Holly Smith

F, (19 May 1956 - 2 September 2004)
Birth*19 May 1956 Holly was born at Fort Lauderdale, Broward Co., Florida, on 19 May 1956. 
Married Name11 August 1993  As of 11 August 1993, her married name was Culpepper.1 
Death*2 September 2004 She died at Plantation, Broward Co., Florida, on 2 September 2004 at age 48.2 
Last Edited19 December 2007


  1. Jordan R. Dodd & Florida Department of Health, compiler, Florida Marriage Collection, 1822-1875 & 1927-2001, Online database at Ancestry.com, 2006.
    Hayden Culpepper and Holly Smith married 11 Aug 1993 in Leon Co., FL.
  2. E-mail written 1999-2007 to Lew Griffin and Warren Culpepper from Edward Hayden Culpepper (#28291), e-mail address.

Young Hall Smith M. D.

M, (say 1861 - )
Birth*say 1861 Young was born say 1861. 
Marriage* He married Leila Brooks


Leila Brooks (say 1863 - )
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Leila Brooks

F, (say 1863 - )
Married Name Her married name was Smith. 
Marriage* She married Young Hall Smith M. D. 
Birth*say 1863 Leila was born say 1863. 


Young Hall Smith M. D. (say 1861 - )
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William Preston Wiley

M, (9 April 1865 - 28 March 1940)
Birth*9 April 1865 William was born at Wilson Co., Texas, on 9 April 1865. 
Marriage* He married Nannie Spear Bird
Death*28 March 1940 He died at Christine, Atascosa Co., Texas, on 28 March 1940 at age 74. 


Nannie Spear Bird (28 November 1867 - 29 July 1951)
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Nannie Spear Bird

F, (28 November 1867 - 29 July 1951)
Married Name Her married name was Wiley. 
Birth*28 November 1867 Nannie was born at Wilson Co., Texas, on 28 November 1867. 
Marriage* She married William Preston Wiley
Death*29 July 1951 She died at Christine, Atascosa Co., Texas, on 29 July 1951 at age 83. 


William Preston Wiley (9 April 1865 - 28 March 1940)
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James Jordon

M, (say 1767 - )
Birth*say 1767 James was born say 1767. 
Marriage*6 August 1797 He married Hannah Oglethorpe at Camden Co., Georgia, on 6 August 1797. 


Hannah Oglethorpe (circa 1769 - 10 March 1808)
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Mary Knighten

F, (say 1794 - )
Married Name Her married name was Alexander. 
Marriage* She married John Ephraim Alexander
Birth*say 1794 Mary was born say 1794. 


John Ephraim Alexander (24 April 1792 - )
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Rebecca Oglethorpe

F, (circa 1754 - )
FatherJohn Newman Oglethorpe (b 1716 - a 1795)
MotherEleanor Middleton (c 1720 - b 1768)
Married Name Her married name was Black. 
Birth*circa 1754 Rebecca was born circa 1754. 
Marriage* She married Josiah Black
Biography* 2 Jan 1773 -- Thomas Black and Josiah Black, both of Rowan County, to Archibald Henderson of Mecklenburg, for 210 pounds... land bequeathed to the said Thomas and Josiah by the will of their father John Black, 300 acres, as granted to Peter Elliot, and conveyed to George Renex 13 April 1742, then to John Black on 3 October 1754... John Black, Elener Black (x), Josiah Black, Jean Black (her mark). Wit: John Black, Elizabeth Oglethorpe (x), Mat. McClure. Proven by John Black, April Court 1774. (Mecklenburg Deed Book 8, pp. 145-147, as found in Mecklenburg Co., NC Deed Abstracts 1763-1779, pages 227-8.) 


