Allen County, Ohio Men in the Civil War

Allen county, ohio men in the civil war

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Public Square, Lima, Ohio, during the Civil War--1865

I was fortunate to obtain a reproduction of an atlas of Allen County, Ohio, from 1880. Tucked in the back was a list of both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers from Allen County that served in the Civil War. As I thumbed through the list, I found my great-great grandfather's name! I had no idea that any of my ancestors fought in the Civil War. I looked more closely at the list and found other relatives as well.

I decided to reproduce the lists here in a similiar format, since there may be other researchers who could find it useful. I have broken down the lists as follows:

Please note--I do not have any further information on the individual men in these lists. If you find one of your relatives, your best bet is to contact the National Archives--they have extensive records relating to soliders (including military and pension records). For more information on individual regiments, see Ohio in the Civil War.

Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers AND pRIVATES

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Additional soldiers from Allen county, Ohio

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Company A, 81st O.V.I. (Morton's Independent Rifle Regiment) - Re-enacting unit

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