Letter between John Greer and his brother William

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Marquette, Hamilton Co, Ne
Friday morning, May 9th 1890

Dear Brother William
With a trembling hand and a sorrowfull heart I write you these few lines to inform you of the death of my beloved ????partner? who passed away from us on Tuesday morning May 6th at ten minutes past Six. She was in ? usual health and ?????breathing about attending to her household duties, to ~~~ morning April 28th when she ~~~ issed of being unwell and not able to get out of bed and would not take any food; on Tuesday morning Willie???? went over to ??Howells and brang ?t Sophia thinking that she would cook something that would re????tise her to eat bu no food would she let inside ??? so one of the boys went over to Chapman and brought doctor Morrill to see her.

She took him by the hand and then? knelt ? down at the bedside and wept like a child all the ?? in ?? thess?? she sang another verse of an hymm and after that she did not speak much more but appeared to suffer great bodily pains, to Tuesday morning at 10 minutes past 6 when her spirit took its flight. I trust to the realms of beliefs. Its the severest ???? I have ever ~~~~~ with. She was so kind and attentive to me and to all the family, Sophia's husband says I must go and live with them the remainder of my days but I think it so hard to be a burden on any person. William went to Marquette and purchased the most splendid coffin I ever saw at 40 dollars and Sophia sent a ~~~~~~ with materials to make ~~~~ last dress??. The funeral was large and respectable, I am glad that these boys are so much thought of by all the people around here. Tell your wife that I intend if spared writing her a long letter.
~~~~~with kind regards to all the family

The ~~~~~