Michigan Head
    Ionia, Ionia, Michigan

Sarah Le Valley abt 1892 Michigan Patient at Pontiac State Hospital
    Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan

Laura Le Valley 1875 Illinois
    Ward 3, Omaha, Omaha City, Douglas, Nebraska

Marjorie B LeValley 1908 Iowa
    Wells, Elko, Nevada

---------------------------NEW JERSEY-----------------------------
Floyd N. LaValla 59 New York
    Bloomfield, New Jersey
Mary A. LaValla 58 New Jersey

Rine [Rene] T LeValley 1880 New York
    Ward 2, Englewood, Englewood City, Bergen, New Jersey
Hazel T LeValley 1895 New Jersey

Helen LeValley abt 1912 New York Lodger in the David Miller home
    Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey

Clark LeValley abt 1908 Pennsylvania Head
    Audubon, Camden, New Jersey
Gladys LeValley abt 1908 Pennsylvania Wife
James LeValley abt 1939 Pennsylvania Son

George La Valley abt 1906 Massachusetts Head
    Allendale, Bergen, New Jersey
Ivelyn [Evelyn] La Valley abt 1906 Massachusetts Wife
Jean La Valley abt 1934 Massachusetts Daughter
Seth La Valley abt 1938 New Jersey Son
George La Valley abt 1939 New Jersey Son

----------------------------NEW YORK--------------------------
Lloyd W LeValley abt 1883 NY Head
    New Rochelle, Westchester, NY
J Marjorie LeValley abt 1884 NY Wife
Lloyd D LeValley Jr abt 1917 NY Son

Jesse O LeValley abt 1871 NY Head
    Lockport, Niagara, NY

George F LeValley abt 1881 NY Head
    Lockport, Niagara, NY
Margaret M LeValley abt 1883 Connecticut Wife

Leon LeVally abt 1888 New York Head
    Newfane, Niagara, New York
Florence LeVally abt 1891 Canada English Wife

Mary LeValley abt 1870 NY Head
    Lockport, Niagara, NY

Clarence Le Valley 1907 New York
    Royalton Town, Niagara, New York
Kathryn Le Valley 1907 New York

Wm Le Valley abt 1876 NY Head
    Lockport, Niagara, NY
Mary Le Valley abt 1880 Pennsylvania Wife

Wm H Le Valley abt 1905 NY Head
    Lockport, Niagara, NY
Doina [Doris] Le Valley abt 1907 NY Wife
Wm La Valley Jr abt 1928 NY Son

H Howard Le Valley abt 1890 NY Head
    Lockport, Niagara, NY
Florence Le Valley abt 1889 NY Wife
Helen Le Valley abt 1912 NY Daughter
Dorothy Le Valley abt 1923 NY Daughter

Caroline LeValley 1862 New York
    Ward 6, Lockport, Lockport City, Niagara, New York
Josephine LeValley 1864 New York

Hannah N LeValley abt 1889 Ohio Housekeeper
    Wales, Erie, NY

Mabel LeValley abt 1873 NY Head
    Medina, Orleans, NY

John Le Valley abt 1894 NY Head
    Painted Post, Steuben, NY
Elizabeth W Le Valley abt 1896 NY Wife
Joan Le Valley abt 1920 NY Daughter
Marcia Le Valley abt 1922 NY Daughter
E June Le Valley abt 1924 NY Daughter
John Le Valley abt 1930 NY Son
Laura Halderman 67 mother

Leland La Valley abt 1886 NY Head
    Hancock, Delaware, NY
Lillian La Valley abt 1890 Pennsylvania Wife
Dorothy La Valley abt 1912 Pennsylvania Daughter
Herbert La Valley abt 1934 NY Son

D-78.13 ?
Joseph L La Valley abt 1905 NY Head
    Neversink, Sullivan, NY
Mary L La Valley abt 1905 Connecticut Wife
Mary L La Valley abt 1937 Massachusetts Daughter

Lloyd La Valley Canandaigua, Ontario, NY abt 1889 NY Patient

Edith Montagne [Montague] 48 New York
    Binghamton, New York
Wellington Valley 85 New York father
George Valley 60 New York brother
Arthur Valley 56 New York brother
Charles Pierce 50 New York lodger

