Saline Valley Band #1
This photo of the Saline Valley Bank was taken in front of Ernst Ferdinand Erhardt's home built in 1880. The photo is undated, probably circa 1890.
Back row: Herman Achterberg, Jim Finch, Ernest Lohmann, Ernest Obermueller, William Bohling, Fred Mittendorf, Mr. Finch.
Second row: Ernest Lebien, John Bosch, Frank Erhardt, Frank Lebien, Charles Lohmann, Earney Hamond.
Seated: Henry Obermueller and Jim Broker.
For more information about the Saline Valley Band, click here.
Photo courtesy of Victor Suelter and Clarence Suelter.

Saline Valley Band #2
This photo of the Saline Valley Band was taken July 18, 1920.
Photo courtesy of Clarence Suelter, Victor Suelter and Esther Kroening Suelter.

Sheriff Art Rose
Art Rose, a sheriff in Lincoln from 1922-1926, is shown with what looks like the product of a raid on an illegal still or liquor making of some kind. Rose is in the middle, his son Alec Rose is on the right. The man on the left is unidentified.
Photo courtesy of Beverlee Tague, granddaughter of Art Rose

J.J. Peate
J.J. Peate was an early Lincoln County settler and a former scout and played an integral part in the Battle of the Arickaree. More on Mr. Peate's life can be found here. Photo courtesy of the Lincoln County Historical Society

Sarah Allen
Sarah E. (Randall) Allen and her husband, Harlan G. Allen, were the owners of the Windsor Hotel, which played a role in Lincoln's social scene for many years. Mr. Allen died in 1899 and Mrs. Allen continued to run the hotel for many years. She passed away in 1924 and is buried in Lincoln Cemetery.
Photo from the collection of Haddie Brockett King.

Surprise Party for Dr. Hultner
In 1913, Lincoln County businessmen held a surprise party at the Tom Brann home for Dr. Hultner. A photo of the night survives, and an article about the night has been found as well. The partygoers are identified as follows:

Tom Nimmons, Thad Trump, S.C. Wolford, Tom Brann Sr., John McCurdy, Winslow Cipra, Tom Thompson, Ralph Bishop, Dr. Meridith [sic], Roy Lovitt, Dr. Kerr, Chris Munch.
Mr. Bower, Frank Labrin, Emil Rasmussen, Joe Jackson, McCurdy, Bob Crawford, Joe Cuddy, A.L. Shire, Fred Herman, Tom Brann Jr.
John Whalen, George Lyons, Dr. Hultner, Fred Roseworm [sic], L. Minx, Abe Marshall, Joe Shillinger [sic].

Family (Stites?) with Horses
This is a postcard I picked up on eBay. On the front are three horses (or mules; hard to tell from the photo) and three children with them. The postcard was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Stites in Natoma, Osborne County, KS, and was mailed in 1911. The card was written from Lincoln, Kan., and the sender signed his or her name as Sol or possibly Sal. I've also scanned the back of the card.

Workers Building a House (Mannen?)
This is a postcard I picked up on eBay. It shows workers building a rather large house. It was sent fron Lincoln, Kan., in 1914 to I.A. (?) Mannen in Eagleville, Mo., and it reads: "Freddy is at Vesper won't be home before Sun. Said tell you to look for one from him written Sun. next. M.B.M."I've also scanned the back of the card.