Lincoln County Death Records

1886 to 1989


The city of Lincoln began recording deaths in 1886. The information was usually supplied by a doctor. The information about the deceased was recorded, by longhand, in several large books, which are still kept at City Hall in Lincoln. Among the information given CAN BE name, race, single/married, place of birth, cause of death, duration of disease, duration of complicaiton, name of physician, sex, date of death, nationality, place of death, place of burial. However, there is no guarantee that all or even any of this information was filled in. Some records are sketchy, some records were filled in completely.

 Because of the size of the books, the death records cannot be Xeroxed. However, the kind workers in the city offices will type out the information upon request. To request a death record, send:

 1. The name of the deceased

2. The book and page number given below

3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope

4. A donation of at least $1 per request (cash or check made out to City of Lincoln)

5. Mail to City Hall, 153 W. Lincoln, Lincoln, KS 67455

 Limit your requests to no more than five at a time, please. This is an office with two workers who handle all the city business. They were kind enough to provide us with the birth and death indexes on this website. They are under no obligation to provide this service and it only takes one inconsiderate person to spoil it for everyone. So please, follow the instructions, be effusive in your thanks and donít forget the donation. 


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