Walter D Lavalle abt 1892 New York Head
    Lumberland, Sullivan, New York
Edythe M Lavalle abt 1896 New York Wife
Clayton H Lavalle abt 1938 New York Son

Robert Lavalle abt 1898 New York Head
    Binghamton, Broome, New York
Winifred Lavalle abt 1909 New York Wife
Robert Lavalle abt 1931 New York Son
Jean Lavalle abt 1931 New York Daughter
Gerald Lavalle abt 1933 New York Son

William H Clarks 56
    Hancock, Delaware, NY
Ethel E Clarks 44
William W Clarks 10
Emily J La Valley 80 Mother-in-law

Leslie D La Valley abt 1898 NY Head
    Walton, Delaware, NY
Minnie La Valley abt 1903 NY Wife
Jeanne La Valley abt 1926 NY Daughter
James La Valley abt 1934 NY Son [misfiled after Ralph and Clara Charles, also listed at the home of Allie Mae Exner, age 71]

Mirza [Thirza] LaValley 1860 New York
    Walton, Walton Town, Delaware, New York

Carll S LeValley abt 1882 NY Head
    Southold, Suffolk, NY
Maud S LeValley abt 1886 NY Wife
Jeanne LeValley abt 1923 NY Daughter

Montaigne LeValley abt 1915 NY Head
    Southold, Suffolk, NY
Vernette LeValley abt 1915 NY Wife

Grey LaValley abt 1890 Pennsylvania Head
    Elmira, Chemung, NY
Ethey LaValley abt 1885 Pennsylvania Wife

Harry W LeValley abt 1881 Pennsylvania Head
    Olean, Cattaraugus, NY
Grace A LeValley abt 1887 NY Wife

Fred Le Valley abt 1855 NY Head
     Elmira, Chemung, NY
Mcleod Le Valley abt 1893 NY Son
Fred B Le Valley abt 1917 NY Grandson

Lewis H Le Valley abt 1914 New York Head
    Oakwood, Montgomery, Ohio
Betty Le Valley abt 1915 Ohio Wife

Fred LeValley 1869 Illinois
    Braman, Kay, Oklahoma
Nellie LeValley 1870 Iowa

Harley S LeValley 1899 Iowa
    Ward 4, Blackwell, Kay, Oklahoma
Mary E LeValley 1905 Oklahoma
Steve A LeValley 1938 Oklahoma

John H LeValley 1898 Iowa
    Lowe Township, Kay, Oklahoma
Clella U LeValley 1900 Oklahoma
John Kenneth LeValley 1922 Oklahoma
Gerald Edward LeValley 1923 Oklahoma
Eva Mae LeValley 1926 Oklahoma

James A Granger M 48 Missouri
    Jeter Township, Choctaw, Oklahoma
Kate Granger F 35 Oklahoma Wife
Elsie Dean Granger F 17 Oklahoma Daughter
Patricia Ann Granger F 8 Oklahoma Daughter
Charles Dale Granger M 6 Oklahoma Son
Ida LaValley F 60 Arkansas  Mother-in-law

Lee Roy LaVallay 1918 Oklahoma
    Owasso Township, Tulsa, Oklahoma

M[anuel] C LaValley 1888 Texas
    Yeager, Hughes, Oklahoma
Zona LaValley 1889 Texas
Daphene LaValley 1923 Oklahoma

Homer LaValley 1907 Oklahoma
    Ward 1, Holdenville, Hughes, Oklahoma
Edna LaValley 1910 Arkansas
Dale LaValley 1932 Oklahoma

Clinton J LaValley 1911 Oklahoma
    Brown Township, Seminole, Oklahoma
Lula V LaValley 1914 Oklahoma
Patricia G LaValley 1932 Oklahoma
Loretta J LaValley 1935 Oklahoma
Joy J LaValley 1939 Oklahoma

