John Greer's Obituary

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John Greer's Obituary

Died-October 22nd 1896 at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. T. Howell, Mr. John Greer, aged 86 years, 10 months and 12 days and was buried at the Richland Cemetery on October 23rd. The funeral was preached by Rev. Calfee.

He leaves five children to mourn their loss, one which is a half sister to those living here, Mr. Greer has only one relative living, a brother living in Ohio. Mr. Greer was born in Tyrone county Ireland. He moved to this county several years ago, settling in Ohio, living there about 8 years, moving to Nebraska sixteen years ago. Mr. Greer professed religion when he was quite young joining the Presbyterian church and has been a faithful christian ever since. The last conversation he held with anyone he was asked if he was afraid to die, he said no and was asked if he was ready to die he said yes I am prepared.

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