Letter from John to William Harkness Greer

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Tullyconnel Nov 21st 1870

Dear William,

You will wonder what the cause of my silence in not writing to you sooner, AROSE __OM as I was trying to sell the farm and could not get it managed to the present time. I have it sold this day to a stranger the name of Graham. He was out in Australia and round a great par t of the world and has made some money and is going to settle down here for life I suppose - it is hard to sell a farm of land under Mr. Lindesay. He has such a bad name and to finish him out he has got Dr. David Charles for agent. Unless some change comes for the better it will be hard for tenants to live in the estate of Loughry. We thought there was something going to be done in parliament last session for land holders but it will be of little use. I was sorry to hear in your last letter to me of the death of your little daughter. When I read it over it seemed to me as if it had happened in Tullyconnell. I fancied that I knew what she was like and felt a deep sorrow for her departure from her relatives but this is a world of sorrow. We need not expect much but trouble while we are here. For my part I have had my share of it.

Doctor Stanton was over this summer. He called to see us for a few minutes only. I wanted to ask a few friends and give him an evening sometime before he left but he would not consent to come. He gives a bad account of Sam. He says he is doing badly and that he is attached to drink and lives very poor. I was shocked to hear it but I hope it may not be so bad as is reported as I know the Stantons don't like him since the time of Uncle William's death. When you write and let that be when this reaches you let me know all about it and also if you would advise us to go out now in the winter season. The man is wanting immediate possession of the house and farm and we would not have any convenient stopping place. I am afraid to venture on the sea as I think I could not stand the wrecking sea sickness that I endured two nights that I was crossing to and from Glasgow - Your old friend Miss Eliz Glasgow is dead better than a year ago - it is useless saying any more at the present as I hope to see you shortly if spared and give you all the news.

Yours sincerely

John Greer

Mr William H. Greer
Stark County