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Hawn Marriages in Catawba County 1842-1900

Hawn, David
Sides. Sarah
28 June 1842 H. Cansler
Hawn, David I. [Johanson]
Seapoth. Polly
5 May 1851 George Setzer
Hawn, Daniel
Sides, Ann
11 Sept 1841 H. Gansler
Hawn, Jonas
Killian, Perlira
23 Jan 1854 George Setzer
Hawn, David J.
Polly Seapoth
5 May 1851 | George Seaboch
[W] Geo. Setzer, C.C.C.
Hawn, E.L.
Rhody Ward
22 March 1866 | Geo.W. Rabb [W]
M.L. Cline, C.C.C.
Petersen, John A.
L.E. Hawn
24 Feb 1866 | John Peterson
[W] M.E. Lowrence
Yount, Emanuel A.
Amanda M. Hawn
25 Oct 1851 | David J. Hawn
[W] E. Yount, J.P.
Barger, Marcus
Hawn, Marthann E.
26 Nov 1868
A.J. Whitener, J.P.
Barger, David [27]
Hawn, Jennie [18]
17 May 1891 S.E. Killian, J.P.
Wit: A.R. Barger, Ella Hawn, J.S. Hawn
Canup, Winfield [26]
[Eno-Sarah Ann]
Hawn, Elizabeth [21]
[Lawson. Polly]
31 Dec 1900 W.H. Mouser. J.P.
Wit: J.M. C. Lentz Charles A. Huffman M.E. Mouser
Flanegan, Luther
[Jacob-Nancy Lefevers]
Hawn, Mary
[John & Sallie Yoder]
23 Feb 1868 G.M. Yoder, Esq.
Hawn, Noah
[No Parents Listed]
Yount, Mary M.
[No Parents Listed]
4 Dec 1852 E. Yount, J.P.
Hawn, Jonas
[No Parents Listed]
Killian, Permira
[No Parents Listed]
26 June 1854 E. Yount, J.P
Hawn, Abner
[No Parents Listed]
Rinch. Mary C.
[No Parents Listed] .
25 ?? 1855 E. Yount, J.P
Hawn, Amzia A.
[No Parents Listed]
Yoder, Mary M.
[No Parents Listed]
9 Nov 1856 A.J. Fox, Min.
Hawn, Joseph
[No Parents Listed]
Mouser. Rosanah C.
[No Parents Listed]
29 Oct 1857 E. Yount, J.P.
Hawn, Henry
[No Parents Listed]
Whitener, Anna P.
[No Parents Listed]
3 March 1864 M. Barger, J.P.
Hawn, C.L.
[No Parents Listed]
Jarrett, E.J.
[No Parents Listed]
1 Dec 1866 A.J. Fox, Min.
Hawn, E.L.
[No Parents Listed]
Ward, Rhoda
[No Parents Listed]
22 March 1866 John Lantz. Min.
Hawn, Joseph
Thomason. Emeline
20 Sept 1868 E.A. Warlick.J.P.
Hawn, John L.
Moore. Jinney S.
[Joseph A.- Susan]
17 Feb 1869 R.L. Abernethy. Min.
Hawn, James Knox Polk [24]
[No Parents Listed]
Deitz, Martha [23]
[No Parents Listed]
29 Nov 1873 Abel Barger, J.P.
Wit: Lazarus Deitz, Sarah Killian
Hawn, Lawson.J. [21]
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Elnore [18]
[No Parents Listed]
13 April 1876 Abel Barger, J.P.
Wit: J.R. Hawn Marcus Barger John M. Barger
Hawn, Jacob P. [23]
[No Parents Listed]
Travis, Fannie [21]
[No Parents Listed]
11 March 1877 G.L. Hunt, Min.
Wit: S.H. Hunt, L.M. Hunt, L.E. Hunt
Hawn, Polycarp C. [26]
[No Parents Listed]
Hewit: Emma [19]
[No Parents Listed]
4 July 1878 P.C. Henkel. Min.
Wit: Silas Smyre J.M. Arnt Jerome Bolick
at: M.M. Huit's
Hawn, John A. [25]
[John- Elizabeth]
Sigmon, Lucinda S. [20]
[Logan- Bettie Ann]
20 April 1879 J.H. Bruns.J.P.
Wit: W.M. Hawn J.P. Whitener J.S. Tomlinson
Hawn, Wesley M. [21]
Hawn, Barbara Jane [25]
