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I have received many emails and other correspondence since I first put up the Johannes Hahn pages in 1997. I am reprinting as many of them as I can here in the hopes that visitors will read them and be able to help each other. If you find an email address that is no longer correct, please write to me and I will see if I have an update or help you find one. If you have written before and your letter isn't here, I must tell you that several computer crashes have reduced my collection somewhat. Write again and I'll try to answer.

Missouri Hahns

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997
From: jpking

L. Setzer wrote: I found your name on a page that lists Missouri surname researchers for the name Hahn. I, too, am researching the Hahns and have an extensive database. My ancestor settled in NC in 1765 and many of his line went to Missouri, where the records began to be lost. Could we be of help to each other?

Hi Linda,

I checked the Hahn sites you listed but couldn't connect to the Hahn page???I don't know where my George HAHN was born. I've never been able to locate him on a census record. I know the following: 1His wife's name was Jenny.
2. He died before 1882
3. He had three daughters, Irene, Ellin, and Dellaphine.
4. Dellaphine was born 16 Jun 1864 in Mansfield, Richland Co., OH
5. Somehow Dellaphine was in Jasper Co., MO by 1883 where she married Nathaniel Ben Carlisle.

Would any of your Hahns been in OH in mid-1860's? Thanks so much for responding to my query.

Pat King
[email protected]

Info on George W. Hahn

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997
From: [email protected]


It has been quite a while since I had looked at your page and I see you have been making additions. Your work is greatly appreciated.

I would like to add a little information about a couple of the families. Specifically, Dr. George Washington Hahn was born 18 Dec 1842, I think in Mississippi, since his parents Christian and Annie Hahn Hahn sold the family farm before he was born and then bought property after his birth. Also the 1850 or 60 census gives his state of birth as Mississippi. Dr. Hahn died on 24 June 1917 and was buried in Hickory two days later. He was married to Frances Rebecca Abernethy, b-15 Oct 1847 and died 17 Oct 1919. Her parents were Dr. Robert Laban Abernethy b-3 April 1822in Burke Co and died 28 Nov 1894, and Mary Hayes, b 1834 in Lovejoy and died 12 Nov 1912 in Rutherford College, Burke Co. Dr. Abernethy was the founder of the college for which the town is named. Mary was a fourteen year old student when they were married. I have more on these lines if you are interested.

Also, you may be aware of the book published by Dr. Hahn in 1912, "The Catawba County Soldier in the Civil War" which has sketches of most of the soldiers from the county as well as pictures of many. I am descended from Otto North Hahn. The door knocker from the Dr. Hahns home has been passed down through the years and is in my possession. Nothing special, but nice. Thought this may be of interest. If you have any information on Turner Abernethy, son of Robert III, and his wife, Froney (Fannie) Whitener I would be curious as well.

Ken Jackson

Ken, you have two men of the same name combined. Prof. George W. Hahn is indeed author of The Catawba Soldier in the Civil War but he lived in the Catawba County NC area all his life. The other George Washington Hahn was born and lived in Missouri. The first was married to Frances Abernethy and the second was married to Elizabeth Hovis. Linda

James A. Hahn

Subject: possible Hahn links
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997


I'm looking for links and data on my great-grandparents - James Abracrombia Hahn (b. 1/4/1875 in Cabarrus Co.) m. Flora Belzora Efird (b. 6/15/1874 in Stanly Co.). Married on 9/26/1896. (I remember attending their 60th anniversary!) They had a farm east of Albemarle, adjacent to Little Bear Creek. James' father was Alexander Julius Hahn who wa smarried to Laura Louise Dry - I have no dates or locations on these. Any help would be appreciated.

The following are other Hahn citings I've had in Stanly Co. If anything clicks................

