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Outline Tree of James Fleming of Derriloran, Co Tyrone

1 Josias Fleming
2 James Fleming b: 1800
d: 28 April 1874
+Elizabeth Greer b: 1814 or 1813?
m: 10 May 1838
d: 6 July 1888
3 Josias Fleming b: 18 November 1840
d: 21 October 1917
+Elizabeth Sinclair b: 20 December 1846
m: 11 Dec 1873
d: 17 February 1877
4 Annie Fleming b: 5 December 1874
4 Elizabeth Sophia Fleming b: 14 November 1875
d: 14 June 1959
4 Sarah Fleming b: 14 November 1875
d: 17 July 1956
4 Margaret Fleming b: 8 February 1877
+Annie Maria Beattie b: Abt 1856
d: July 1937
4 Agnes Fleming b: 14 February 1881
d: 1888
4 Thomas James Fleming b: 13 March 1882
d: 28 March 1961
4 Lilian Fleming b: 21 May 1883
d: 29 Aug 1963
4 Louisa Fleming b: 21/23 Sep 1884
d: 28 June 1971
4 Emily Fleming b: 15 May 1886
d: 8 Oct 1959
4 Samuel Fleming b: 18 Dec 1887
d: 11 Feb 1967
4 Mary Agnes Fleming b: 20 August 1892
d: 21 May 1969
4 Helen Maud b: 1895
d: 29 May 1904
3 James Greer Fleming b: 3 June 1843
d: 30 November 1867
3 Annie Jane Fleming b: October 1847 d: 20 July 1863
3 Margaret Fleming d: 28 February 1869
2 Thomas Fleming
3 James Fleming b: 25 April 1835
d: 30 November 1867
3 Rachel Fleming b: 20 Jan 1837
+ Mr Henderson
3 Andrew Fleming b: 24 Dec 1838 d: USA
3 William Fleming b: 19 Jan 1841
3 Margaret Fleming b: 13 April 1846
3 Eliza Fleming b: 13 Feb 1850
3 Ann Fleming b: 13 Feb 1850
3 George Fleming b: 13 May 1852
3 John Fleming b: 17 May 1854 d: USA
2 William Fleming
2 George Fleming
2 Anne Fleming
+ Robert Sinclair
2 Sarah Fleming
+ John Sinclair
2 Daughter Fleming
2 Daughter Fleming

Marriage entry of James and Elizabeth


James Fleming of Knockaconney, Derriloran, married Elizabeth Greer of Tullyconnell at Brigh Presbyterian Church, in Ballyclog Parish, on 10th May 1838. Those present at the wedding were : David Greer, John Fleming, Thomas Fleming and Rev. William Fleming.


James Fleming's Headstone

Sandholes Presbyterian Church

Erected by
James Fleming
Kilcronagh in momory of his
Daughter Annie Jane who
was born October 1847 And
Fell Asleep in Jesus
July 20th 1863
Also his son James Died 30th
November 1867 Also his
Daughter Margaret Departed
this life 28th February 1869
Also the above named James Fleming
died 28th April 1874 Aged 74 years
Also his wife Elizabeth
died 6th July 1888 Aged 74 years

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Land Registry Details

James Fleming occuppied farmland in Derriloran Parish. He occupied Farms 1-5 in Kilcronagh between 1860/1863 to 1874 which covered 83 acres. The farm was transfered from James to Josias in 1874 and he occupied it up to 1894 at least. In 1894 four parts of the farm were sold to others, only farm 3 was retained (16 acres). All records of Josias disappear in 1908.

Griffith's Land Valuation List
Ireland 1848-1864

Fleming David Derryloran Knockaconny
Fleming George Derryloran Knockaconny
Fleming James Derryloran Kilcronagh
Fleming Thomas Derryloran Knockaconny
Fleming William Derryloran Knockaconny

1901 census

Fleming, Andrew Thos. n/m - 4
Rel: P
Born: TYR
Townland: Knockaconny
Civil Parish: Derryloran FHL Film No: 855980
Fleming, Annie n/m - 7
Rel: P
Born: TYR
Townland: Knockaconny
Civil Parish: Derryloran FHL Film No: 855980
Fleming, Elizabeth - married William D.
Rel: P
Born: TYR
Townland: Knockaconny
Civil Parish: Derryloran FHL Film No: 855980
Fleming, George n/m - 6
Rel: P
Born: TYR
Townland: Knockaconny
Civil Parish: Derryloran FHL Film No: 855980
Fleming, William D. - married Elizabeth
P TYR Knockaconny Derryloran

