Fleming Headstones

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Fleming Headstones


Not all of the headstones are related to my Flemings (yet!!)

Sandholes Presbyterian Church, Co Tyrone

James Fleming's Headstone

This headstone is to the left of the front of the church, along the side of the church, rather than with the majority of the headstones at the back.

Detail below

Erected by
James Fleming
Kilcronagh in momory of his
Daughter Annie Jane who
was born October 1847 And
Fell Asleep in Jesus
July 20th 1863
Also his son James Died 30th
November 1867 Also his
Daughter Margaret Departed
this life 28th February 1869
Also the above named James Fleming
died 28th April 1874 Aged 74 years
Also his wife Elizabeth
died 6th July 1888 Aged 74 years

Unrelated headstones at Sandholes Presbyterian Church, Co Tyrone

Thomas G. Fleming
who died 13th August 1900
aged 17 months
also his beloved mother
Elizabeth Fleming
who died 9th February 1936?
aged 71 years
also his beloved father
Samuel J. Fleming
who died 3rd February 1940
aged 72 years
also his sister
Mary Lilburn Fleming
who died 5th February 1958
aged 69 years

William L. Fleming
In memory of his beloved wife
Jane Fleming
who died 17th August 1894
aged 24 years
also the above William L. Fleming
who died 23rd March 1940
aged 71 years
also his wife
Annie Fleming
who died 14th January 1943?
aged 64 years
Robert James Fleming
who died 25th December 1967,
aged 64 years.

A large headstone with inscriptions on two faces.

See below for details

Annie Fleming
affectionate remembrance
of her father
George Fleming
died ?30th April 1883
of her mother
Eliza Fleming
died 13th March 1885
of her brothers
John Fleming
died 30th April 1891
and Andrew D. Fleming
died 3rd August 1895
of her sister
Rachel Fleming
died 8th Feby 1912
Also Daniel McIvor,
Died 27th November 1915
and William D. Fleming,
died 14th February 1919
also Elizabeth McIvor,
wife of Daniel McIvor,
died 12th January 1928

Elizabeth Fleming
wife of W.D.Fleming
died 18th June 1933
also their daughter
Annie Fleming
died 27th Dec 1933
Margaret E.
wife of
George Fleming
died 13th Dec 1964
The above
George Fleming
Of Knockaconny
died 12th April 1974
Also Ethel McIvor
wife of
Robert G. McIvor
died 30th Sept 1974
and the above
Robert G. McIvor
died 19th March 1976





Josias Fleming's Headstone in Karori cemetery, Wellington, NZ

Photograph and transcription kindly provided by Iain Middleton

Annie Maria

Wife of Josias Fleming

Died 21st July 1937, Aged 79

Also Emily Jane Quinn
Nee Fleming

Died 8th October 1989 Aged 73

Helen Maude Fleming
Died 29th May 1904
Aged 8 1/2 Years.

Josias Fleming
Born Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Ireland
19th November 1840
Died 21st October 1917 Aged 77
Until He Come




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