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Background on Johannes Hahn 1712-1793

(To see three generations starting with Johannes' father and showing links to each of the children, click here.)


Johannes Hahn, Elizabeth Margaretha Forster Hahn and seven of their children born in Germany arrived in Philadelphia on Oct. 7, 1751 on the ship Janet (or Ganet) and took the oath of allegiance. It is rumored that he changed his name (from what to Hahn is uncertain) but I have found no proof.


Johannes was the son of Johan Jacob and Maria Otillia Eichenlaub and is reputed to have had two brothers, Johann Jacob Jr. bp. 1727 and Conrad b. before 1723. I haven't seen where anyone has delved into these brothers.


He settled in Philadelphia until 1765, when he arrived in North Carolina. According to an account by Col. George M. Yoder, he built a house and a loom house for his weaving. His first son, Christian, was allegedly born on his first night in North Carolina, what was later to become Catawba County. The nearest town was Hickory Tavern, later to become the Town of Hickory then the City of Hickory. The city was incorporated in 1870.


Translation Johannes stone

During Johannes' time Catawba was not a county but was part of a larger area that encompassed Rowan and Anson counties. By 1800 the areas to the mountains were being settled and counties were Lincoln, Rutherford, Burke and Buncombe. Ashe, Iredell, Wilkes and Mecklenberg were to the east.


The primary source for this work is "German Speaking People West of the Catawba River 1750-1800" by Lorena Shell Eaker. She also published The Shoe Cobbler's Kin, A Genealogy of the Peter Eaker Sr. Family 1701-1976 Vol. I and 1985 Vol. II. The Hahn family is detailed in this as well, along with many other Catawba County, NC families.



Family Tree Maker has made a number of errors in this family's history.If this is your first foray into genealogy, be very careful about the FTM information.


After arriving in Philadelphia, Johannes and Elizabetha Margaretha had three more children: Joshua, Samuel and Rebecca. Elizabetha Margaretha died shortly after the birth of Rebecca (1756) and Johannes married again in 1757, this time to Agnes Langnin (Langle, Legnin, the spelling of her surname is uncertain). She bore five children before the trek to North Carolina and the sixth, Christian, was born the night they arrived.



The following account is given by Col. George M. Yoder as written to Walter Hahn: "Hahn came upon the old pioneer's (Henry Whitener) road heading for Whitener's home. But before reaching his home, night overtook him and he went into camp in a beautiful oak grove near the house of the pioneer, Paul Anthony (Paulus Antoni) now the farm of Charlie Burris. During that night, a son was born in the wagon and he named him Christian Hahn."


Walter Hahn's note: "Johannes Hahn took up camp at that location for four weeks and within this period of time, in company with his sons, set about to locate their home in the south. After a few days prospecting, he located and selected a homesite on both sides of Henry's River, now Burke and Catawba County line. After a house, the next building erected was a building to shelter the stock, and a loom

house, for his loom, since he was a weaver by trade. The location of the above homesite of Pioneer Hahn is five miles east or southeast of the present city of Hickory, N.C.

  You can read the account by Col. George Yoder at the request of Abel Quincy Hawn and the addendum by Abel Quincy's great-granddaughter Allie Hawn Glenn here. Col. Yoder is short on facts and long on supposition but in those days he would have had little to draw from.

Living in the wide open spaces, families had to call on all their resources just to survive. For instance, the efforts of Johannes Hahn's daughters on one occasion are recounted in Dr. Gary Freeze's "The Catawbans," a historical perspective of the region.

"Tories rode up unexpectly on the farm of John Hahn one day. Hahn, who lived a mile south of HenryDaughters defend home Weidner, had stood with other Whigs in the pledge of loyalty under the famous oak. Hahn was in the weave shed and quickly hid a bag of money under the floor. When Hahn refused to reveal the location of the bag, the Tories found a rope, looped it around his neck and according to G. M. Yoder, "drew him up till he turned blue." Exasperated, the Tories left the gasping Hahn and went to his barn to steal his horse. Two daughters rushed from the house, stationed themselves at the stable door, armed with axes, and announced to the bandits that "they intended to make sausage" of the first man to enter the door. The bandits left. Since Hahn lived until 1791, the daughters must have then rushed to free his neck."

Col. Yoder continued in the Hahn document, "In North Carolina he reared a second family. In addition to Christian, there were Peter, Jacob, Frederick, Utilla, Sarah and possibly one named Othelia. The earlier accounts on this family lists one unnamed daughter as having married Andrew Marks. One account only lists her name as Othelia. Grandfather Hahn did not indicate her name in the will. Perhaps she was the same as Utilly and had two marriages."

Mrs. Eaker was unable to determine anything further by the records in the N.C. State Dept. of Archives regarding the settlement of the estate.


"Legal document: Lincoln County, N.C. Deedbook 16 pg. 301: Oct. 12, 1790 Christian Neigh of Lincoln County, N.C. to Martin Speagle and John Hawn, Trustees of the Lutheran Congregation on Jacobs River, the South Fork of the Catawba River, for five pounds lawful money of the state of North Carolina. Ten acres for the purpose of these Deutsch Lutheran congregation for divine Worship and school to instruct

youth. Part of 20 acres of land granted to Christian Neigh of the then county of Burke on Warrant Fe. 10, 1779 and granted May 18, 1789 in Lincoln Co., N.C. Signed Michael Cline, Johannes Hahn, Andrew Stockinger, Christian Nei.


