Rev. Wiley Davis Ballard

M, (19 January 1851 - 15 February 1944)
Nickname  Rev. Wiley Davis Ballard also went by the name of Bud Ballard. 
Birth*19 January 1851 Wiley was born at Pulaski Co., Arkansas, on 19 January 1851. Son of William Marion and Orina Ballard. 
Marriage*28 December 1871 He married Sarah Jane Mattingly at Hill Co., Texas, on 28 December 1871 at age 20. 
Death*15 February 1944 He died at Jackson Co., Oklahoma, on 15 February 1944 at age 93. 
Burial*say 18 February 1944 His body was interred say 18 February 1944 at Boggy Creek Cemetery, Jackson Co., Oklahoma
Biography* From Ruth Fancher Culpepper:

W. D. was a Methodist minister.
A granddaughter, Mrs. Otis Francis Culpepper, wrote in a 16 Oct 1978 letter: My mother was only 5 years of age when her people (the Ballards) came here [Gould, OK] from Central Texas. This was a disputed area at that time (1890) as both Texas and Oklahoma claimed it. They (my grandparents) never intended to leave Texas and never really felt like the decision was right. My grandfather Ballard was the last judge of Greer Co., Texas, and was in office at the time the federal courts handed down the decision.

From Greg Smart, Nov 2004:

Wiley farmed. His farm was located across from the Old Willowvale School. He was also a circuit Methodist minister most of his life. He was County Judge of Old Greer Co, TX. in March of 1896. I have found one record with his name on it. Family history is that he served from 1894 to 1896. It was in March of 1896 that the Supreme Court ruled Greer Co. to not be a part of Texas. The US Congress ,the next month, passed a resolution that included that county officials currently holding office would continue until the next election. Family history also tells that Wiley was not interested in serving further as he had to live in Mangum and he later claimed he never saw any cash for his service having been paid in vouchers. The history of Old Greer Co is interesting including it's limited taxing authority. Wiley also served as a member of a school board and as a county commissioner for Jackson Co. I haven't determined when he served in this latter capacity. A bridge over Boggy Creek was once dedicated to him but it has since been torn down.

William Marion Ballard (father of Wiley Davis Ballard)
b. abt 1806, N.C.
m.abt 1831
d. abt 1890, Hill Co., TX (no official record of death found yet, this is according to family history)

William M. and Wiley owned separate acreage in Hill Co. Wiley's was north of Hillsboro, TX and William's was south of the town. At his death, it is believed William M. left 80 acres to be divided among four of his children.

Wife: Orina Unknown (possibly Wade)
b. TN
d. Unknown but after 1860 and before 1870 ( I mentioned only the 1850 Hot Springs Co., AR census in my first reply but in the 1860 census for Hot Springs Co., Orina is shown as Orendo.)

Other Children:
George Washington Ballard
b. 1832, Alabama
d. 1905, Knox Co., TX
m. 1853 to M. Caroline Holloway in Hot Springs, Arkansas

William Marion Ballard
b. 1840, Madison Co., Alabama
d. 1925, Natchitoches Parrish, Louisiana
m. 1859 to Louisa Thompson, Hot Springs, AR
m. 1865 to Talitha Jones, Natchitoches Parrish, Louisiana
m. aft 1904 to Emily Barnhill

John F. Ballard
b. 1836, Mississippi
d. unknown
m. Sarah Brent

Milton N. Ballard
b. abt 1846
d. aft 1880
m. Mary Unknown

Sarah A. Ballard
b. 1848-1850
d. unknown
m. unknown

Joseph F. Ballard
b. abt 1854, Hot Springs, AR
d. unknown
m. unknown

Albert R. Ballard
b. abt. 1854, Hot Springs, AR
d. unknown
m. unknown

William M. is believed to have had at least one brother, John Ballard, b. abt 1800 in N.C. It is believed they owned adjacent property in Pickens Co., Alabama in 1839. They lived next to one another in Clear Creek Township, Hot Springs Co., AR in 1850. John had 7 children and his wife's given name was Mourning or Morning. Her maiden name is unknown.