Oakboro Cemetary (western Stanly Co.)
Davis C. Hahn 2/25/1909 to 10/2/1978 wife Mildred B. 1/18/1919 to 3/6/1971
Reece Vaughn Hahn 5/21/1917 to 3/13/1995 wife Estelle Lowder 11/12/1912to_______
Red Cross Baptist Church (somewhat north of Oakboro)
Martin L. Hahn 9/7/1879 to 2/19/1958 wife Minnie W. 12/9/1881 to 6/12//1978

Bethel Reformed Church (northwestern Stanly Co.)the following found on a commemorative plaque in the cemetary

Henry Hahn b. 1/7/1798 wife Christana Simmons estate settled 4/18/1825
Will mentioned:
CATY (Children and Their __?__)
Dorthea 'Darly' -- William Riepe
Lucy -- Daniel Ury
Margetta 'Peggy' -- Peter Triese
Rochel -- Martin Isenhower
Martin -- Eve Kimmer & Margaret Holacher
Fairview Cemetary (southeast Albemarle)
W. Abner Hahn 10/26/1874 to 1/15/1957 wife Electa Dry 11/10/1879 to1/18/1976
(Note: LHS: am still (2009) looking for connection between Johannes Hahn and Henry Hahn .) (Same in 2011)

Sarah Hahn

Subject: Sarah Hahn (b. c. 1791)
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997
From: Ann K. Propst

Hi, Linda--

I am in a quandry. Could you do me a favor and furnish me your source that Sarah Hahn did marry William Trout on 10/29/1807.

The reason that I am asking is the fact that I am corresponding with another Haas descendant who shows that William Trout (b. 1781 in TN?; and d. 4/11/1878in Lewis Twp., Brown Co., OH) married Sarah (Sally) Hauss/Haas on 10/29/1807.She also shows that Sarah/Sally died7/28/1879 also in Lewis Twp., Brown Co.,OH.

Any info will be appreciated.


(The citation was taken from "German Speaking People..." page 210.)


Subject: Hahn Family genealogy
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 22:44:23 EST
From: [email protected]

"John Hahn" at the Catawba County Historical Museum? I manage the Yoder reunion at Zion Church 2nd Sunday every August; this year Aug 9. Dr. Gary Freeze who wrote The Catawbans, is our speaker this year. Our president is Rachael Hahn Kennedy, dau of Rev. Clement& Helen Yoder Hahn, who used to preach at the Luth Ch at Hildebran. We have often visited the unique Johannas Hahn grave at Zion. I cant find any Hahn ancestry of my own, wish I could, but still feel our families have been allied for 250 yrs or more. I think we know each other. I married Donna Ritchie who grew up in Colonial Heights. Did you once represent Luth Bro Ins? Give us a call or e-mail anytime!

Ted M. Yoder 294-0054

(I don't know what you're asking. Check the Yoder history and the Eaker books, both on sale at the museum, plus and you'll find Hahns galore! That was Linda Sigmon who worked for LB.)


Subject: Haun
> Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998
From: Terry Haun

Very interesting page. Sounds a lot like my family - but ours is spelled Haun. My Great Grandparents moved from Germany to Russia (Volga River)in about 1760. I am not aware of any Haun's staying in Germany when our family moved to Germany, but I don't know everything about those years. If you have any info please let me know. We Haun's from Idaho/Nebraska are socialable.

Have a great day!!

Terry Haun

Hawn descendents

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998
From: "Rick Hottenstein"


Thanks so much for taking the time to respond with what info you have or can remember.

By the way, it is Dianne, my mother was a Katherine so she called me by my second name. Though that does not expain why she called my youngest sister by her middle name. Everything you have given me will be useful, because it helps me to better understand my ancestors. I'm wishing my grandmother were stil lalive because I know she would have old letters and papers for me to look at. I have the china cabinet she used to keep all those types of things in while she was still living. That was the one thing I truly wanted when they settled her estate, so my husband and I bid on it and I am very lucky to have it because it brings back memories every time I open those drawers.

I'm still digging for more information. I hope to try to see what I can find out about ancestors in Germany. Did not have much luck Sunday with the little bit of time that I had to devote to browsing.

Jacob Honn

Subject: Surname: Honn
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998
From: HBrown7352

I was reading the names and number 67. Jacob Honn JR. is on my Aunt's list as relative of William Henry Honn Born Sept 13, 1838. Do you have anymore info on Jacob Jr and his wife Mary Putoff.

Thank you Holly Brown

[email protected]

(Johan Jacob Hahn b. 1747 had a son Jacob b. 1778; one of his children spelled their name Honn and HIS children continued the practice.)