"The first church structure was a two story log affair about 30 by 36 ft. and finished with neatness and considerable ornament for that period. There was a balcony across the south end, but only those who sat on the front row of the balcony could see the pastor, the beauty of the pulpit and the chancel. A sounding board was placed over the pulpit.


(Mrs. Eaker's note: the foregoing description was found in the N.C. State Dept. of Archives in the church records. A similar account was given in "History of Catawba County" edited by Charles J. Preslar Jr. which also gives the following record about our Hahn progenitor:


"The edifice of the church was completed during the latter part of 1791. A granddaughter of Trustee (Johannes) Hahn, Saloma Weaver (daughter of Conrad and Elizabeth Margaret Hahn Weaver, was born March 18, 1791 and the grandfather was especially anxious that the child be baptised in the new church. The father, however, not being pleased with the idea of deferring the baptismal, had the child

baptised at St. Paul's Church (a few miles away)."


(Mrs. Eaker's note: the dispute must have been no small one to have been recorded in the county history. The Deutsch Lutheran Church later changed the name to Zion Lutheran Church and is still in existence today and sits atop a small knoll off of Highway 127 five miles south of Hickory, N.C. "History records that Grandfather Johannes Hahn was one of the very first if not the first to be buried in the cemetery adjoining that church lot.


(Inscription on the tombstone in German, translated by Walter Hahn, "The one on the cross is my love, My love is Jesus Christ, Johannes Han, born June 12, 1712." He died April 21, 1793.)


"Agnes Langlin Hahn is buried by his side with only a crude stone

marker indicating her grave."





*Hahn family history compiled by G. M. Yoder at the request of A.Q. Hahn, a great-grandson of John (Johannes) Hahn born 1712. Additional information by Allie Hawn Glenn in April 1949.

**Papers of Walter Hahn, Hickory, N.C. and W. P. Yount, Missouri,

copied by Mary Hahn Abernethy. The papers are in the archives of Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, N.C. Additional information by Sarah Whitener Abernethy from research.

**Birth records of the Lutheran Church at Freckenfeld Pfalz, Germany, now in the State Archives at Speyer, Germany. Additional information also obtained by Sarah Whitener Abernethy from research.

**L.D. (Joe) Laughridge, 742 Wayne Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho 83201 from LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/Mormon) records.

**Milly Hunt, 4111 Chambers Lake Dr. SE, Lacey, WA 98503

**Gladys Edwards, 1712 147 Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

**Neil Bost Glenn, 210- Clarkson Lane VeroBeach, Fla 32963

**Phyllis Ferguson, 1303 Langford St., College Station Texas 77840

**Donna Bartholow, [email protected]

**Vickey Hahn, [email protected]

**Socrates Augustus Hahn, who found an old picture of an unidentified couple with a framed article typed and pasted on the back. The words have been blurred by silverfish eating into the paper so some of the article is difficult to decipher. There is no indication of the author or when it was written.


(Thanks to Vickey Hahn, [email protected] for information on this



Last Will and Testament of Johannes Hawn (Records of Family Tree Maker) Provided by Mickey Woods and Betty Ramsey:


In the Name of God Amen. The nineteenth Day of April and in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Three. I John Hawn (senior) of the State of North Carolina, and County of Lincoln--Weaver, Being very sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be given unto God, Therefore comming into mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all man once to die, do make and dain this Last Will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommand my soul into the Hands of Almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the descretion of my Executors; Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it Hath Please God to Bless me in this live (life) I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. I give and bequeth unto my two beloved sons Christian Hawn and Fredrick Hawn my Plantation where I now live on, containing three hundred acres farming land of Jacob and Abraham Mayers granted to me by the aforesaid bearing date the 11th day of October one thousand seven hundred and eighty three to have free and clear to them and their Heirs for ever Nevertheless, my Dear beloved wife Angenis shall have her decent Mantainance out of the aforesaid premises during her life time from my two sons aforesaid, or if not performed by them to her asforesaid then she shall have the priveledge to rent the plantation out so that she may be maintained therefrom. And to my beloved son Jacob Hawn I give and bequeth forever, on survey where he now lives on forming the plantation where I now live on, the uper end thereof containing one hundred and fifty acres of level land to my beloved daughter ___tily Hawn one Entry of land forming my bottometh Land for which there is not yet any warrent come to hand. so that the quantity may be known what there is of it, but let it be less or more she shall enjoy the same forever. And to my daughter Sahra Hawn I give and bequeth forever one survey forming my own lines and Fishers and Alexander Martins land granted by States Patton Bearing date the eight day of May 1789. And all my movable Estate I will and ordain to be sold by way of public venue by my Executors hereafter Mentioneth Except my wifes bed and bed---- to be left to her use during her live (life) time and to be equally divided amongst my wife and all my children, except what some of My children have received from me formerly there shall be so much of ---------divided part deducted, except this last mentioneth children. There shall not any deduction be made of there (their) share of the moveable estate. I constitute and ordain my well beloved son Joshua Hawn and my trusty friend John Willfong (?) my sole executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and dis--- all and every other former testament wills and bequests and executors by me in any wise before named willeth and bequethed ratifying this and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament In witness-------Of I have herunto set my hand and seal the day and year at first-----------other side---------

(signed) John Hawn his marke


Signed sealed Published Pronounced and declared by the said John Hawn as his last will and testament in the Presence of us the Subscribers.

Abraham Mayers his marke

Henry Wh------