Brigh Presbyterian Church
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Brigh Presbyterian Church is in the parish of Ballyclog, in the Poor Union of Cookstown. It is in eastern Tyrone. It is situated between Stewartstown and Coagh on the B160.

In the 19th Centuary some of my ancestors worshiped here.

Brigh Presbyterian Church was constructed in 1781, and then repaired in 1834. It is situated in Parish of Ballyclog (in Irish Bally=town(land), Clog=bell). It consists of 23 townlands, and is 4704 acres, or about 7 sq. miles in size. The Glebe (church) school was supported by the Erasmus Smith Charity, for 120 pupils in 1834. My relations, John,Wiiliam H, and Samuel Greer probably attended this school.

Rev Dr James Denham, who was born in 1802, preached in Brigh between 1826-1837, retired in 1868, and died 18th Dec 1871. (His father the Rev Joseph Denham died in 1834, and preached at Killyshaddy over the border.)

Below is a photo of the church taken in August 1999.

This photo was taken from the church showing the view in the direction that my ancestors would have lived, towards the North East.

The relatives that were associated with this church are:

James Fleming married Elizabeth Greer in 1837

Nancy Ann Greer baptised in 1842

Other unrelated families associated with Brigh
Beattie Bell Brown Carson Dallas
Dunn Faulkner Ferguson Graham Hamilton
Harkness Henderson Henry Lorimer McCord
McKay Marshall Millar Murphy Park
Robson Stewart Walker White Wright

One page of Baptism Records
ID Date of Baptism Name Father Parish Date of Birth
153 March 17th 1842 Thomas son to William Faulkner of Killoon Parish of Ballyclog Born: November 17th 1841
154 March 31st 1842 Mary Ann daughter to Joseph Walker of Tamlaghmore Parish of Arboe Born: Nov 10th 1841
155 March 31st 1842 Isabella? daughter to William Brown of Tamlaghmore Parish of Arboe Born: Octover 10th 18??
156 April 7th 1842 Nancy Ann daughter to John Greer of Tullyconnell Parish of Dohaghenry Born: December 20th 1841
157 April 3rd 1842 William H???? son to Bol??t Bell of Drumard Parish of Arboe Born: February 21st 1842
158 April 3rd 1842 Mary daughter to Joseph Graham of Ardtrea?? House Parish of Ardtrea Born: March 15th 1842
159 April 14th 1842 Ellen daughter to John Ferguson Go??? of Legmum
and Amy Ferguson formerly Holmes
Parish of Ballyclog Born: October 31st 1841
160 April 21st 1842 John son to Hugh Beattie of Linnyglass Parish of Ballyclog Born: March 10th 1842
161 May first day 1841 May Jane daughter to Fergus Ferguson of Knockanroe Parish of Ardtrea Born: Feb 17th 1842

The townlands mentioned above are shown in relation to each other
The Parishes mentioned above are shown in relationship with each other, however Tullyconnell is actually in Ballyclog parish, perhaps it wasn't then.

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