Joshua Hahn

Subject: Re: Family?
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998
From: "Harold F. Hahn"

It looks as though we're all part of Johannes' family. I'm certain my father had told me, before he died in 1962 when I was 10, that our first Hahn born in America was born in Pensylvania (and I believe that his name was Joshua). In any case I'm a great-grandson of the eldest son, Benjamin, of David Hahn (born in Cape Girardeau, MO, in 1810) and Mary Hubbard ( in KY and daughter of Asa Hubbard from CT).

My grandfather William Jefferson Hahn took his family to Osage Co., OK, shortly after the oil strikes there at the turn of the century. My previous research, now largely lost, had turned up some mention of Joshua having a youngest child David(with no further information given) and Joshua listed as dying prior to 1817. I believe some of the MO information and the various various petitions signed and sent to Washington in protest of the expropriation of their Spanish land grants may indicate a later death than 1807 for Joshua. In any case it appears that our David was living with one of the older Hahns settled in the Illinois River areaofsouthern IL (I believe Joshua, Jr., and one or two other Hahn households were listed in the 1820 census in what is now the Greene Co./Scott Co. area and I believe some were there in a special census I believe was taken in1816). As I recall from research 20yrs. ago at least one of these households was listed a shaving males in the right age range for David. In1828 David started his own homestead in the area. I believe some of the Hahns remained in that area until fairly recent times and in the 80's Ifound phone listings, etc., in the area which I can no longer find today. Most of descendants of our group that went to OK about 1906/7 are scattered across OK and TX to the best of my knowledge. O fmy grandparents 5 children(out of 12? per 1910 Census) who survived childhood 3eventually wound up in Washington, DC/Northern VA, but the 2 that remained in OK ( James and Benjamin) produced a lot more descendants.

(Personal information deleted)Last April Susan and I drove along the Skyline Drive/Blueridge Parkway on our honeymoon and detoured east to Hickory and visited a local library and visited Zion Lutheran Church there and photographed his gravestone.

Harold Hahn

[email protected]

-----Original Message-----

From: L. Setzer
To: [email protected]
Date: Sunday, March 22, 1998
Subject: Family?
Dear Harold,
I was not sure what I was looking for at your web site. I only noticed the name Hahn and was checking to see if there were any clues about your origins.
For two years I have been gathering information about the Hahn family, of which I am a direct descendant. If you would like to see the line, please go to the web page listed below.

Linda Hawn Setzer

Liked the picture

Subject: Hahn family
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998
From: Jim Hahn Organization: Teradyne, Inc. Boston MA

I was playing on the internet after work and found your site. Too bad I couldn't find any of the relatives I know of! I was particularly surprised whenI saw the "shooters of 1900" page because I am a competitive shooter. Keep up the good work!


Hahn family

Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998
From: Ken Hawn

I see that you have some information on the Hahn family from Hickory N.C. I'm wondering if you have information on Johannes Hawn. I believe he was the grandfather of Henry Hawn, who is my ancestor. I would be happy to share any information that I have with you.

Ken Hawn

Henry Hahn

Date: Fri, 8 May 1998
From: GrdnDsgnr9

I am looking for Henry Hahn b: 12 December 1804 in Pennsylvania, married Susanna Trate, b: 10May 1810 and had a son Issac HAHN b: 26 January 1840

Do you have anything on this line?

Susan M. Lindskog

Andrew and Mary Hahn

Subject: Hahn research
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998
From: "Brian Martin"

I'm looking for info on Andrew and Mary Hahn (dates and location unknown).They had a son Richard b. 1827 married Catherine Davis. Their daughter Sarah Ann Hahn married James Madison Ferguson (possibly in Winston Salem N.C.) and they eventually landed in Forest City, Mo. Sound familiar? Boy,I hope so!

Marla Martin
St. Louis, MO

Arthur Hahn

Subject: Surname Hahn
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998

From: [email protected] (MRALBERT B KITTELMAN)

I'm trying to find any information on Arthur M. Hahn who was born in Missouri in 1897. I beleive the Parents are Frank Hahn and Mary (Kaiser) Hahn. This is the only information I have been able to come up with. I'm trying to link these folks to any one in Missouri who may be related. If you can help it would be greatly appreicated, Thank you.

