Unrelated Fleming's of Co Tyrone

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Un-related Local Flemings Near Cookstown, Co Tyrone

Eliza and William Fleming

Eliza married David Frazer in 1872 at Carland Presbyterian Church, Gortnaglush, parish of Donaghmore. She was from Claggan. Her father was William Fleming and there was Samuel Fleming present as a witness.

(Although unrelated to my Flemings currently, she is related via the Fraser line to my Henrys')

Annie J. Fleming

Henry C Frazer (Henry was cousin to my ancestor David Frazer who marr Eliza Fleming) married Annie J Fleming and we were wondering if she was a possible sister to Eliza. I have found this family of Henry and Annie on the 1901 census for Ballinasollus townland (District Elec Div: Ballynasollus, Barony: Dungannon Upp, Poor Law Union: Cookstown, Parish: Kildress) with their children:
William J, Henry C, Hannah, Robert, Thomas J and Anne J but of course they all had the name Frazer.

(Again although unrelated to my Flemings currently, she is related via the Fraser line to my Henrys')

Josias Fleming

The information comes from listings copied from the baptismal record in Sandholes that was copied by Andrew George Fleming, Josias had 12 children, not including A.G., who copied this information.

Here is a chronilogical list of their names/birth date/mother.
1-Annie Sinclair b. Dec 5, 1874 Eliza Sinclair
2-Elizabeth Sophia b.Nov 14, 1875 Eliza Sinclair
3-Sarah Fleming b. Nov 14 1875 Eliza Sinclair
4-Margaret Fleming Feb 8, 1877
5- (not on record) Andrew George b. Jan 30 1877 Jane E. Roulston (or Roleston)
6- Francis Edith b. May 15, 1879
7- Agnes b. Feb 14, 1881 Annie Beattie
8- Josias James b.Jan 14 1881 Jane Roulston
9- Thomas James b.Mar 13, 1882 Annie Beattie
10-Robert Hastings b.Aug 24, 1884 Jane Roulston
11- Annie Helena b.Sept 24, 1888 Jane Roulston
12- Henry McKee Henderson b. May 1, 1890 Jane Roulston
13- Thomas Fleming b. May 1, 1890 Jane Roulston.

He states that Josias' date of birth was April 25, 1835, so he is a different one than the brother of James Greer Fleming. In terms of emmigration, William John Josias Fleming (1901-1997) said that many of them moved to Ontario. He ended up in Huntington WVA.

I believe that some of these children above are the same family as my Josias Fleming but that there are two separate families listed above. There were two Josias Flemings, one married Jane Roulston, the other married first Elizabeth Sinclair, then Annie Beattie.

Margaret Fleming Margaret Fleming was the first wife of James Silas Weir. She was from Clagan, near Dungannon. They lived in the townland of Dirnan. (His second wife was Sarah Jane Reid from Tullynacross. James S. Weir emigrated to Canada in 1871)  
Robert Fleming ROBERT FLEMING/FLEMMING who was born in around DROMORE, TYRONE in 1852? His parents were a JOHN or WILLIAM JOHN FLEMING/FLEMMING and Mary GRIFFIN/GRIFFITH who were married at DROMORE c1834. Robert had sisters Jane b. c 1826-32 and Margaret b. 1835. Robert joined the Protestant Alliance Lodge at Orange in NSW, Australia. He was one of the area's pioneer farmers and raised 11 children.....(Elizabeth Margaret, Mary Ann, Emily Catherine, Robert Victor*, Charles Jesse, Thomas Henry, William John, George, Alfred Earnest,Thelma? and Herbert Frederick?) Please feel free to contact me if you can help me with my research or know of any living descendants of my FLEMING's in IRELAND. Janet Fleming

Land Owners in 1876

41. Dr. Hans Fleming, address Omagh, owned 185 acres.
42. Josias Fleming, Knockaconny, Cookstown, owned 60 acres.
43. Maria Fleming, address Pakenham-place, Belfast, owned 60 acres.
44. Thomas Fleming, address Knockaconny, Cookstown, owned 30 acres.
45. William Fleming, same address, owned 89 acres.


Excerpt from a letter written in 1882
by H.B. Wilson, Minister of First Presbyterian Church Cookstown

  I made all the inquiry in my power from the leading man of the family, THOMAS FLEMING. The family residence is Knockacononey, his father's name was JOSIAS. And the family names generally have been WILLIAM, GEORGE, JOSIAS, THOMAS, DAVID and JAMES. He has no remembrance of any of your family. But he remembers a ROBERT FLEMING who had a fine property on the hill on which I reside, LOY HILL. He had seven sons, and there were none superior to them in physical development and courage. He believes that family and his were orginally one, and he is quite confident that the Malcolm Fleming, of whom you speak was a relation of theirs. He says they all came from Scotland, from Largs, and purchased a large property in County Derry about 5 miles from this, and near the town of Moneymore. They came about 1643 and did so in troublous times.
Josias Fleming married Margaret Park in 1790

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