H Chelsa LaValley 1915 Oklahoma
    Wolf Township, Seminole, Oklahoma
Imagene LaValley 1917 Oklahoma
Larry LaValley 1937 Oklahoma
Randall LaValley 1939 Oklahoma

H C[onley] LaValley 1889 Texas
    Wetumka Township, Hughes, Oklahoma
Alice LaValley 1899 Georgia
Willie LaValley 1910 Oklahoma

Clyde LaValley 1911 Oklahoma
    Wetumka, Hughes, Oklahoma
Jessie LaValley 1913 Missouri
Ladean LaValley 1934 Oklahoma
Clydean LaValley 1936 Oklahoma
Janice LaValley 1939 Oklahoma

Ladel Rowen 82 Illinois
    Fairview Township, Grant, Oklahoma
Bell Rowen 62 Wisconsin wife
Guy A. Rowen 45 Kansas son
Howard Rowen 44 Oklahoma son
Frank B LeValley 1884 Illinois brother

Katherine Le Valley 1884 Germany
    Portland Precinct 87, Multnomah, Oregon

A Lyle LaValley 1902 Oregon
    Portland Precinct 19, Multnomah, Oregon
Nellie LaValley 1913 Washington
Francis LaValley 1930 California
Richard LaValley 1931 California
Arthur LaValley 1933 California

C[lyde] C LaValley 1907 Oregon
    Ward 6, Salem, Marion, Oregon

Sara E LeValley 1856 Illinois
    Portland, Precinct 187, Multnomah, Oregon

Charles LeValley 1877 Illinois
    Portland, Precinct 126, Multnomah, Oregon
Elizbeth LeValley 1876 Texas

Leonard I LeValley 1891 Wisconsin
    Hayesville, Marion, Oregon
Anna E LeValley 1896 Iowa
William LeValley 1924 South Dakota
Sylvia Le Valley 1928 South Dakota
James Le Valley 1933 South Dakota
Helen Le Valley  1937 Oregon

Geneva Le Valley 1917 South Dakota
    Portland, Precinct 285, Multnomah, Oregon

Merle V LeValley 1920 South Dakota
    Ward 3, Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon

Harvey La Valley Senior abt 1886 New York Head
    Honesdale, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Agnes La Valley abt 1891 Pennsylvania Wife
Harvey La Valley Junior abt 1913 Pennsylvania Son
Clara La Valley abt 1927 Pennsylvania Daughter

D-78.13 ?
Joseph LaValley 1916 Pennsylvania
    Honesdale Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Louise LaValley 1916 Pennsylvania

Lynn C Le Valley abt 1877 Pennsylvania Head
    Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sadie Le Valley abt 1882 Pennsylvania Wife

Walter Henderson 60
    Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sadie Henderson 55
Glenn Le Valley 28 abt 1912 New York Son-in-law
Mary Le Valley 28 abt 1912 Pennsylvania Daughter

Mark H Le Valley abt 1882 Pennsylvania Head
    Charleston, Tioga, Pennsylvania
Mamie [Mayme] O Le Valley abt 1881 New York Wife

Lillie Mae La Valley abt 1906 Pennsylvania Head
    Kingston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Harry La Valley abt 1926 Pennsylvania Son
Howard La Valley abt 1928 Pennsylvania Son
Bernadean La Valley abt 1931 Pennsylvania Daughter
Raymond La Valley abt 1933 Pennsylvania Son
Nancy La Valley abt 1935 Pennsylvania Daughter

Charles LeValley 1892 Pennsylvania
    Huntington Township, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Charles LeValley 1922 Pennsylvania
Madeline LeValley 1915 Pennsylvania

Ruth LeValley 1896 Pennsylvania same house as 1935
    Huntington Township, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Marvin LeValley 1925 Pennsylvania
Richard LeValley 1929 Pennsylvania
Stephen LeValley 1901 Pennsylvania brother-in-law

Rittner Le Valley abt 1911 Pennsylvania Head
    Fairmont, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Letha Le Valley abt 1912 Montanta Wife
Viragina Le Valley abt 1930 Pennsylvania Daughter
Arlenen Le Valley abt 1931 Pennsylvania Daughter
Robert Le Valley abt 1933 Pennsylvania Son
Rodger Le Valley abt 1937 Pennsylvania Son
Carol Le Valley abt 1939 Pennsylvania Daughter