Albert B. Kittelman
[email protected]

George and Verna Mae Hawn

Subject: Hahn
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998
From: "Craig Smith"

I have met George & Verna Mae (Hawn). I have been to their house in Mount Pleasant NC.He has a lot of information on the Hahn family. He is related to me through William Smith and Christina Barnhart. Would you happen to have any information on William "Billy" Smith and wife Christina Barnhart. I would appreciate it very much.

My database is online at the address listed at the bottom of this email. Once at the site, click on the genealogy tab and scroll down to the family ties database. It is searchable.

Ancestors of George Franklin Hahn /--
Atlas Eugene Hahn b. 13 MAY 1879 d. 25SEP 1948
George Franklin Hahn b. 15 MAR 1916
| /--Milton Filmore Hartsell b. 25 DEC 1867 d. 25 OCT 1947 \--Elizabeth TabithaHartsell b. 1 SEP 1888
d. 4 OCT 1951 | /--Issac Rowland | /--Thomas Hampton Rowland b. 18 MAR 1845 d.27 DEC 1884
| | | /--William Smith b. ABT 1767 d. 25 APR 1851
| | \--Eleanor Smith b. 1 NOV 1810 d. 30 DEC 1884
| | \--Christina Barnhart b. 25 OCT 1773 d. 21 JAN 1842
= \--Minnie Rosetta Rowland b. 24 JUN 1871 d. 2 JUL 1891
| /--Elias B. Huneycutt b. 31 AUG 1787 d. 1856
= | /--Andrew Huneycutt b. 1 JAN 1809 d. 29 MAY 1903
| | \--Leah Stowe b. ABT 1792 d. BEF 1 SEP 1857
= \--Tabitha Johanna Huneycutt b. 25 MAR 1850 d. 11 AUG 1930
\--Mary Ann Crayton b. 22 AUG 1808 d. 16 JUL 1887
Thank you,

Craig Smith

Have a Great Day :)
City Athletics
Coastal Centre
1610 P Church St.
Conway, SC 29526

(I have not found a link between this family and my Johannes Hahn line. LHS)

Susannah Hahn

Subject: Re: Hahn
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997
From: [email protected] (MSDEBORAH I HARRISON)
-- [ From: Deborah Harrison * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Linda


My Hahns are such a mess, you wouldn't want them. The only thing I can state absolutely certain is that my gr gr grandmother was Susannah Hahn b.11-10-1845, probably Perry Co., MO. Her parents have been given as Solomon Hahn b. abt. 1815, supposedly the son of Abraham Hahn and Barbara Wise, and Mary Polly Bollinger, but this has been disputed. I'm sure you know how "family tales" go, and it has been said that Sarah and her siblings were the children of Mary Bollinger and John Hahn b.6-24-1794, s/o Joshua Hahn and brother to the above Abraham Hahn. From Abraham and Barbara's bible we see the births of their children, and on 6-6-1817 they had a son, ABSOLOM. Now, this is first and only mention I have ever come across for a son by this name. We know there WAS a Solomon Hahn b. abt. 1815 living in Perry Co. MO, Cinnque HommeTwp.H.H. #301 with wife Mary and children Abraham, Andrew, SUSANNAH, and Henry ,collectively known as my grgr grandmother's family. Living next door in #302 is Adam J. Bollinger and wife Sarah, nee Hahn, the daughter of Abraham and Barbara(Wise) Hahn. Living at #305 is Abraham and Barbara Hahn with three children, Catharine, Rachel, and Abraham. Solomon Hahn died about 1855 and there are no death records in Perry Co. that early. No probate, etc., nothing.

Could Absolom Hahn, son of Abraham and Barbara be one in the same as SOLOMON Hahn??? Your guess is as good as mine, but the Solomon who appears with my gggrandmother in 1850 was indeed a real, living person ,and had a very close relationship with Abraham Hahn. The story about John Hahn being the actual father is taken very seriously by some folks. Personally, with 14 children of his own with wife Elizabeth Bollinger,I don't see where he had much spare time.Stories of his sexual prowess have circulated for years, and he has become somewhat a legend(GR). Bu tif my gg grandmother and her 5 siblings were illegitimate, then who is the Solomon Hahn living with them in 1850??

