James Letter to William Harkness Greer
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12th May 1866

My Dear Uncle,

I lift my pen to write to you and dear uncle if I have found favour with you I hope that you will not despise me at this time.

My dear uncle you are aware that my father is married again and has four children by his present woman and I have staid with him and doing my indever for his welfare but there is no appearance of any improvement. I may just tell you in plain that I am almost dun out working all of know yous.

I have not so much as clothes for ta go to any place of worship and I have no other friend that I would apply to for any release but you and my uncle Samuel. I have not applied to him yet but if you think it too much for yourself I hope that you will ask his assistance what I want you to do is for God's sake if not for my ane for to pay my passage and send me a little money to help to make me ready for I cannot get any assistance at home and if God would spare me to reach you dear uncle.

I will stop with you or my uncle Samuel until I get you paid or if you do not require me I will pay you the first money I earn.

I hope that you are all well at present thanks be to God for all his mercies to us. I have nothing more particular to say at present but I hope that when you get this letter you will not neglect nor refuse my petition and if you send on anything to make me ready please send it in my own name and also direct the letter to myself.

I remain your affectionate nephew,

James Greer, Tullyconnell


James was born about 1840 (ish). His father John and the above mentioned Samuel and William were all brothers. They emigrated in April 1837. Link to American Greer page. John had remarried Elizabeth Nesbit and had the following children: Sophia, William, Thomas and Samuel.

James did finally make it to America, as he died there on William's farm in 1877. Though whether he crossed with his father in 1870 (approx) or before is unknown.

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