-----------------------------RHODE ISLAND----------------------
William T LeValley 1882 Rhode Island
    West Warwick, West Warwick Town, Kent, Rhode Island

Robert LeValley 1872 Rhode Island
    Coventry Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Cora LeValley 1887 Maine

Lillian E Le Valley 1893 Rhode Island
    Ward 1, Pawtucket, Pawtucket City, Providence, Rhode Island

Arthur LeValley 1913 Rhode Island
    West Warwick Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Lucy LeValley 1912 Rhode Island
Warren Le Valley 1935 Rhode Island
Joyce Le Valley 1939 Rhode Island

Emily M Le Valley 1873 Rhode Island
    Coventry Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Beatrice E Patterson

-----------------------------SOUTH DAKOTA----------------------
Fred H LeValley 1886 Illinois
    Wessington Springs, Jerauld, South Dakota
Coral W LeValley 1887 South Dakota

Allan LeValley 1897 California
    Tract L-5, Seattle, Seattle Election Precinct, King, Washington
Helen LeValley 1895 Wisconsin


----------------------------WITHIN OHIO---------------------------
James LeValley abt 1870 Ohio Head
    Ridgeway, Hardin, Ohio

Flora LeValley abt 1870 Ohio Lodger
    Montgomery, Wood, Ohio

Charlie LeValley abt 1874 Ohio Inmate of Hardin Co. Infirmary
    Pleasant, Hardin, Ohio

S[amuel] N LeValley abt 1875 Ohio Head
    Rushsylvania, Logan, Ohio
Anna LeValley abt 1886 Ohio Wife
Esther LeValley abt 1918 Ohio Daughter
Alice LeValley abt 1920 Ohio Daughter
Jerry LeValley abt 1939 Ohio Grandson

Clarence LeValley abt 1876 Ohio Head
    Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio
Mary E LeValley abt 1886 Missouri Wife
Marie Ley [Levy] abt 1920 Oklahoma Daughter
Walter LeValley abt 1924 Ohio Son

Laura J LeValley abt 1883 Ohio Head
    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio

Herman LeValley 48 Ohio Head
    Springfield, Clark, Ohio
Jessie A Levalley 44
Edger C Burnett 76
Frances M Burnett 71

Francis LeValley abt 1900 Ohio Head
    Perry, Pickaway, Ohio
Leora LeValley abt 1900 Ohio Wife
George W LeValley abt 1923 Ohio Son
Joeann LeValley abt 1929 Ohio Daughter
James LeValley abt 1937 Ohio Son

Orville L LeValley abt 1903 Ohio Head
    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Goldie LeValley abt 1902 Ohio Wife

[Leroy] Milner LeValley abt 1906 Ohio Head
    Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Gladys LeValley abt 1912 Ohio Wife
Betty Ann LeValley abt 1928 Ohio Daughter

Robert LeValley abt 1912 Ohio Head
    Monroe, Logan, Ohio
Keitha LeValley abt 1915 Ohio Wife
Rose Mary LeValley abt 1936 Ohio Daughter
John LeValley abt 1939 Ohio Son

Charles LeValley abt 1915 Oklahoma Head
    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Virginia LeValley abt 1920 Ohio Wife
Carol LeValley abt 1939 Ohio Daughter

Joseph W LeValley abt 1917 Ohio Lodger in hotel
    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio

Grover Widmer 55
    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Bootsey LeValley 13 Ohio Granddaughter

Etta A Le Valley abt 1872 Ohio Head
    Ohio City, Van Wert, Ohio

Forest Le Valley abt 1903 Ohio Head
    Ridgeway, Logan, Ohio
Iona Le Valley abt 1907 Ohio Wife
Betty Le Valley abt 1926 Ohio Daughter
Mary Le Valley abt 1928 Ohio Daughter
Waldo Le Valley abt 1930 Ohio Son
Beatrice Le Valley abt 1932 Ohio Daughter
Donald George Le Valley abt 1934 Ohio Son

