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Col. G. M. Y oder

George Yoder

George M. Yoder was born Aug. 3, 126. His mother died when he was six years old. "He received a pretty fair education in the old fashioned school of his day and time," writes Prof. George W. Hahn in The Catawba Soldier in the Civil War.

A farmer, he volunteered in October 1862 for the Confederate side and became a private in Co. F 38th Regiment. He went to Camp Mangum in Raleigh. jis company had volunteered for six months but before that time was up, Congress passed an act to reorganize the army with a sonscript act attached. After a few months, Yoder was elected to second lieutenant.

"They left Camp Mangum, their winter quarters, and were ordered to Weldon to guard the railroad bridge; then to Goldsboro where the army was reorganize[d]," writes Prof. Hahn.

He was back home in April 1863 and was soon elected captain of the Home Guard of the Militia of North Carolina, which he held until the war ended.

After the war he was again chosen magistrate to organize the county and was also again chosen to the County Court. In 1866 the Congress repealed the law that allowed his offices but in 1876, when the Democrats took control of the Senate, he was atain made magistrate, which remained until 1890. In that year he assisted with the census and also became the coroner.

In 1890 the colonel retired from public life, except for writing family historical sketches for old settlers. "His life has been a temperate one, indeed, as he neither chews, smokes, drinks-drinking neither coffee, whiskey, milk or eats butter," writes Prof. Hahn. "He is now in his 85th year and is a spsrightly old gentleman, loving an innocent joke as well as the younger people. He has spent his life on the farm, which he owns on the South Fork River."

From The Catawba Soldier of the Civil War by Prof. G. W. Hahn

Col. Yoder was married twice, first to Rebecca Herman and second to Eliza Yoder. He died March 16. 1920.

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