Letter from James to William Greer

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Tevena Tuly

I take the liberty of making so free as writing to you on 15 June 1860. I sent you a few scribbled lines. I still thought you had not got it but then I considered that you did not think it was worth your while to answer it.

When your Father was living and your Uncle Samuel Greer I was as much thought of as if I'd been their brother, but when one gets down in the world and old age they are little thought of. I am in 85 years of my age so I hope that you will excuse me for the bad writing. I cannot see well. I was writing to you about your brother John. He is still in a great deal of difficulty. He has got very old like and in pain and his misses is very poorly in health. I thought last year that she would not know.

James is living at home with them. He can work very well with Father but he could not do as pleases his mind, is not right. There are children 3 boys and one girl which in a short time would become up to the Father at present there. If their mother would live she is a very good manageable, industrious woman. The flax in this country will be a missed crop this year.

John has a good lot sowed and it will do him no good, he had none sowed last year and he will be worse this year. If you and your brother Samuel would be so kind as to send him one years rent, the Rev. David Greer says that you would never miss it. Look back and think how many pleasant days that you had in Tullyconnel with a kind mother. I hope that you will not forget the name of the Greer's was distinguished for their kindness the one to the other and even with strangers. When I begin to think what your Father and uncle and the name of (Greer) would have done for each other I think you surely can't but do something for him. It would break his heart I think that he would not live one month. Be pleased to write to your Brother Sam or to send him this ___ it be__ as __ for to send this scribble. I hope that you will excuse me my sight fails me, I think sometimes that I have tow pens in my hand. My eyes matter, old age brings on many infirmities. I have pretty good health but can't work, my memory is gradually going. If you would be so good as to help him a little you would not miss it and God would increase your store.

I beg your pardon for making so free as I have in writing to you. Be so kind as to write back to let him know what you will do for him as soon as possible. If you do nothing he will have to auction his crop. Let us know whether you got letter last year or not.

Farewell and I hope that the Lord will prosper you.

James Greer


Sir I would wish to remind you that the things of this world soon passeth away and if we ___ ____ what can we give in exchange for our souls.

Death is ___ is ______ __ ____ is the owner of Salvation.