Sarah Jane Mattingly (27 March 1856 - 4 February 1944)
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Daisy Lavina Ballard

F, (16 September 1884 - 1966)
FatherRev. Wiley Davis Ballard (19 Jan 1851 - 15 Feb 1944)
MotherSarah Jane Mattingly (27 Mar 1856 - 4 Feb 1944)
Birth*16 September 1884 Daisy was born on 16 September 1884. 
Married Name24 December 1906  As of 24 December 1906, her married name was Fancher. 
Marriage*24 December 1906 She married Henry Truman Fancher at Olustee, Jackson Co., Oklahoma, on 24 December 1906 at age 22. 
Death*1966 She died at Altus, Jackson Co., Oklahoma, in 1966. 
Biography* According to Mrs. Otis Francis Culpepper in a 16 Oct 1978 letter, her mother was five years old when her family moved (1890) to the area near Gould, OK from Central Texas. 


Henry Truman Fancher (5 July 1884 - 1 January 1934)
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Henry Truman Fancher

M, (5 July 1884 - 1 January 1934)
Birth*5 July 1884 Henry was born at Iredell, Bosque Co., Texas, on 5 July 1884. The son of William Martin Fancher and Susan Harriet Hamilton McCarty. 
Marriage*24 December 1906 He married Daisy Lavina Ballard at Olustee, Jackson Co., Oklahoma, on 24 December 1906 at age 22. 
Death*1 January 1934 He died at Olustee, Jackson Co., Oklahoma, on 1 January 1934 at age 49. 
Burial*say 3 January 1934 His body was interred say 3 January 1934 at Boggy Creek Cemetery, Jackson Co., Oklahoma
Biography* Mrs. Otis Francis Culpepper wrote in a 16 Oct 1978 letter: My Father's people were "late comers' not getting here [Gould, OK] till 1897, after this was Oklahoma. This area became Oklahoma officially in 1896 after which people could "file" on land and after 5 years residence & certain imporvements were made on the land, could own 160 A[cres] of land for a little more than $14.00, the cost of the court proceedings proving they had fulfilled their part of the contract. By late 1897 when my Grandfather Fancher came here, almost all the land had been claimed. 


Daisy Lavina Ballard (16 September 1884 - 1966)
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(?) Dodd

M, (say 1881 - )
Birth*say 1881 (?) was born say 1881. 
Marriage* He married (?) Anderson


(?) Anderson (say 1883 - )
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(?) Anderson

F, (say 1883 - )
Marriage* She married (?) Dodd
Birth*say 1883 (?) was born say 1883. 


(?) Dodd (say 1881 - )
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Helen Dodd

F, (say 1909 - )
Father(?) Dodd (s 1881 - )
Mother(?) Anderson (s 1883 - )
Married Name Her married name was Budd. 
Birth*say 1909 Helen was born say 1909. 
Marriage* She married (?) Budd
Residence*1979 Helen resided at Calhoun, Gordon Co., Georgia, in 1979.1 


(?) Budd (say 1911 - )
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  1. James Burie Clegg letter 23 Aug 1979.

Robert Stuart Brown Jr.

M, (7 January 1975 - 2 May 1975)
Birth*7 January 1975 Robert was born at Johnson City, Broome Co., New York, on 7 January 1975. 
Death*2 May 1975 He died on 2 May 1975. 
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John Thomas Handley

M, (22 November 1855 - 5 November 1951)
Birth*22 November 1855 John was born on 22 November 1855. Son of Newberry Oliver Handley and Sarah Ann Carleton.1 
Marriage*30 October 1875 He married Laura Ann Brooks on 30 October 1875 at age 19.1 
Death*5 November 1951 He died on 5 November 1951 at age 95.1 
Burial*say 7 November 1951 His body was interred say 7 November 1951 at Old Lineville City Cemetery, Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama


Laura Ann Brooks (23 January 1861 - 23 March 1939)
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  1. E-mail written Sep 2008 to Lew Griffin from Sarah Ann Brooks Sayers, e-mail address.

