Letter from George Greer to his mother

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Letter from George Greer to his mother Letitia Greer

9th Nov 1916


Reply to Company A - Bat. 157th Regt.

Nov 9th 1916

Stationed at Bramshott, Hants Eng

Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know I got parcel this morning I was surprised when I got a PC from Cissy yesterday saying you had sent a parcel. Thank very much it was very good of you to send it so soon. We det lots to eat here but I like some bread for a change Home made bread I mean. The bread was a little dry but not bad a few of the boys and I enjoyed a good feed of it. Well Dear Mother our Battn has been broken up since I came back about 200 went to France a few weeks ago. The rest of us were sent to other Battn's yesterday, only 200 men who are having musketry on the ranges I was left with them as their signaller for a few days until they got finished shooting Then I think we are going to the 116th Battn which is stationed in Witley that is a few miles from here. The Battn being broken up and some men going to France means that the rest of us will be here for the winter. I am very glad things here went the way they did.

I am sorry to say I will be unable to get home for Xmas. There are so many ammunition workers who do not get holidays during the year so they are getting a few days at Xmas also a lot of returned soldiers are getting a few days The Railway boys will be so busy that it is impossible to carry them all. Therefore all soldiers stationed in England cannot get off for Xmas. I will get a few days later on in the winter. If you should like to send a small parcel do not do until I write again in a few days and give you my new address. I guess I would get it but with the Battn being separated some at Witley and some here it is liable to go astray and I would be a long time before I would get it. It will be all right for to send letters instead of putting Sig Corps on letters put D Co'y for it is that company I am here with at present most of the signallers have gone to Witley.

Well Dear Mother I have got lots of mail lately I had a letter from Aunt Sarah one from Bob and Bill George. I answered them all this morning for I had lots of time as it was raining we did not go out on drill to-day. We have a nice walk to the ranges every day it is 8 miles there and 8 back I enjoy the walking fine we be home early every afternoon.

I think this is all I have got to say at present. Hoping this will find you all well at home. It leaves me fine.

With love to Father you and all at home.

I will write soon again.

I remain your loving son George xxx


201602 Pte G. Greer
D Coy 157th Battn CEF

Above address will get me alright for the present.