Letter from George Greer to his mother

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Letter from George Greer to his mother Letitia Greer

1st Sept 1917


My Dear Mother

Just a few lines in answer to your kind and welcome letter of Aug 24th to hand to-day. I am glad to hear you are all well at home. This leaves me A1. I see by your letter you had Uncle Jim home for a few days. I am glad to hear he is got well again. He certaintly is doing some travelling around. I wrote to him several times and had the letters returned to me again. I guess I will hear from him soon now that he has my correct address.

Well Mother I shall be glad to get the "Mid Ulster" it will give me an idea how times are ... home. I will see how the Ulster Men are getting along ... France.

I can tell your S. Espy got a good long pass. I am sure he has worked hard for he must have been in France for a long time. Perhaps I will get one in a short time for I think the war cannot last much longer. I did not get the parcel from the Kildress W.S. yet but I expect I will get it soon. It was very good of them to send it. They must be doing their part as regards sending parcels to they boys. I think Ulster is doing her part in every way. If the rest of Ireland would follow suit it would be alright but the y certaintly are good and yellow The have got cold feet alright. I am glad to hear that Fred has got the flax pulled at is too bad it was not a better crop. I think the weather has been pretty wet all over this summer.

The Mrs told me they have had a pretty wet summer in Canada. As regards France we got lots of rain but the weather is very good at present.

We are having a very good time so we cannot grumble. I am surprised you have not heard from Annie lately. I guess you will get a letter soon. I had a letter from her a few days ago she said baby and her were very well.

I had a letter from Lizzie and BG a short time ago. BG. said he was out at Orritor for 2 weeks and had a good time.

I had a letter from Aunt S. She said she was at Orritor for a short time. I guess she went to see Uncle Jim when he was home.

Well Dear Mother I think you should go to Portrush for your usual summer holiday. I think I will go there for a few days next time I get home in the near future.

Well Dear Mother I think I will close at present. With love to Father and all at home. Hoping this will find you all quite well.

I remain
your Loving Son