I'll bet I've thoroughly confused you here!


Betty Hawn/Martin Huffman

Subject: Re: Hahn
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998

My relative Martin Huffman Jr. born 1777 married a Betty Hawn in NC about 1802 they are both buried in the Huffman/Seabock cemetery Catawba Co. NC. I am trying to compile as much information as I can on the whole family and found that someone was researching Hawns so I thought I would see if you had any. I have never been able to get any information on this Hawn Family. You have a great web site and it is easy to use. I'll Keep checking.

DON Huffman
[email protected]

(The Catawba County Genealogical Society published a list of local cemeteries. There is no Huffman/Seabock listed.)

George Franklin Hawn

Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998
From: Carrie Hunnicutt


I saw your web page about the Hahn family that mentioned George Franklin Hahn.I know this is a stretch, but I was wondering if you were in contact with him and/or his family?

I ask because I'm trying to hunt down a book he wrote called "Some Descendants of Andrew Huneycutt, 1809, son of Eli B." (1993edition, not 1977). I've seen an earlier edition of his work on this name and I think there might be a link between his family and mine. The only places I've found that have the book, however, are the Library of Congress and the National Genealogical Society. (I've tried Interlibrary loans and calling the local libraries around Mt. Pleasant, which is where the book was published.) I'm actually going to be in NC (Charlotte area) on the 16th and17th of June and was hoping to possibly find more information while I'm there. If you know of any way I can get my hands on this book, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Please respond before June 11, if possible, because that's when I leave for my trip. Thanks in advance for any help.

Carrie Hunnicutt-Marketing CommunicationsCompuCom Systems, Inc.
7171 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230
ph. 972-856-5794, fax 972-856-5231

Lucinda Hahn & Abner Womack

Subject: Re: Lucinda Hahn & Abner Womack
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998

I have very little information on Abner & Lucinda Womack's children. Here's all the information that I have:

Abnor Womack, born 1850 in AL, died 1850 AL
John William Womack, born 1852 in AL, died November 1928 in St. FrancoisCounty,MO
Sarah L. Womack, born 1856
Christian Levi Womack, born 1860, died 12-25-1939 in Mich. married ?. His children: Jacob, Lelia, Wilbur.
I hope this helps.
Nelson Womack
[email protected]
(Sharon Payne Perdue ([email protected]) has information on the Womacks. Womack information is in the web page for Johann Jacob Hahn 1767.)

Solomon Hahn

Subject: HAHN
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998
From: diana

I found your HAHN lineage on Kindred Konnections. I am working on Solomon Hahn of Yount, Perry Co., Mo. who married Polly Bollinger. Their dtr Susanna Hahn (1845 to 1922) Perry County, Mo. married James Polk Lee. Their dtr Sophia Ellen Lee married William Hansford Bess and she is buried at Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., Mo. Their son Joda William Bess (1908 to 1968) married Mary Margaret Smith .Jodais buried at poplar Bluff, Mo. I think your Solomon is the one I am chasing. Can you help?



Subject: Hahn/Houn/Honn
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998
From: "Lynda Farley"

I am searching for information on the above surname variations and curious if you have anything in your database that would point me in the right direction. I don't have much to go on, but this is it: Emma E. HOUN, born IN - Sept 24, 1849: died 8/28/1900 in Hoopeston, Vermilion Co, IL married Joseph R. GREEN who was born IN- 7/15/1843 died Nov 15, 1910 in Hoopeston, Vermilion Co, IL Thanks for looking!



Subject: Henry Hahn marriage
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998
From: Marriages--Illinoisto 1850 from
Illinois Calhoun County

Hahn, Henry married Silkwood, Patsy on 14 Jan 1836 in Calhoun County, Illinois

Thought this might be of interest to you. I am a desentant of William J. son of Henry Hahn. William J. and family except for one dau and son died in measle out break. His dau was my Great grandmother. Mickey Woods

Robert Hahn

Subject: Hahn Family
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998
From: [email protected]

I am looking for info on my gr grandparents. Robert Hahn a German School Master, Married Capatola Snyder, They lived at Evanston Ia, Granger Ia, and Napier Ia.