Laura Ann Brooks

F, (23 January 1861 - 23 March 1939)
FatherWilliam Brooks1 (17 Mar 1829 - 19 Dec 1907)
MotherElizabeth Lucy Williamson1 (2 Jan 1835 - 31 Aug 1877)
Birth*23 January 1861 Laura was born on 23 January 1861.1 
Marriage*30 October 1875 She married John Thomas Handley on 30 October 1875 at age 14.1 
Married Namesay 1882  As of say 1882, her married name was Handley. 
Death*23 March 1939 She died on 23 March 1939 at age 78.1 
Burial*say 25 March 1939 Her body was interred say 25 March 1939 at Old Lineville City Cemetery, Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama


John Thomas Handley (22 November 1855 - 5 November 1951)
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  1. E-mail written Sep 2008 to Lew Griffin from Sarah Ann Brooks Sayers, e-mail address.

Curtis Handley

M, (after 1882 - )
FatherJohn Thomas Handley (22 Nov 1855 - 5 Nov 1951)
MotherLaura Ann Brooks (23 Jan 1861 - 23 Mar 1939)
Birth*after 1882 Curtis was born after 1882. 
Employment* Curtis's occupation: Ford dealer. 
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Hugo H. Culpepper Th.D.

M, (5 January 1913 - 25 November 2000)
FatherJohn Hurlston Culpepper (26 Dec 1891 - 5 Oct 1970)
MotherIda Jewel Bradley (19 Nov 1892 - 18 Apr 1976)
Birth*5 January 1913 Hugo was born at Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., Arkansas, on 5 January 1913. 
1920 Census*1920 Hugo was listed as a son in John Hurlston Culpepper's household on the 1920 Census at Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., Arkansas. 28 m-ED140/9/71 1411 W. 16th Ave.. 
(Son) 1930 Census1 April 1930 Hugo was listed as a son in John Hurlston Culpepper's household on the 1930 Census at Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., Arkansas.1 
Graduation Hugo graduated at Waco, McLennan Co., Texas. Institution: (an unknown value). 
Graduation*1939 Hugo graduated at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, in 1939. Institution: (an unknown value). 
Marriage*1939 He married Ruth Cochrane in 1939. 
Residence*1941 Hugo resided at Philippine Islands in 1941. 
Residence1945 Hugo resided at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, in 1945. 
Employment*1947 He was employed in 1947 at Santiago, Chile
Employment1952 He was employed in 1952 at Buenos Aires, Argentina
Education*1959 He was a student at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, in 1959. S. Baptist Theological Seminary. 
Employment1960 He was employed in 1960 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Employment1965 He was employed in 1965 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Employment1970 He was employed in 1970 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Retirement*1981 Hugo retired at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, in 1981. 
Death*25 November 2000 He died at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, on 25 November 2000 at age 87. 
Biography* Rev. Hugo H. Culpepper is the son of John Hurlston and Ida Jewel (Bradley) Culpepper. He was born and raised in Pine Bluff, AR.2 He graduated from Baylor University in Waco, TX and went on to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD.3 However, after he and Ruth McClain were married, the couple felt called to become missionaries.

In 1939, Rev. Culpepper graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY with a Master of Theology degree.3 In 1940, the Foreign Mission Board sent the Culpeppers to Kaifeng, China to teach at the All-China Theological Seminary.3 In the Henan Province of Zhonghua, Kaifeng is one of the most historic cities in China and formerly the capital of the empire during the period of the Five Dynasties.4

As war threatened, the U.S. State Department ordered an evacuation of China and, with the permission of the Foreign Mission Board, the Culpeppers removed to the Philippines with the intention of continuing their Chinese language studies.3 However, on 7 Dec 1941, Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor and, on 22 Dec 1941, the Japanese Army landed at the Gulf of Lingayen to begin an invasion of the Philippines.5

