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A family member's view of Cape Girardeau...


Did you know there is a city named Hahn in Germany? Also,there used to be a city named Hahn in Missouri," said David Hahn, who stopped by Hickory with his wife, June, in 1999. He died in 2003. He was a descendant of David Eli Hahn, who was a descendant of Benedict. The Missouri city no longer exists,however, he said. He told me a little about the City of Hahn, MO.

"Yes, there is a city named Hahn in Germany; but we did not have time to visit it when we were there. The settlement of Hahn in Bollinger Co., MO no longer exists. It was about halfway between Lutesville (now consolidated with Marble Hill and Zalma. It was founded in 1875 by Jacob Hahn and Harmon Gray as a rest stop for those who had to travel from the south end of the county to Marble Hill.

"Mr. Gray ran a general store and also served hot food to travelers. Mr. Hahn had a blacksmith shop across the road from the store. In 1895 a post office was established. It was shut down on Jan. 31, 1954. I have an old road map which shows "Hahn" as a burg. I remember passing through it on several occasions. (Info on Hahn community from "Bollinger County:1851-1976"-- the historical society's publication) "The Hahn Cemetery would probably be close to the town limits of the former Lutesville. The Possum Creek runs along and through the south/southwest part of the town before it flows into Crooked Creek near the confluence of Hurricane Creek.

"Hahn Chapel cemetery is a different one altogether. Most of my deceased relatives, on the Hahn side, are buried at this location. It is a rural site, but due to its proximity to Marble Hill has been relatively well kept. Some of us later generation folks see to that."

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