3 July 1880 J.H. Bruns.J.P.
Wit: B.P. Bass, M.Y. Flanigan, D.H. Witherspoon
Hawn, Jones [22]
Herman, Dianna [22]
[N/K-Annie Herman]
10 July 1881 J.W. Mouser.J.P.
Wit: L.W. Cline D.E. Wagner Lawson Herman
Hawn, Saph [32]
Whitener, Sarah [31]
13 Nov 1883 J. Ingold, Min.
Wit: D.W. Whitener D.H. Whitener W.E. Miller at: J.B. Whitener's
Hawn, David J. [21]
[David' Polly]
Naugle. Mary J. [21]
[Andrew- Nancy]
11 Oct 1885 L.C. Huffman, J.P.
Wit: Henry Hawn L.J. Hawn P.H. Bolch
Hawn, Henry [19]
[Jonas F-Nancy P.]
Hawn, Barbara [23]
14 March 1886 L.C. Huffman, J.P.
Wit: D.T. Hawn E.C. Hawn M.E. Huffman
Hawn, William P. [24]
Bolch, Isabella L.
29 April 1886 J.W. Mouser.J.P.
Wit: T.J. Cline J.R. Smyre D. Setzer
Hawn, Daniel E. [29]
[No Parents Listed]
Yoder, Laura [25]
[No Parents Listed]
29 Nov 1887 P.C. Henkle, Min.
Wit: J.P. Yoder Bill V. Yoder A.P. Whisenhunt at: P.C. Henkle's
Hawn, Noah [28]
[No Parents Listed]
Brinkley. Geneola [21]
[No Parents Listed] L
27 March 1887 .C. Huffman, J.P.
Wit: W.M. Hawn E.S. Hawn J.P. Hawn
at: Samuel Brinkley's
Hawn, Emanuel S. [27]
Bollinger, Frances [19]
1 Dec 1889 W.L.C. Killian, Min.
Wit: J.A. Sain L.S. Sain Junius Yoder
Hawn, Charles Ed [20]
[Joseph- Elmira]
Ward, Fannie L. [21]
12 Oct 189e J.C. Moser, Min.
Wit: D.D. Seitz L.S. Whitener W.W. Hawn
Hawn, C.E. [21]
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Ella I18]
[No Parents Listed]
13 Dec 1891 S.E. Killian, J.P.
Wit: W.A. Clay C.C. Hawn W.L. Coffey
at: S.E. Killian's
Hawn, Jones P. [26]
Harbinson. Mary [18]
18 June 1893 W.C. Caldwell, J.P.
Wit: R. England A.C. Cloninger C. W McCaslin
Hawn, A.Q. [22]
[Abner- Catherine]
Bost, Minnie [20]
17 Nov 1895 G.L. Hunt, Min.
Wit: G.F. Bost, B.A. Frye, G.W. Hunt
Hawn, John S. [23]
Hildebrand. Mattie V.
[18][P.M.- Sally]
28 April I895 M.H. Hoyle, Min.
Wit: Joe N. Hoyle Maude Hoyle M.C. Hoyle
Hawn, R. Eugene [24]
[Noah- Magdaline]
Whitener, Maude [18]
[Sidney- Martha]
21 Nov 1897 J.L. Murphy. Min.
Wit:. W.B. Yoder E.C. Seitz W.C. Crosby
Hawn, Robert T. [21]
[No Parents Listed]
Honeycutt, Emma [18]
[No Parents Listed]
18 July 1897 A.L. Crouse, Min.
Wit: D.A. Yount Rufus Mosteller Noah L. Huffman
Hawn, Walter J. [24]
[No Parents Listed]
Whitener, Victoria M. [30]
[No Parents Listed]
21 Dec 1897 J.L. Murphy. Min.
Wit: W.E. Miller M.C. Yount Anna Robinson
at: Z.B. Whitener's
Holler, Waitzel G. [21]
[Lawson- Anna]
Hawn, Fannie B. [23]
[Daniel- Anna]
27 Oct 1881 P.C. Henkel. Min.
Wit: P.C. Hawn D.E. Hawn Daniel Hawn
Jarrett, James F.
[Daniel- Mahalal
Hawn, Flora E.
[7 -Annah Hawn]
30 July 1868 P.C. Henkel. Min.
Jarrett, O.M.
Hawn, Jane
[Jesse-Amy] .