Josiah Black (say 1754 - )
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Josiah Black

M, (say 1754 - )
Birth*say 1754 Josiah was born say 1754. 
Marriage* He married Rebecca Oglethorpe
Biography* From Jim Calvin, [email protected], as found on the Oglethorpe GenForum:
Hello, Cousins!!!
I have just uncovered some Black/Oglethorpe genealogy, from another cousin, C R Scott, in IL. What is below is partly from him, and partly from my OWN family line.
first part - from cousin C R - who is quoting from a manuscipt "Descendants of Josiah Black" by Herbert H. Black - manuscript in the Clark Co. IL Genealogical Society. her goes:
Josiah Black died in Lincoln Co KY, at abt age 60. He married, before 1781, Rebecca Oglethorpe. Their children:
Thomas Black 1782 - 1834
John Black 1785 - ??, mar. Sarah Cooper
William Black 1787 - ??, Mar. Mary Jane Barnes in Vigo Co. IN in 1839
Permelia Black 1787 - 1865
Malinda Black 1789 - 1854
Chloe "Cloa" Black 1789 - 1851 - see below
Josiah M. Black 1792 - 1839
Lousiana Black 1793 - ??, mar. Jon Riley in Knox Co. IN in 1814
James Black 1797 - 1874
now, my research -
first, Josiah Black & family are listed in the 1790 Lincoln Co. KY Census; there is a "Thomas Black" also listed in Lincoln Co. KY in 1790; I do NOT know if this is a relative of Josiah; but I've wondered if it was a brother of Josiah, or his father, as Josiah named his first son Thomas (see above).
There are NO Oglethorpe's listed in the 1790 KY, or in the 1790 VA Census. There IS a Richard Oglethorpe listed in the 1800 NC Census; Richard was born in the mid-1700s (1750-1755??), but I do NOT know if he is related to our Rebecca Ogle thorpe (who, I'm guessing, was born about 1755-1760...)
There are Oglethorpe's living in VA in the late 1600s (LDS data), but then a gap till I find Oglethorpe's (John Newman Oglethorpe), in AL, in the early 1800s.... Still looking....
next - MY ancestors - Josiah/Rebecca's Chloe:
Chloe Black was born in 1789, in Lincoln Co., KY. On March 13, 1813, she married Samuel Middleton, in Knox Co. IN. Samuel Middleton was born July 19, 1788, in Mercer Co. KY; he & Chloe moved to In, later to IL; Samuel died Sept. 7, 1858, in Elkbridge, Edgar Co. IL. Chloe died March 13, 1851, in Elkbridge IL. they had 5(that I know of, maybe more) children:
1 - Josiah Middleton, born 1815 in Knox Co IN; married in 1838 (?) tp Sarah Sharp King Pemberton
2 - my ancestor, Mary Middleton, born April 19, 1819 in Washington Twp., Vigo Co. IN; married on Sept. 17, 1840, in Edgar Co IL, to Timothy Downing Calvin. Mary died July 24, 1892 in Nashville, IN. Timothy Calvin and Mary had NINE children; the first SIX died at childbirth or in infancy; the three surviving sons included my grandfather, Timothy D. Calvin Jr.
3 - Samuel Middleton, b. abt 1821; married (?) Cynthia Rider in 1841
4 - Christina Middleton, b. 1826; mar man named Norring
5 - Jeannette Middleton, b. 1829; mar to Cyrus Newlon on June 6, 1849 in Edgar Co IL
Whew - enough for now!!!
More, as I find it....
ANY cousins - please RSVP to Jim Calvin , e-mail - [email protected]
The following is from the son of the Herbert H. Black mentioned above:
      Hello, my name is Herb Black and I'm looking for ancestors of Josiah Black. I am accually a direct line of James the brother of Josiah M. My father is the Herbert H. that wrote the manuscript of Clark Co. Illinois. He died in Dec. 1989. I received all his information on 3x5 cards about three years ago, along with a copy of the script. I've been searching since then on and off. This last year I've jumped in and am actively trying to carry on.
      What I have is mostly off the net and not sure of authenticity.
What I beleive to be is that Josiah, the one married to Rebecca Oglethorpe, has a brother named Thomas and thier father's name was John. John's father may be William and his father William. This would take it back to about 1688 and still in the U.S. I'm looking for anything to verify this and anyone that would be related.
      I would appreciate any help you can give and will gladly help with any info I have that you might seek. Thanks for listening.
      [email protected]
[February 2002]. 


