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The origin of the name Rudolph is German. Our first Rudolph to arrive in Nova Scotia was Johann Peter Rudolf.

During the years of 1750, 175 1, and 1752 Mr. Dick managed to send approximately 1 1,615 persons to Nova Scotia.  These families were being brought over to Nova Scotia to settle a new town by the name of Lunenburg.  Peter Rudolph and his wife Anna Margaretha (with another female by the name of Elizabeth Hawke (Hawkin)) were part of this immigration. Peter and Anna Margaretha Rudolph (along with another female, Elizabeth Hawke (Hawkin)) came to Nova Scotia in 1752 on the ship "Pearl", Thomas Francis, Master.  Peter's age is listed as 38 on the passenger list and his occupation as farmer.

The "Pearl" apparently took 90 days from embarkation to disembarkation , although 15 of those days was for the quarantine time in the Harbour.  Once a surgeon was sent out to give the passengers a clean bill of health, they were disembarked at what is now the Northwest Arm.

Peter had drawn town lot Number G-5 in Steinfort's Division The town had been divided into six divisions. Each division had seven blocks numbered alphabetically from south to north A-G.  Each block had 14 tiered lots.  The southern lots were numbered I - 7 from west to east and the northern lots from 8 - 14 from east to west.  Block "D" in each of the four CENTRAL divisions were kept only for public purposes, such as, a church, courthouse, parade ground, etc.  The streets were, of course named. The town lot belonging to Peter and Anna  could be found in the block found between Hopson (vertical) and York (horizontal).  The lot is in Steinfort's division It would be the fifth town lot from the comer of Hopson and York heading east on York Street. The settlers were in possession of their town lots by June 19, 1753.

He and his family moved to Chester from Lunenburg in 1778. He purchased property from a William Harrison on April 10, 1777.  He sold his 30 acre lot to Philip Herman on Oct 11, 1777.  He was around 64 by this time. There is mention in the Zion Lutheran Church records of him moving to Chester in 1778 and no longer paying dues. On Sept 2, 1779, he bought another farm lot in Chester from Mary Neal. His daughter Charlotte was born in 1780. In the History of Chester, written by the Women's Institute of Nova Scotia for Canada's Centennial Year (1967), Peter is listed in the return of settlers at Chester in 1783 as having settled in the area in 1778 and having a family of 2 males and 4 females.

Peter Rudolph died in Chester, 1790. His will, dated April17, 1790, was probated on June 15, 1790. The witnesses to the will were Alexander Thomson, Seth Bangs and Thomas Embree. The executers were Franklin Germain, sq. and Anthony Thinkpenny, both of Chester. His will stated "that all chattels, household goods and moveable effects be sold in order to pay my beloved wife Catherine the sum of 25 pounds currency for which she has my obligation and funeral charges with such other expenses occurring in the selling of my estate as shall be just ad lawful and should there not be sufficient of the moveable effects as to discharge the above expenses, my executors shall sell part of my landed property as shall be thought best determined to the advantage of the estate for that purpose. And that I give to my beloved wife Catharina 1/3 of my landed estate lying and to my beloved daughter Anna Mary the sum of 5 shilling currency to be paid out of the estate inconsequence of her being undutiful to me, the other 2/3 to be equally divided between the remainder 5 children which are as follows, John George, Charlotte, Magdalena, Alexander, and Catherine, and that my beloved wife Catharina shall cause and provide that my beloved daughter Magdalena, shall be brought up in a German school and the expense thereof to be paid by her mother Catharina, and that my beloved son John George shall not dispose of his proportion of the land so divided between them except it is to one of his brothers or sisters. And I do hereby utterly disallow revoke"

Christopher Kraft, and the Widow Catherine Rudolph were Legally joined in Marriage on the twelfth day of July, one thousand, Seven hundred and Ninety one, by Franklin Germanis Etter, Esq., of Chester. Recorded July 18th, 1791. Ebenezer Fitch, Town Clerk.

Alexander Rudolph and  Christopher Kraft, and the Widow Catherine Rudolph/Croft moved to Guysborough County, after they sold their property to Henry Haupold on April 2 1801 for 250 pounds currency of the province.

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