Wolf Genealogy

Descendents of Hans Peter Wolf

First Generation:
Hans Peter Wolf, b. Ratzweiler, Germany, m. Susannah Unknown

Second Generation
Hans Peter Wolf, b. Germany, m. 13 February 1709/10 to Anna Catherine Mohr, one known child from this marriage
John Jacob Wolf, baptised Ulmet Reformed Church, Ronnenberg, Germany, m. Anna Barbara Orth, baptised Wvertt, Neckarkries, Germany

Third Generation

Child of Anna Catherine and Hans Peter Wolf

Jacob Wolf, b. 28 January 1719/20

Child of Anna Barbara and John Jacob Wolf

Johann Peter Wolf, baptised 1 November 1720, Ronnenberg, Germany, d. abt. 1770, m. abt 1745/1746 Maria Agnes Smith, b. 1729, Germany

Fourth Generation:
Peter Wolf, b. 14 May 1757, York County, Pennsylvania d. September, 1838, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. 9 July 1780, York County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Grove, 29 November 1759, Sharpsburg, Washington County, Maryland, d. before 1850, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania
Jacob Wolf, no known information
George Wolf, no known information
Andrew Wolf, no known information
Charlotte Wolf, no known information
Catherine Wolf, m. Peter Shriver
Craydle (Margaret) Wolf, m. Moritz Hartman

Fifth Generation:
Catherine Wolf, b. 23 December 1780
Jacob Wolf, 31 January 1783, near Little York, Pennsylvania, m. Unknown - Six known children of this marriage
John (Henry) Wolf, b. 27 January 1785
Peter Wolf, b. 1786, York County, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Wolf, b. 14 June 1787
Jacob Wolf, b. 1788, York County, Pennsylvania
Peter Wolf, b. 8 March 1789
Mary Wolf, b. 29 October 1789, d. 16 November 1873, m. (1st)Philip Troup, b. 28 October 1789, d. bef. 1827, Juniata Twp, Perry County, Pennsylvania, - Six known children from this marriage (2nd) Daniel Lemon, buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania
Margaret Wolf, b. 2 December 1790
Daniel Wolf, b. 14 January 1799
Sara Wolf, b. 22 September 1801, d. Indiana, m. Henry Bloomfield Shull, b. 19 March 1789, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, d. Indiana - One known child from this marriage
Julian Wolf, 25 March 1804, Pfouts Valley, Perry County, Pennsylvania, d. 17 September 1832, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. George Keeley, d. 11 July 1870, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania

Sixth Generation:
Children of Jacob Wolf

Jesse Wolf, no known information
John Wolf, no known information
Henry Wolf, no known information
Jacob G. Wolf, one known child from a marriage

Children of Mary Wolf and Philip Troup

Mary Troup, d. before 1849
Peter Troup, d. before 1849
Henry Troup, b. 31 July 1812, d. 6 March 1885, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Elizabeth Reed, b. 25 April 1808, d. 21 August 1887, - one known child of this marriage
Lewis Troup, b. 23 August 1814, d. 22 March 1862, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Sarah Jane Jones, b. 3 January 1820, d. 23 August 1902, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvnia
Ann Eliza Troup, b. 23 March 1816, Oliver Twp, Perry County, Pennsylvania, d. 24 May 1864, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. Philip Ziegler, Sr., b. 27 December 1806, Adams County, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, d. 27 September 1871, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, - Six known children from this marriage
Julian Troup, m. 12 February 1840 to Jacob Bender

Child of Sarah Wolf and Henry Bloomfield Shull

William T. Shull, no known information

Seventh Generation:

Child of Jacob G. Wolf

William R. Wolf, lived in Indiana

See Troup Family page for further descendents.

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Information for this page was obtained from:

Wolf Family Association, Ray Wolfe - for more information, contact me
Family letters dated turn of the century in my possession
Information in file at Perry Historians
Information in file at York County Historical Society
Copies of various wills and deeds in my file
Cemetery Records of Millerstown Cemetery

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