Rebecca Oglethorpe (circa 1754 - )
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Richard Oglethorpe

M, (before 18 July 1675 - after 1716)
FatherFranciscus Oglethorpe1 (b 12 Jul 1643 - )
Name Variation He was also known as Richard Oglethorp. 
Birth*before 18 July 1675 Richard was born at Epsworth, Lincolnshire, England, before 18 July 1675.1 
Christening18 July 1675 He was christened on 18 July 1675 at Epsworth, Lincolnshire, England.1 
Marriage*26 January 1699 He married Sarah Starkey at Althorpe, Lincolnshire, England, on 26 January 1699.1 
Marriage*5 September 1704 He married Johanna Little at Charleston, Berkeley District, South Carolina, on 5 September 1704. 
Death*after 1716 He died at Charleston, Berkeley District, South Carolina, after 1716. 
Biography* Our earliest proven record of Richard is his marriage to Johanna Rogers in Charlestown. The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. XII, October 1911, No. 4, page 208, Abstracts from records of the Court of Ordinary:
"This is to Certify [to] whom it may Consearn that Mr. Richard Oglethorp & Johanna Rogers were Married according to ye Common prayer book of ye Church of England September ye 5th--1704 by Edward Marston, Minister de Charlestown. Entered this Ninth of September 1704 by Jno. Barnwell, D: S: (Page 92)"

Prior to September 1704, Johanna Rogers' first husband, Tempest Rogers, died. From the above reference, page 214, we find: "July 19, 1706, Richard Oglethorpe and Lieutenant-Colonel George Logan executed a bond to Governor Johnson for Oglethorpe's proper administration of the estate of Tempest Rogers (page 107)."

In the Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies,1706-1708, item 53, we find: [Richard] Oglethorp wrote from 'Caroliner' on January 27, 1706, a letter headed "An account of persons trading with pirates." The greater part was concerned with Captain Tempest Rogers, whom Oglethorp accused not only of voyaging with Captain Kidd but of becoming a naturalized Dane, so as to trade as a neutral with the French and Spaniards, whom the English were then fighting.

According to Oglethorp, "Jno. Lucas, that lives in Antigua, went to St. Thomas [in the Danish Virgin Islands] and did macke up account wth. Capt. Rogers, he being Attorney for ye owners in London, and was paid to a penny and did give a discharge in full in behalfe of ye owners, which is contrary to law, when he knew what he was, etc. Lucas being a Justice at that time, Capt. Rogers drew a bill on Capt. Collihorne [another Antiguan whom Oglethorp accuses of trading with Rogers] which was excepted of Mr. Lucas, etc."

John Cameron Ward of Australia thinks this Richard Oglethorp was one and the same as the Richard Oglethorp of co. Lincoln, England, see John Ward's research on "Richard Oglethorp" (without the last e) at http://wardjc.com/people/p000017i.htm#I1039. John thinks this might be the same Richard who married first, Sarah Starkey, in 1699, Althorp,Lincolnshire,England. And he gives Richard's further ancestry. This writer thinks John's conclusions are plausible and likely, but further research is needed.


Family 1

Sarah Starkey (say 1676 - )

Family 2

Johanna Little (say 1671 - after 1716)
ChartsOglethorpe Ancestry
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  1. E-mail to Lew Griffin from John Cameron Ward, e-mail address.