Ethel B Le Valley abt 1910 Ohio
    Springfield, Clark, Ohio YWCA

Frank Le Valley abt 1913 Ohio Head
    West Mansfield, Logan, Ohio
Vada Le Valley abt 1919 Ohio Wife

Glem La Valley abt 1905 Ohio Head
    Washington, Logan, Ohio
Mable La Valley abt 1910 Ohio Wife
Marylin La Valley abt 1931 Ohio Daughter

Frank Pfouts 59
    Washington, Union, Ohio
Bessie Pfouts 60
Russell La Valley 5 Ohio Grandson

James W Le Valy abt 1878 Ohio Head
    American, Allen, Ohio
Lulu G Le Valy abt 1881 Ohio Wife

Anna Le Vally abt 1898 Ohio Head
    Middletown, Butler, Ohio

Kenneth Le Vally abt 1901 Ohio Head
    Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Mildred Le Vally abt 1901 Pennsylvania Wife

Ralph Le Vally abt 1908 Ohio Head
    Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Thelma Le Vally abt 1913 Ohio Wife
Thomas N Le Vally abt 1932 Ohio Son
Janet S Le Vally abt 1935 Ohio Daughter
Esther M Le Vally abt 1939 Ohio Daughter

Arthur C LeVally abt 1867 Ohio Head
    Ridgeway, Hardin, Ohio
Nettie J LeVally abt 1874 Ohio Wife

Jonathan L LeVally abt 1872 Ohio Head
    Ridgeway, Hardin, Ohio

James P LeVally abt 1894 Ohio Head
    Millersport, Fairfield, Ohio
Effie M LeVally abt 1895 Ohio Wife
James L LeVally abt 1922 Ohio Son

Waldo LeVally 44
    Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Anna LeVally 36
John C LeVally 6
Bridget Strapp 78

William F Powers 37
    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Helen L Powers 37
Peggy June Powers 17
Betty Jane Powers 13
Patricia Lou Powers 9
Theodoe Lewis Powers 4
Edward F LeVally 40 abt 1900 Ohio Brother-in-law

Carroll LeVally abt 1904 Michigan Head
    Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio
Helen T LeVally abt 1908 Ohio Wife
Richard A LeVally abt 1926 Ohio Son
Russell D LeVally abt 1930 Ohio Son

Harry McDonald 59
    Delphos, Van Wert, Ohio
Alma McDonald 54
Theodore LeVally abt 1907 Oklahoma Son-in-law
Harriette L LeVally abt 1911 Ohio Daughter
Harriette L LeVally abt 1939 Ohio Granddaughter

Joseph Gracok 52
    Perkins, Erie, Ohio
Godfried Kempner 17
Joseph Curtis 53
Minnie Curtis 56
Robert LeVally abt 1916 Ohio Lodger
Helen LeVally abt 1915 Ohio Lodger

Chartes Grant 66
    Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio
Alice Grant 55
Harry Grant 22
William LeVally abt 1919 Ohio Son-in-law
Iva LeVally abt 1922 New York Daughter

Herbert C LaVally abt 1909 Ohio Head
    Dudley, Hardin, Ohio
Woneta V LaVally abt 1913 Ohio Wife
Roger W LaVally abt 1936 Ohio Son
Reba J LaVally abt 1937 Ohio Daughter
Clifton D LaVally abt 1939 Ohio Son
Dovid [Doris] LaVally abt 1940 Ohio Daughter

Virginia LeValley 1925 Ohio
    Ward 6, Toledo City, Toledo City, Lucas, Ohio

Robert LeVally 1916 Oklahoma lodging with Joseph Groech
    Perkins Township, Erie, Ohio
Helen LeVally 1915 Ohio

Lester LeValley abt 1902 Ohio Head
    Springfield, Clark, Ohio
Sarah LeValley abt 1912 Ohio Wife
Leola LeValley abt 1929 Ohio Daughter
Grover LeValley abt 1930 Ohio Son
Doris LeValley abt 1932 Ohio Daughter
James LeValley abt 1933 Ohio Son
Norman LeValley abt 1935 Ohio Son