Fleming, William F. n/m - 2
P Tyr Knockaconny Derryloran

Tithe Books 1823-1838

Fleming Josias Derryloran Knockacony 1826

Fleming Saml. Derryloran Knockaconny 1826

Fleming William Derryloran Knockaconny 1826

Flax Growers list 1796

James Fleming Derryloran Co Tyrone
Joseph Fleming Derryloran Co Tyrone
William Fleming Derryloran Co Tyrone

Land Valuation Records:-
(source PRONI/MG)
Kilcronagh Townland (Derriloran Parish) adjoins Knockaconny
1834 John Moreland
83 acres
1860/63 James Fleming
83 acres
1874 Josias Fleming
83 acres
1882/94 Josias Fleming
83 acres
1895/1912 Archie Moffat
Sam Beatie
Josias Fleming
16 acres
Sam Beatie
Sam Beatie
Knockaconny Townland (Derriloran Parish)
1834 William Fleming
60 acres
1860/63 David Fleming
60 acres
(also William, George & Thomas Fleming with separate holdings)
1869 Josias Fleming
60 acres
(This is probably the other Josias Fleming m.Jane Roulston)

Josias Fleming

(son of James Fleming and Elizabeth Greer)

Josias appears to have been married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Sinclair (DOM 11/12/1873 - IGI?). They had 4 children; Annie, Elizabeth & Sarah (Twins), and Margaret. Elizabeth died shortly after Margaret was born. The four girls emigrated to New Zealand before 1900.

Josias's second wife was Annie Maria Beattie. They had eight children. The first child Agnes died of meningitis when she was 7. The last child Helen Maud died aged 9 from scarlet-fever.

Josias Fleming and Annie Beattie, having read about the good life in New Zealand from the letters of his first four daughters, decided to retire and follow them to New Zealand and that Josias sold his properties to relatives with this in mind. Josias would have been 59 or 60 when they left with their children between 5 and 18.

It is recorded that they sailed on the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. vessel Ortona (later renamed the Arcadian) to Queensland, Australia in 1900 with their family and then continued on to Wellington, New Zealand on the S. S. Westralia. The Westralia was an Australian coastal vessel but apparently also made trips to New Zealand. The dates of departure and arrival or the exact sailings have not been determined. The Ortona is known to have made four trips from London to Queensland that arrive in Australia in 1900. These sailings departed from London on the following dates: 24 Nov 1899, 16 March 1900, 6 July 1900, and 9 Nov 1900.

It was on the Ortona that Lilian Fleming met Thomas Bibby who was travelling to Australia. After a short period in Australia he decided to follow her to Wellington arriving in 1901. It is said that when she first sighted the high hills of Wellington's south coast she looked at them in amazement wondering what made them stand up and why they did not slide into the sea.

Josias died on 21 October 1917 and was buried in plot 13.J.P2, Karori cemetery, Wellington, New Zealand. Annie Maria Beattie died 23 July 1937 age 79.

Information kindly provided by Iain Middleton (descendant of Josias)


Josias Fleming's Headstone in Karori cemetery, Wellington, NZ

Photograph kindly provided by Iain Middleton


Elizabeth, Margaret
Sarah, Annie Sophia

(they emigrated to New Zealand)

Photograph kindly provided by Robin Sinclair

Land Owners in 1876

Josias Fleming, Knockaconny, Cookstown, owned 60 acres.
Thomas Fleming, address Knockaconny, Cookstown, owned 30 acres.
William Fleming, same address, owned 89 acres.

Fleming Map

The map shown below is part of South East Tyrone and shows locations where there are Fleming connections.
The distance between Cookstown and Dungannon is about 10 miles.


Map showing Fleming Locations 27 KB

  • Brigh - Marriage of James Fleming and Elizabeth Greer
  • Claggan - Where Eliza Fleming was from
  • Carland - Marriage of Eliza Fleming and David Frazer
  • Kilcronagh - land owned by Fleming
  • Knockaconny - land owned by Fleming
  • Sandholes - Some Flemings are burried here and baptised here

The second Josias Fleming
25/4/1835 Josias

(address Kilcronagh-source Ulster Historical Foundation/ Cookstown 1st Pres. Ch.)
Father is possibly David Fleming based on land records.

Josias Fleming m. Jane Roulston (source A.G. Fleming/ Sandholes Pres. Ch./ John Fleming)
1877 Andrew George Fleming b. 30 January 1877 Most or all emigrated to Canada
1879 Francis Edith Fleming b. 15 May 1879
1881 Josias James Fleming b: 14 Jan 1881
1884 Robert Hastings Fleming b. 24 August 1884
1888 Annie Helena Fleming b. 24 September 1888
1890 Henry McKee Henderson Fleming b. 1 May 1890
Thomas Fleming

There are still Fleming families, maybe related, resident in Derriloran Parish


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