They Both are baried in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the city cemetary, Robert died in 1928 and Capatola died in 1930. we understood that Capitola isCherokeeIndian, She is the daughter of William Snyder & SERENA MEADOWS. If you have any info on my gr grandparents Email me at [email protected]

Charles Osborne


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998
From: "james a. gloth"

I am interested in the Hahn family as my grandmother's maiden name was Hahn. She married George William Gloth and they lived near Whitewater, Mo.My grandmother's name was Emma Hahn. The attachment I am sending you was given to me by Larry Hahn, son of Lester Hahn. The Emma Hahn listed in attachment should be my grand-mother, but the birth date is not right. My grandmother was born 7-3-1881 and died4-2-1964. If you have any information that would help meI would love to hear from you.

James A. Gloth
Chaffee, Mo.63740
E-MAIL--- [email protected]

Johannes Hahn

Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998
From: John and Nedra Bohannon

Found your pages on the internet tonight. I'm part of the Hahn Family

Johannes Hahn m. to Unknown
Unknown Hahn 1765 m. to unknown
John Hahn m. Elizabeth Bollinger
Joseph I. (Israel) Hahn 1825-1857 m. Mary (Polly) Reagan 1825-1886
John Jasper Hahn 1848-1941 m. Joanna Gadberry 1854-1947
Nellie Hahn 1883-1970 m. James Hall Stout 1878-1922
Nellie Nedra Stout 1914-1993 m. Roy M. Matter 1912-1974
Nedra Matter 1939 m. John Bohannon 1935

If you can fill in any of the unknowns I would greatly appreciate it. My great grandfather John Jasper was the oldest living Civil War Veteranin Missouri and given afull military funeral. I have much documented on the family. My son has been in contact for a year or so with a lady in SE Missouri(don't know her name) and we have supplied her with pictures of John Jasper and family to be used in a book that is to be published soon on the family.

Everett Ray Hawn

Subject: Hawn family
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998
From: [email protected] (Wayne Hawn)

Dear Linda:

My name is Everett Wayne Hawn, I live in Wakarusa, Indiana, I am the youngest son of Everett Ray Hawn. My grandfather was Peter Hawn, he was born in Washington Co. Indiana and I believe was the son of a Cornelious Hawn. My brother in law, Charlie Wilham has done a great deal of research on the Hawn family and has come across the name of Conrad and John Hawn as being my ancestors. I would be interested in talking with you and would also be interested in finding if there is a connection between our families. You may contact me at [email protected] By the way I go by my middle name when you correspond with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wayne Hawn

Are you related to or aware of the research done by George Hahn in Mt Pleasant, NC?

George Hahn

Subject: Re: Culpepper Bivens
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998
From: [email protected] t (cynthiaporcher)

His wife is the Culpepper Bivens connection, and he has done some extensive work on both families. We are sharing info and l plan to vist there next month.Cynthia

(I have not found a link between the two families. LHS)

Culpepper Bivens

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998
From: LHS
To: cynthia porcher

From Cynthia: I ran across your name while researching the NC Bivens family. I would love to share/compare info on this family and connecting lines. Cynthia Cynthia--sorry, my research is on the Hahn family. Don't know anything about Bivens. Weren't they in Rowan or Cabarrus County? If so, I would love to connect that set of Hahns to my own. Please see my web page. Look under Henry Hahn, which is disconnected from the rest of the family.

Andrew Hon

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998
From: [email protected]

Hi Linda :Milly Hunt gave me the majority of her Hon/Honn/Hawn/Haun/Hahn family generalogical materials, including your wonderful family history. Unfortunately, Milly's Macular degeration has progressed to the point she cannot continue her research. She has so much material over her 35 plus year collection, it's impossible for me to cover all of it in one volume.

I am Marilyn Westlund McCarthy, a third cousin to Albert Hunt, Milly's husband. We descend from Andrew Hon and Sarah Hoke Hon, Albert's second greatgrandfather and my second great grandmother being brother and sister.

Andrew Hon's parents were Jacob Hon/Honn and Mary A. Lawrence. I'm compiling a publication mainly based on the descendants of Andrew Hon and Sarah Hoke Hon at this point but plan to cover Andrew's ancestors at a later date. I am very interested in your Hahn Family history and your huge amount of research is most impressive.