Robert LeValley abt 1914 Ohio Head
    Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Kathlyn LeValley abt 1916 Ohio Wife

Samuel H Le Valley abt 1875 Ohio Head
    Xenia, Greene, Ohio
Maryida B Le Valley abt 1877 Ohio Wife
Lena M Le Valley abt 1905 Ohio Daughter
Charles D Le Valley abt 1915 Ohio Son
Homer P Le Valley abt 1921 Ohio Son
Martha A Le Valley abt 1924 Ohio Daughter

Everett Le Valley abt 1898 Ohio Head
    Springfield, Clark, Ohio
Clara Le Valley abt 1906 Ohio Wife
Vesta Le Valley abt 1922 Ohio Daughter
Everett Le Valley abt 1926 Ohio Son
Paul Ed Le Valley abt 1929 Ohio Son
Raybourn Le Valley abt 1934 Ohio Son

John La Valley abt 1868 Ohio Head
    Springfield, Clark, Ohio
Margret La Valley abt 1874 Ohio Wife
Edefford [Clifford] La Valley abt 1906 Ohio Son
Blench La Valley abt 1910 Ohio Daughter[-in-law]
Meldred La Valley abt 1914 Ohio Daughter

Alphonso LeVally abt 1885 Ohio Head
    Xenia, Greene, Ohio
Laura LeVally abt 1889 Ohio Wife

Jacob LeVally abt 1888 Ohio Head
    Paint, Madison, Ohio
Besse LeVally abt 1901 Ohio Wife
Franklin LeVally abt 1926 Ohio Son
Virginia LeVally abt 1935 Ohio Daughter

Steven B LeValley abt 1864 Ohio Head
    New Jasper, Greene, Ohio
Marah E LeValley abt 1870 Ohio Wife
Catherine Smith abt 1909 Ohio Daughter

John W LeValley abt 1879 Ohio Head
    Xenia, Greene, Ohio
Cora A LeValley abt 1880 Ohio Wife

Daniel LeValley abt 1881 Ohio Head
    Caesar Creek, Greene, Ohio
Lily LeValley abt 1881 Ohio Wife

Jessie LeValley abt 1895 Ohio Head
    Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio

Ralph H LeValley abt 1899 Kentucky Head
    Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio
Oma LeValley abt 1890 Indiana Wife

Floyd LeValley abt 1905 Ohio Head
    Caesar Creek, Greene, Ohio
Pearl LeValley abt 1912 Indiana Wife
Lawrence LeValley abt 1932 Indiana Son

Lawrence Le Valley abt 1893 Ohio Roomer
    Xenia, Greene, Ohio

William R LeVally abt 1885 Ohio Head
    Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Flossie M LeVally abt 1888 Ohio Wife
Manna E Berk [Mauna E. Burk] abt 1909 Oklahoma Daughter

Elizabeth LeValley F 78
    Ward 1, Xenia City, Xenia Township, Greene, Ohio
Eva Norgan F 53 Ohio daughter
Irma Ponder F 34 Ohio granddaughter

---------------------------OUTSIDE OHIO---------------------------
Joseph Le Valley 1896 Indiana
    Center Judicial Township, Sacramento, California
Esther Le Valley 1899 Illinois
Joseph F Le Valley 1922 Illinois
Raymond Le Valley 1924 Wyoming
Marie Le Valley 1925 Michigan

Frank Le Valley 1905 Indiana
    Councilmanic District 11, Los Angeles, California
Ursula Le Valley 1897 Iowa

Earl LaValley 1883 Oklahoma
    Precinct 37, Jefferson, Colorado
Bessie LaValley 1887 Texas

George S Le Valley abt 1888 Illinois Head
    Chicago, Cook, Illinois

John A Le Valley abt 1892 Illinois Head
    Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Edith Le Valley abt 1895 Illinois Wife

Norman LeVally  abt 1906 Illinois Head
    Highland Park, Lake, Illinois
Alice LeVally abt 1907 Illinois Wife
Laury LeVally abt 1935 Illinois Son
Alan LeVally abt 1937 Illinois Son

