Johnny Green Harris

M, (say 1906 - )
Birth*say 1906 Johnny was born say 1906. 
Marriage*February 1929 He married Earl Musette Woodham at Dothan, Houston Co., Alabama, in February 1929. 


Earl Musette Woodham (say 1908 - )
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Earl Musette Woodham

F, (say 1908 - )
Birth*say 1908 Earl was born say 1908. 
Marriage*February 1929 She married Johnny Green Harris at Dothan, Houston Co., Alabama, in February 1929. 
Married NameFebruary 1929  As of February 1929, her married name was Harris. 


Johnny Green Harris (say 1906 - )
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William Polk Jr.

M, (1748 - 1805)
Birth*1748 William was born at Accomack Co., Virginia, in 1748. 
Employment* William's occupation: captain. 
Marriage*25 January 1764 He married Sabra Bradford at Accomack Co., Virginia, on 25 January 1764. 
American Revolution*between 1775 and 1783 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783
(DAR Listing: William Polk, born before 1744 in Virginia, died 1805 in North Carolina, married Sabra Bradford, Captain, Virginia
During the Revolution, William Polk organized a company of militia and served as it's captain. His home was burned by the British.)1 
Death*1805 He died at North Carolina in 1805.1 
Biography* William Polk made of business of making salt from sea water. He and and his family lived on the shore of Accomack Co., VA. 


Sabra Bradford (say 1746 - )
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  1. DAR Patriot Index, Washington, DC: National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 2003.

Sabra Bradford

F, (say 1746 - )
Birth*say 1746 Sabra was born at Accomack Co., Virginia, say 1746. 
Marriage*25 January 1764 She married William Polk Jr. at Accomack Co., Virginia, on 25 January 1764. 
Married Name25 January 1764  As of 25 January 1764, her married name was Polk. 
Death* She died at Accomack Co., Virginia


William Polk Jr. (1748 - 1805)
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Bridget Polk

F, (3 June 1772 - )
FatherWilliam Polk Jr. (1748 - 1805)
MotherSabra Bradford (s 1746 - )
Married Name Her married name was Clegg. 
Birth*3 June 1772 Bridget was born at Accomack Co., Virginia, on 3 June 1772. 
Marriage* She married Thomas Clegg


Thomas Clegg (6 March 1767 - 23 October 1827)
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Thomas Clegg

M, (6 March 1767 - 23 October 1827)
FatherIsaac Clegg (s 1737 - )
MotherEsther Watt (s 1739 - )
Birth*6 March 1767 Thomas was born on 6 March 1767. 
Marriage* He married Bridget Polk
Death*23 October 1827 He died on 23 October 1827 at age 60. 


Bridget Polk (3 June 1772 - )
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David Allen Carlisle

M, (2 June 1931 - )
FatherWilliam Leonard Carlisle (8 Nov 1908 - 31 Aug 1999)
MotherMary Elizabeth Budd (23 Jun 1910 - 10 Dec 2002)
Birth*2 June 1931 David was born at Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama, on 2 June 1931. 
ChartsFrancis Carlisle Descendants
John Culpepper of Randolph AL Female Descendants (#1)
John Culpepper of Randolph AL Female Descendants (#2)
John Culpepper of Randolph AL Female Descendants (#3)
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William Riley Hood

M, (say 1834 - June 1863)
FatherWilliam Hood (10 Dec 1784 - 21 Aug 1858)
MotherSallie Reeves (s 1786 - )
Birth*say 1834 William was born say 1834. 
Marriage* He married Sarah Elizabeth Miller at Mellow Valley, Clay Co., Alabama
Photographed*say 1860 He was photographed say 1860 at Randolph Co., Alabama.1
William Riley Hood
Death*June 1863 He died at Vicksburg, Warren Co., Mississippi, in June 1863
William Riley was killed at the siege of Vicksburg near where the TX monument is at. The Confederate dead were turned over to the city undertaker who buried them in the city cemetery. He kept diligent records of the burials of all the men, but his records were lost. To date someone found about half the records so those graves were able to be marked, the rest are unknown.1 


Sarah Elizabeth Miller (January 1836 - 12 December 1897)
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  1. E-mail written 2004 from Sandra Yvonne Alford Bray, e-mail address.

Sarah Elizabeth Miller

F, (January 1836 - 12 December 1897)
FatherWilliam Miller (s 1811 - Sep 1875)
MotherElizabeth Ray (1816 - 1902)
Married Name Her married name was Hood. 
Marriage* She married William Riley Hood at Mellow Valley, Clay Co., Alabama
Birth*January 1836 Sarah was born in January 1836. 
Death*12 December 1897 She died on 12 December 1897 at age 61
"A SAD DEATH. Grandmother Hood Laid to Rest Beside Her Son.

"On the evening of the 12th of December, Sister S. E. Hood breathed her last on earth and passed up to her eternal reward through the mertis of her blessed Lord and Savior. Her sufferings were brief, lasting but a few days.

She anticipated her death. Talking with her friends before her late illness, she said that she did not expect to remain with us much longer; that she was not afraid of the transition, but lingered with the children and grandchildren, with pleasure, in the hope that she might be of some use to them.

"Sister Hood resided in the home of Colonel Lackey, and no one could have been kinder to her than he was. Grandma Hood was the pet of his home, and he and his wife ministered to her wants with all the tenderness of loving children, and she was gentle and appreciative in return. Sister Hood was a good and gentle woman; conservative and safe as a friend and adviser, and tender and faithful as a mother. She was much esteemed by her friends, and loved by her kindred. She had expressed the desire to be laid to rest by the side of her distinguished son, Col. Wm. Hood, in the LaFayette cemetery, and that wish was respected by Colonel Lackey and his wife, and the funeral occurred in the Baptist church at LaFayette. The writer was assisted in the sad service by Rev. G. A. Hornady, pastor of the church. The members of the Lafayette church, and other citizens, extended every needed courtesy and consoled the saddened hearts by their marked respect. Preofessor Black, to whose choir she had listened with pleasure in other days, conducted the music of the sad hour. After the funeral services at the church, as she had
wished, she was laid to rest by the side of her son December 14, 1897.

"Sister Hood was a daughter of Wm. Miller, and was born in the State of Georgia, July 31, 1837.

"Her family removed from Georgia to Alabama about the year 1847. She professed a hope in Christ in her girlhood, and joiend the Baptist church, being baptrized by Rev. James Foreman.

"She was married to Wm. Riley Hood, February 19, 1855. Her children are Mrs. Allen Dean, Col. Wm. Hood, now deceased, J. L. Hood, now in Texas, and Mrs. Zera Manning. All of the living chidlren, except J. L. Hood, were present at her funeral. Her sister, Mrs. Peak, of Locust Grove, Ga., was also present.

"Farewell, dear sister, 'till we meet you in the mighty and unseen beyond! --Affectionately, John P. Shaffer" (p. 1 in ALLIE ABERNATHY'S SCRAPBOOKS 1893-1923: Marriages, Deaths and Other Items from Chambers County, Alabama Newspapers, compiled by Laura Alabama Floretta Abernathy). This item appeared in 1897.1


William Riley Hood (say 1834 - June 1863)
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  1. E-mail written 2004 - from Mary Meyer, e-mail address.

Infant (?) Wooten

M, (circa 1919 - circa 1919)
FatherWalter Columbus Wooten (c 1890 - )
MotherEulalie Dean (2 Feb 1893 - May 1985)
Death*circa 1919 He died circa 1919. 
Birth*circa 1919 (?) was born circa 1919. 
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