I'm trying to further prove parentage of Jacob Hon & Mary Lawrence who died in Owen County, Indiana. It occurred to me that you may have come across more information since your publication was finished? I'd be most interested is you would share with me anything you might have in connection with Jacob Hon and Mary Lawrence. Of course, I'm happy to share any of my materials with you.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.


(Your Andrew Hon's parents were descended from Johannes Hahn, who is featured in these pages.)

Herbert Hadley

Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998
From: "joseph hahn"

my name is Joseph Kent Hahn ([email protected])and i live in St. Louis, MO. Enjoyed reading about my great great great great grandfather on web. Thanks for posting it. My father was Herbert hadley who married maude grindstaff, my grandfather henry august who married emily steakley, my great grandfather was marion who married louisa welker, my g-g grandfather was john who married eliz bollinger, my g-g-g grandfather was joshua who married eliz hunccle, the son of Johannes and agnes hahn. I have a partial copy of WP Hahns history. I would appreciate any info on the johannes, ie. why he left germany? who was his father and family in germany? how did he serve in rev war? where did they live in PA? any idea as to the origins of name hahn other than it is rooster in deutsch?

my father was born in Bollinger County, MO and migrated to St. Louis. I still have one aunt living, aunt annie, in sedgewickville mo. i believe she is 93. i look forward to hearing from you. (

From the Middle High German "han" or "hane" meaning cock or rooster, Hahn was originally a nickname for a proud, cocky individual. LHS)


Subject: HAHN-HONN
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998
From: "Lynda Farley"

Well, hello 'cuz! Greetings from Texas! We most definitely have a link!!

I am a descendant of:

Ernest Dow GREEN b: 1876 son of:
Joseph R. GREEN b: 1843 and Emma E. HONN b: 1849 in IN dtr of: Jacob HONN, Jr. b: 1812 in MO and Mary A. Putoff (BOTTORFF) b: 1815in KY son of: Jacob HONN b: ca 1776 in NC and Mary Lawrence b: 1787 in NC etc. etc.

Ernest Dow GREEN was my grandfather, the father of my mother. My records indicate that Jacob HONN, Jr. was a Methodist minister, but I'm starting to wonder if I have gotten the two Jacob's mixed up. I'm not real sure on that point.

Anyway, very excited to find your webpage and was most anxious to say hi to a new cousin!!

[email protected]

Missouri Hahns

Subject: Hawn's of Ste. Genevieve County
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998
From: "Ron Hawn"

Linda, I've enjoy your work on the Hawn Family. I know my father will get akick out of the data. He is 82 years young and remembers talk about some of these family members from his father (Ressie) and grandfather(Jefferson). Their graves are in St. Genevieve County, in the Chestnut Ridge Baptist Cemetery on HY 32, near the St. Francis County line. If I get any data that might be of interest, I'll hit you on the WEB.

Again, thank you for your fine work, R

on Hawn
Folsom, Ca.

Samuel Hahn

Subject: Samuel Hahn`
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998
From: "Dale L. Hawn"

From the information I have read on the Hahn names, and the e-mail invitation, I am writing about information about my ancester Samuel Hahn. This is the information I have on Samuel. Born 1810
Died 1900
married 1837 to Sarah (possibly Cooper)
lived in Carroll county Md until 1840
lived in Randolph county Indiana 1840-1853
lived in Henry county Iowa 1853 till death.
children 2 sons - 4 daughters

I would like to verify Samuel's wifes maiden name; also who his parents were, siblings if any, place of birth,and any other information that would help me to know more about him.

I am on a fishing expidition. If you are not the person who may help m ewit this request, you may direct me to someone who can.

Much thanks

Dale L. Hawn

(Someone else wrote about a Samuel Hawn a few months ago (2009). Check page 14 or 15. LHS)

William Leonard Hawn

Subject: Hawn
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998
From: "Hawn, Jeremy"

Hi, I am currently researching my great grandfathers parents. I haveyet toget there names, but only there birth places, KS.his name is William Leonard Hawn. He was born in Lancaster KS (Atchison county). 1883. I got some of the information from the 1910 census.

If you can help me, or lead me in the right direction please do so.

Jeremy Hawn.

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