George S LeValley 1888 Illinois
    Ward 1, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois

John R LeValley 1892 Illinois
    Ward 4, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois
Edith LeValley 1895 Illinois
John R LeValley 1920 Illinois
Suzanne LeValley 1925 Pennsylvania
Barbara LeValley 1928 Pennsylvania

Howard LeValley 1882 Illinois
    Ward 6, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois
Florence LeValley 1882 Illinois
Mary L LeValley 1910 Illinois

Barbara LeVally 1917 Illinois
    Ward 1, Evanston, Evanston Township, Cook, Illinois

Howard Le Vally 1908 Illinois
    Ward 8, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois
Violet Le Vally 1912 Minnesota
Peter Le Vally 1940 Illinois

Melville LeVally 1862 Indiana
    Richland Township, Jay, Indiana
Esta LeVally 1868 Indiana

Clayton LeValley abt 1887 Indiana
    Wayne, Wayne, Indiana

Edward LeValley abt 1903 Indiana Head
    Hartford City, Blackford, Indiana
Blanche LeValley abt 1908 Indiana Wife
Deloris LeValley abt 1927 Indiana Daughter
Charles LeValley abt 1931 Indiana Son

Roy R LaValley abt 1892 Indiana Head
    Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan
Mary Edith LaValley 30
James LaValley 18
George LaValley 16

Ollie LaValley 1866 Indiana mother-in-law in the Blanding household
    Saint Johns, St. Johns City, Clinton, Michigan

Earl LeVally 1894 Ohio
    Whitebead Township, Garvin, Oklahoma
Ida LeVally 1898 Texas
Earl LeVally 1921 Oklahoma
Stephen LeVally 1923 Oklahoma
Ora Jo LeVally 1926 Oklahoma

Stephans U LeValley 1898 Ohio
    Walker Township, Garvin, Oklahoma
Mildred V LeValley 1901 Missouri


Myrtle LeValley abt 1876 New Jersey Head
    Manalapan, Monmouth, New Jersey
M Ivan LeValley abt 1900 New Jersey Son

William M LeValley abt 1893 New Jersey Head
    Red Bank, Monmouth, New Jersey
Susan LeValley abt 1892 New Jersey Wife
Mary B LeValley abt 1874 New Jersey Mother

Victor LeValley abt 1894 New Jersey Head
    Long Branch, Monmouth, New Jersey
H Edna LeValley abt 1901 New York Wife
Victor LeValley Junior abt 1925 Connecticut Son

Frank O LeValley abt 1895 New Jersey Head
    Red Bank, Monmouth, New Jersey
Alice LeValley abt 1897 New Jersey Wife
William E LeValley abt 1916 New Jersey Son
Mary A LeValley abt 1918 New Jersey Daughter

George LeValley abt 1896 Red Bank Head
    Red Bank, Monmouth, New Jersey

Walter LeValley abt 1899 Red Bank Head
    Red Bank, Monmouth, New Jersey

Elwood S LeValley abt 1901 New Jersey Head married
    Red Bank, Monmouth, New Jersey

Lawrence LeValley abt 1901 New Jersey Head
    Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey
Ruth LeValley abt 1912 New Jersey Wife
Charles LeValley abt 1932 New Jersey Son
Roger LeValley abt 1935 New Jersey Son

Ellen Le Valley abt 1903 New Jersey Head divorced
    Red Bank, Monmouth, New Jersey
Fannie Le Valley abt 1922 New Jersey Daughter

Myrtle LeValley F 64 New Jersey
    Manalapan Township, Monmouth, New Jersey
M Ivan Levalley M 40 New Jersey son
Grace M Price F 42 New Jersey daughter

Eliz F LeValley abt 1896 New Jersey single, librarian in the public schools
    Manalapan, Monmouth, New Jersey

E[lizabeth] F LeValley abt 1896 New Jersey
    New York, NY, NY


Ben LeValley 1868 Canada
    Porterville Judicial Township, Tulare, California
Laura LeValley 1878 Canada