The Culpeppers were prisoners of war and were interned by the Japanese in a series of concentration camps but Rev. Culpepper made the most of his time, when he wasn't on work detail, Rev. Culpepper studied a copy of the New Testament in Greek and made a list of the 500 most infrequently used words in it.3 Over the next three years, Rev. Culpepper mastered Greek by reading through the Greek New Testament 12 times and studying the 21,000 references in A.T. Robertson's Greek Grammar book.3

Not until Christmas of 1942 while interned at Baguio were the Culpeppers, through the Red Cross, able to get word back to the United States that they were still alive.3 The Culpeppers were shifted from work camp to work camp and eventually their rations were cut down to one cup of corn meal mush a day.3 While in a work camp in Manila, the missionaries learned that American soldiers kept in a separate area were dying of starvation at a rate of 15 a day because they had no way of grinding their corn. The missionaries got permission to grind corn for the soldiers and kept the grinder going 24 hours a day and the death toll was cut in half.3

In March of 1945 U.S. troops retook Manila and Corregidor and the Culpeppers returned to Louisville, KY to convalesce.3 But, after the War, the Culpeppers returned to missionary work. The Foreign Mission Board first assigned Rev. Culpepper to teach at the Chilean Baptist Seminary in Santiago, Chile and then at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina.3

The Culpeppers returned to the United States and, in 1959, Rev. Culpepper earned a Doctor of Theology degree and asked to teach at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.3 In 1965, the Home Mission Board made him director of the Missions Division but, in 1970, Rev. Culpepper returned to teaching.3 Rev. Culpepper was Director of Professional Studies at the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and, in 1978, he was made the W. O. Carver Professor of Christian Missions and World Religions.3

After retiring in 1981, the Culpeppers had an opportunity to visit southeast England and see Wigsell south of Goudhurst which had been owned by Lord Culpeper.2 The couple enjoy their grandchildren, reading and occasional travel trailer trips.
Obituary follows:
Hugo H. Culpepper, Southern Baptist missionary, professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Director of Missions at the Baptist Home Mission Board, died quietly at the age of 87 on November 25, 2000. Life for Hugo was an adventure of discovering and responding to the grace of God. Born in Pine Bluff, AR, January 5, 1913, his parents were John Hurlston and Ida Jewel (Bradley) Culpepper, and his sister was Wanda (Bedell). After graduating from high school in 1931, he studied at Marion Military Institute for a year before entering the U. S. Naval Academy. He studied at Ouachita College (1932-34), and completed degrees at Baylor University (B.A. 1936), and Southern Seminary (Th.M. 1939). In 1939 he married Ruth Cochrane and was ordained to the gospel ministry. Together they were appointed as missionaries. In 1940 he won the Arkansas state weightlifting title for his weight division. Later that year, Hugo and Ruth sailed to China and began language study in Peking, and then in Baguio, Philippine Islands. From 1942-1945, they were imprisoned in Japanese concentration camps in Baguio and Manila. From 1947-1952, he was Professor at the Baptist Seminary, Santiago, Chile, and from 1953-1958, Professor at the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Again responding to a distinct sense of God's leadership, he became Assistant Professor of Missions at Southern Seminary in 1958 and completed a Th.D., there in 1961. From 1965-1970, he served as Director of Missions at the Home Mission Board in Atlanta. In 1970, he returned to Southern Seminary as the W. 0. Carver Professor of Missions and World Religions. After his retirement in 1981, he served as visiting Professor at Mississippi College. Hugo Culpepper is survived by his wife, Ruth; his two sons, Alan and Larry; their wives, Jacque and Nancy; and three grandchildren, Erin, Rodney, and Jennifer. A memorial service will be held at Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Wednesday, November 29, at 10:00 A.M. Interment Floral Hills Memory Gardens. In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made to the Hugo and Ruth Culpepper Memorial Scholarship Fund, McAfee School of Theology, 3001 Mercer University Drive, Atlanta, GA 30341. The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 PM Tuesday at A. S. Turner & Sons. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 26 Nov 2000.) 


Ruth Cochrane (5 February 1918 - 25 March 2001)
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph AL Female Descendants
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