9 Dec 1869 A.J. Fox, Min
Killian, John [20]
Hawn, Julia [18]
24 Oct 1872 J.M. Smith, Min.
Wit: Henry Seitz, Luther Seitz, Mrs.L. Smith
Peterson.J. A
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn.S. E
[No Parents Listed]
1 Mar 1866 R. Yoder, J.P.
Pope, William P. [23]
Hawn, Clarisa J. [22]
15 March 1883 J.H. Bruns, J.P.
Wit: S.A. Hawn, J.T. Jarrett, Bettie Sigmon
Rink, Fides [60]
Hawn, Polly E. [40]
5 May 1897 W.H. Mouser, J.P.
Wit: Mary E. Mouser, Julius A. Sigmon
Seabock.J. William, [25]
Hawn, Minnie [18]
[Calvin L.-Jane]
25 Nov 1890 J.C. Moser, Min.
Wit: C.E. Moser, Charles P. Bolch, Cora P. Peeler
Setzer, David P. [29]
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Ida [18]
[No Parents Listed] r
21 Dec 1889 J.C. Moser, Min.
Wit: D.H. Cahill, M.E. Yount, D.W. Whitene
Sigmon, Jesse
Hawn, Sarah
9 March 1871 E.A. Warlick, J.P.
Smyer, William [25]
Hawn, Mary M, [21]
2 April 1882 J.M. Smith, Min.
Wit: S.F. Nogle, N.S. Hawn, M.D. Settlemyre
Travensted, William A.
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn. Mariah
[No Parents Listed]
16 March 1860 P.J. Pitts, J.P.
Whisenhunt.M. E
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Caroline
[No Parents Listed]
6 August 1860 H. Goodman, Min.
Whitener. James, R. [26]
[Jonas C.-Mary]
Hawn, Candis
[John Hawn-N/G]
15 Jan 1881 J.H. Bruns, J.P
. Wit: A.P. Seitz, E.L. Whitener
Whitener, John R. [26]
Hawn, Sarah C. [25]
11 March 1886 L.C. Huffman, J.P.
Wit: J.W. Helton, N.S. Hawn, J.P. Hawn
Witherspoon, Leander D.L. [26]
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Lydia C, [21]
[No Parents Listed]
13 Dec 1887 J.C. Moser, Min.
Wit: E.S. Hawn, C.E. Rink, J.H. Witherspoon
Yoder, Andrew
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Catharine
[No Parents Listed]
18 June 1857 P.L. Rowe, J.P.
Yount, Emanuel A.
[No Parents Listed]
Hawn, Amanda M.
[No Parents Listed] .
26 Oct 1852 P.C. Henkel, Min
Yount, Robert A. [23]
Hawn, Genelia A. [21]
[Samuel Brinkley-Sallie]
Sept 1891 W.H. Morrow, J.P.
Wit: C.P. Bolick, A.S. Sigmon, B.M. Morrow
Marcus L. Feimster [25]
[Henry A. & Louisie -- Burke]
Essie May Hawn [25]
[George W. & Fannie Rachial ]
6 March 1901 T.A. Boone, Min., Hickory Twp.
Pinkney Flowers [27]
[John & A. Flowers]
Esther Hawn[18]
[Jones & D. Hawn] .
31 July 1901 L.C. Huffman, J.P. Hickory Twp
Perry P. Hawn [31]
[A & C. Hawn]
Candace L. Hawn [26]
[J.P. Hawn]
3 Nov. 1901 G.L. Hunt, Luth. Min., Newton Twp.
Park Hawn [24]
[E.L. & Rhoda ]
May Setzer [19]
[Alfred & Polly ]
30 April 1901 J.M. Brown, J.P. Newton Twp.
Ulick Hawn [30]
[E. & R. Hawn]
Etta Fry [26]
[John - Emma ]
2 Sept 1901 A.A. Yoder, J.P. Hickory Twp.
Alfred Hollar [65]
[family not given]
Camile Jones [56]
[Jacob- Sallie Hawn ] .
18 April 1901 J.H.W. Hoerr, Luth. Min., Clines Twp
George A. Miller [27] [Frank & Elizabeth Miller,Burke] Ada A. Hawn [25] d/o [Augustus & Susan] 27 Oct 1901 J.C. Moser, Luth. Min., Hickory Twp.
Haun (Hawn), David;
Treffelstad, Susanna;
Jacob Bolick (Ger: Bolch)
13 Mar 1823 Mic Cline
Haun, Sampson
[Cristain x Haun]
Whitener, Hannah
3 Jan 1822 Phil Whitener JP Bynum,
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