Peter LaValley 1880 Canada
    Porterville Judicial Township, Tulare, California
Agnes Martha LaValley 1887 Canada
Iola Ann LaValley 1916 Montana

Wallace R LeValley 1906 Montana
    Tract 411, Glendale, Glendale Judicial Township, Los Angeles, California
Dorothy E LeValley 1907 California
Barbara F LeValley 1927 California
Wallace W LeValley 1937 California

Thomas A LeValley 1907 Montana
    Councilmanic District 9, Los Angeles, California

Hazel L Le Valley 1905 California
    Assembly District 20, San Francisco, California

Ray Clarence LeValley 1918 Wisconsin
    Ward 11, St. Paul, St. Paul City, Ramsey, Minnesota

Alice LeValley 1866 England
    Ward 1, Miles City, Custer, Montana
John D LeValley 1898 Montana
Nora LeValley 1901 Montana
Mary D LeValley 1924 Montana
Tommy J LeValley 1927 Montana

Eva LeValley 1868 Canada
    Ward 2, Sedro-Woolley Election Precinct 2, Skagit, Washington
Earl LeValley 1893 Wisconsin
Margaret LeValley 1894 Wisconsin
Jean LeValley 1918 Washington
Eloyse LeValley 1922 Washington

Clarence LeValley 1890 Wisconsin
    Lake Town, Price, Wisconsin
Martha LeValley 1889 Wisconsin
Robert F LeValley 1926 Wisconsin
Betty C LeValley 1926 Wisconsin

Chester Le Valley 1914 Wisconsin
    Lake Town, Price, Wisconsin
Frances C Le Valley 1916 Wisconsin
James Le Valley 1935 Wisconsin


Emma Le Valley abt 1887 England Head
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Anne Le Valley abt 1914 Massachusetts Daughter
Raymond Le Valley abt 1925 Massachusetts Son

Albert J Le Valley abt 1888 Rhode Island Head
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Matilda Le Valley abt 1888 Massachusetts Wife

Benjamin W LeValley abt 1915 Massachusetts Head
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Sophie LeValley abt 1916 Massachusetts Wife
Benjamin LeValley Junior abt 1936 Massachusetts Son
Walter LeValley abt 1938 Massachusetts Son

Charles LeVally abt 1881 Rhode Island Head
    New York, New York, New York
Mary LeVally abt 1879 Massachusetts Wife


Ollie Le Valley abt 1866 Indiana Mother-in-law
    St Johns, Clinton, Michigan

Carroll Le Valley abt 1897 Michigan Head
    Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
Izettie P Le Valley abt 1895 Michigan Wife
Elsie E Le Valley abt 1921 Michigan Daughter
Ruby A Le Valley abt 1923 Michigan Daughter
Anna O Le Valley abt 1924 Michigan Son
Frederick C Le Valley abt 1927 Michigan Son
Harriett E Le Valley abt 1929 Michigan Daughter


Edward La Valley abt 1883 Michigan Lodger
    Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

Edith LeValley abt 1888 Ohio Housekeeper
    Lyons, Ionia, Michigan

Lewis LaValley 1875 Michigan widowed
    Maple Rapids, Essex Township, Clinton, Michigan


Grace Dunn 42
    Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Donald Dunn 13
Beatrice Le Valley 50 Illinois Partner Widowed


Arthur Le Valley 1918 Colorado
    Santa Paula, Santa Paula Judicial Township, Ventura, California

John E LeValley 1908 Kansas
    Precinct 4, Morgan, Colorado
Viola LeValley 1911 Nebraska
Johann LeValley 1938

Virgil Le Valley 1920 Kansas
    Denver District J, Colorado

John LeValley 1884 Nebraska
    Ingleside, Denver Township, Adams, Nebraska

Archie LeValley 1898 Nebraska
    Eldorado Township, Harlan, Nebraska

Ellis [Alice] LeValley 1887 Nebraska
    Eldorado Township, Harlan, Nebraska


Esther M LeValley 1902 Iowa
    Ward 1, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clifford H LeValley 1903 Rhode Island
    North East Greenwich, East Greenwich Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Ethel M LeValley 1902 Rhode Island

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