Johanna Little

F, (say 1671 - after 1716)
Birth*say 1671 Johanna was born say 1671. 
Married Name13 March 1693  As of 13 March 1693, her married name was Rogers. 
Marriage*13 March 1693 She married Captain Tempest Rogers at All Hallows, London, England, on 13 March 1693. 
Marriage*5 September 1704 She married Richard Oglethorpe at Charleston, Berkeley District, South Carolina, on 5 September 1704. 
Married Name5 September 1704  As of 5 September 1704, her married name was Oglethorpe. 
Death*after 1716 She died at Charleston, Berkeley District, South Carolina, after 1716. 

Family 1

Captain Tempest Rogers (say 1669 - circa 1703)

Family 2

Richard Oglethorpe (before 18 July 1675 - after 1716)
ChartsOglethorpe Ancestry
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Thomas Oglethorpe

M, (say 1628 - 1688)
Birth*say 1628 Thomas was born say 1628. 
Marriage*say 1651 He married (?) (?) say 1651. 
Death*1688 He died at Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, in 1688. 
Biography*  This writer [Lew Griffin] has little information on this Thomas Oglethorpe. He seems to be the earliest Oglethorpe in Virginia, and might perhaps have been the ancestor of the early Oglethorpe family in South Carolina.
      He must have emmigrated to Isle of Wight County, VA, prior to 1686, as he is mentioned in a deed that year, as an adjacent land owner: "Mr. John Nevill, 246 acres on the lower part of Isle of Wight County, on the west branch of the Nansemond River, opposite Thomas Oglethorpe's house, and adjacent to Christopher Wade, 30 October 1686, page 545 in the original Patent Book 7."
      On 19 Dec 1688, Thomas Godwin of Chuckatuck, for 25 pounds sterling, purchased 45 acres from Henry Reeves on the S. side of Chuckatuck Creek and bounded by Thomas Oglethorpe. [Bk. 1, pg. 13]
      He left a will, but I do not as yet have a full copy of it. The abstract lists daughters Katherine, Sarah, and Margaret, with a reversion to Richard Thomas and his eldest son. Overseers were Simon and John Everett. Executors were "my two youngest daughters." The will was dated 31 March 1687, and was recorded 9 February 1687/8. Witnesses were Richard Thomas, Godfrey Hunt, and Ralph Pee. This is from page 292, Book A, of Isle of Wight Wills. 


(?) (?) (say 1629 - )
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(?) (?)

F, (say 1629 - )
Birth*say 1629 (?) was born say 1629. 
Marriage*say 1651 She married Thomas Oglethorpe say 1651. 


Thomas Oglethorpe (say 1628 - 1688)
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Elizabeth Oglethorpe

F, (after 1705 - )
FatherRichard Oglethorpe (b 18 Jul 1675 - a 1716)
MotherJohanna Little (s 1671 - a 1716)
Birth*after 1705 Elizabeth was born after 1705. 
Last Edited4 September 2000

Katherine Oglethorpe

F, (after 1651 - )
FatherThomas Oglethorpe (s 1628 - 1688)
Mother(?) (?) (s 1629 - )
Birth*after 1651 Katherine was born at England after 1651. 
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Sarah Oglethorpe

F, (after 1651 - )
FatherThomas Oglethorpe (s 1628 - 1688)
Mother(?) (?) (s 1629 - )
Birth*after 1651 Sarah was born at England after 1651. 
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Margaret Oglethorpe

F, (after 1651 - )
FatherThomas Oglethorpe (s 1628 - 1688)
Mother(?) (?) (s 1629 - )
Birth*after 1651 Margaret was born at England after 1651. 
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Captain Tempest Rogers

M, (say 1669 - circa 1703)
Birth*say 1669 Tempest was born at England say 1669. 
Marriage*13 March 1693 He married Johanna Little at All Hallows, London, England, on 13 March 1693. 
Death*circa 1703 He died at Charleston, Berkeley District, South Carolina, circa 1703. 


Johanna Little (say 1671 - after 1716)
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