Letter from David to William Greer

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Dec 22nd 1867 (3 cents)

Mr William Greer
West Grunville December 22/57

Dear William

I was glad to hear from you and hope for the time coming to keep up a regular correspondence with you. I was fully intent on visiting you in September when I made a tour through some of the Eastern States but was obliged to alter my arrangements. I called upon Samuel and found he was confined to a bed of languishing from an attack of Typhoid fever but in a way of convalescence. I hope this dispensation has been sanctified in the promotion of his souls health and in bringing before his mind what should be the great object of life. I was sorry to learn that he had no connections with any church an that his ?viepossession was in favour of the Episcopal. In days of health and prosperity men may imagine that Religion is a matter of secondary importance, and continue to live after a manner without God, but when the circumstances are reversed, they will find that nothing this earth can give will console and satisfy them. I presume for one preparing in worldly matters and I hope you are recognising the claims of God, and giving him that hour and glory to which he is justly entitled. God in his Providence has been kind to you and his goodness should lead you to serve him and to be active and useful.

Have you connected yourself with any church. When I reflect upon your antecedents and call to mind what I have heard of thei r history. I hope that if you have not yet "given yourself to the Lord" you will do so forthwith and henceforth be a light and example, a blessing to the community in which you live. As the present year will soon be among the things that were what more befitting exercise than with an opening year to dedicate ourselves to that Almighty Being who has preserved us and "whose presence is life". Believe me the great end of this life should be to prepare for a better, and that the only real happiness commensurate with the desires and wants of a Being who is destined to live for ever, arises from "a knowledge of the true God and Jesus Christ".

"O Trust and see that the Lord is good"

Give my kind remembrance to your wife and say that it would give me great joy that you "are walking in the truth" and living to-gether "as heirs of God and training up the children which God has graciously given you in the NOture and admonition of the Lord". It may be that I will pay you a visit during the winter. I send you a Canadian paper in which you will see that Thomas Macona(h/l)y formerly of Cookstown is a candidate and like a successful one for Representative of one of the Countries in Upper Canada. In the meantime hoping to hear from you soon and with best wishes for your temporal and eternal welfare.

I am Dear William

Your sincere and affectionate cousin

David Greer

To Mr W. Greer