Descendents of Johann Paul Traub

First Generation:
Johann Paul Traub, b. 1725 in Germany, d. 29 September 1786, Millerstown, Pennsylvania, m. Mary (Dierdorf)?, d. Millerstown, Pennsylvania

Johann Paul Troup was born in Germany. He settled in York County and his descendents traveled north to Cumberland and into Perry County.

Second Generation:
Henry Troup, d. bef. 4 January 1826, buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Millerstown, Pennsylvania, m. Catharine Bower, d. between 1810 and 1822, buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Millerstown, Pennsylvania
Peter Troup, no known information
John Troup, no known information
Paul Troup, no known information
Robert Troup, no known information
Philip Troup, no known information

Third Generation:
Hannah Troup, m. Abraham Rider
Sarah Troup, had one child
John Troup, b. 27 August 1775, d. abt 1851
Peter Troup, b. January 1777, d. abt. 1847, m. Julianna Gardner, b. 5 September 1798, d. 19 May 1865, Ten known children of this marriage
Catherine Troup, b. 4 November 1779, m. Mr. Franks
Philip Troup, b. 28 October 1789, d. before 1827, Juniata Twp, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Mary Wolf, b. 29 October 1798, d. 16 November 1873, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania - Six known children of this marriage

Fourth Generation:
Child of Sarah Troup

John Troup, no known information

Children of Peter Troup and Juliana Gardner

Henry Troup, d. bef. 1849
Margaret Troup, d. bef. 1849, m. John Boar
Susanna Troup, m. Henry Reamer
Catherine Troup, d. bef. 1849, m. Jacob Road
Polly Troup, m. John Sellers
Lydia Troup, m. John Deardorf, b. 17 February 1816, d. 11 July 1888
Abraham Troup, b. 1799-1800, d. Aft. 1849, m. Anne Unknown, b. 10 May 1807, d. 14 August 1852
John Troup, b. 10 December 1804, d. 25 May 1856, m. Mary R., b. 14 August 1803, d. 30 January 1854
Hannah Troup, b. 22 August 1810, d. 19 January 1857, m. Adam Smith, b. 3 April 1805, d. 23 February 1859
Peter Troup, b. 16 March 1815, d. 19 July 1874, m. Mary E., b. 20 May 1817, d. 27 September 1882

Children of Philip Troup and Mary Wolf

Mary Troup, d. before 1849
Peter Troup, d. before 1849
Henry Troup, b. 31 July 1812, d. 6 March 1885, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Elizabeth Reed, b. 25 April 1808, d. 21 August 1887, - one known child of this marriage
Lewis Troup, b. 23 August 1814, d. 22 March 1862, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Sarah Jane Jones, b. 3 January 1820, d. 23 August 1902, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvnia
Ann Eliza Troup, b. 23 March 1816, Oliver Twp, Perry County, Pennsylvania, d. 24 May 1864, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Philip Ziegler, Sr., b. 27 December 1806, Adams County, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, d. 27 September 1871, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, - Six known children from this marriage
Julian Troup, m. 12 February 1840 to Jacob Bender

See Ziegler Family page for further descendents.

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Information for this page was obtained from:

Family letters dated turn of the century in my possession
Information in file at Perry Historians
Other descendents of Johann Paul Traub
Newspaper article from Newport News, dated 30 September 1871 on death of Philip Ziegler
Copies of various wills and deeds in my file
Burial records at Newport Cemetery

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