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 Johannes Hahn: background
History Lessons:
 Donation of Johannes' Bible
 St. Paul Lutheran Church, Newton, NC
 Zion Lutheran Church, Hickory, NC
 Furor over a baptism
 Hawn marriages in Catawba County, NC
 Hawn burials in Catawba County
This 'n' That:
 Hahn coat of arms
  Historian Yoder's view
 George M. Yoder, historian
 Palatines to America
 About Catawba County
 Bollinger leads migration
 Memories of Hahn Chapel
 Memories of Cape Girardeau
 Letters from visitors (16 pages)
 Photos of some Hawns

Here are some photos in Linda's family.

Phillip Hawn Harvey Oscar Hawn Hoke Baird Hahn Lavina Hawn Augustus & Susan Hawn Blanche Hawn Abel Quincy Hawn
Phillip Hawn Harvey Hawn Hoke Baird Hawn Lavina Hawn Augustus & Susan Hawn Blanche Hawn Abel Quncy Hawn
Mamie Bost Hawn and children Andrew Hawn family Guyand Vesta Cline
Mamie Bost Hawn and children: front, Claude and Guy; rear, Nannie, Nettie, Mary Sue, Zelda and Blanch. Early 1930s. Samuel Hawn family. Guy and Vesta Hawn
Walter and Rosalie Hawn A.Q.Hawn home Claude Hawn Oliver Darius Hawn family
Walter and Rosalie Hawn Abel Quincy Hawn home Claude Hawn Front, Allie Hawn Glenn; center, Lela Bost Hawn; rear, O. D. Hawn Jr., Oliver Darius Hawn, and Phil Hawn. About 1940.
Oliver and Lela Hawn with grandchildren Perry Pinkney Hawn A.Q.Hawn family
Oliver Darius and Lela Bost Hawn with grandchildren; in front, Neil Glenn, in arms Hoke Baird Hawn, baby Rick Hawn, on car Linda Hawn (now Setzer). Perry Pinkney Hawn A. Q. Hawn family
Christian Hawn George W. Hahn Calvin Hahn Elisha L. Hahn Prof. G. W. Hahn
Christian Hawn Civil War, 1811-1908 George W. Hahn Civil War, 1842-1917 Calvin Hahn, Civil War, 1847-? Elisha Hahn, Civil War, 1840-1921 Prof. G. W. Hahn, author The Caawba Soldier in the Civil War
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