Fleming's of Co Tyrone

Outline Tree of Josias Fleming of Co Tyrone

1 Josias Fleming
+Margaret Park m: 1790
2James Fleming
+Elizabeth Greer b: Bef. 1818 m: 10 May 1838
3 Josias Fleming b: 18 November 1840 d: Aft. 1901
+?Eliza Sinclair
4 Josias James Fleming b: 14 January 1881
3 James Greer Fleming b: 3 June 1843

There is not a proven link between Josias who married Margaret and James Fleming, apart from the common name Josias.

Marriage entry of James and Elizabeth

James Fleming married Elizabeth Greer of Tullyconnell at Brigh Presbyterian Church, in Ballyclog Parish, on 10th May 1838. Those present at the wedding were : David Greer, John Fleming and Rev. William Fleming.

Excerpt from a letter written in 1882
by H.B. Wilson, Minister of First Presbyterian Church Cookstown

I made all the inquiry in my power from the leading man of the family, THOMAS FLEMING. The family residence is Knockacononey, his father's name was JOSIAS. And the family names generally have been WILLIAM, GEORGE, JOSIAS, THOMAS, DAVID and JAMES. He has no remem brance of any of your family. But he remembers a ROBERT FLEMING who had a fine property on the hill on which I reside, LOY HILL. He had seven sons, and there were none superior to them in physical development and courage. He believes that family and his were orginally one, and he is quite confident that the Malcolm Fleming, of whom you speak was a relation of theirs. He says they all came from Scotland, from Largs, and purchased a large property in County Derry about 5 miles from this, and near the town of Moneymore. They came about 1643 and did so in troublous times.

Land Registry Details

James Fleming occuppied farmland at Knockaconny in two ajoining townlands. He occupied Farms 1-5 in Kilcronagh between 1860-1863 which covered 80 acres. The farm was transfered from James to Josias in 1875 and he occupied it up to 1894 at least. In 1894 4 parts of the farm were sold to others, only farm 3 was retained (16 acres). All records of Josias disappear in 1908.

Fleming Map

The map shown below is part of South East Tyrone and shows locations where there are Fleming connections.
The distance between Cookstown and Dungannon is about 10 miles.

Map showing Fleming Locations 27 KB

  • Brigh - Marriage of James Fleming and Elizabeth Greer
  • Claggan - Where Eliza Fleming was from
  • Carland - Marriage of Eliza Fleming and David Frazer
  • Kilcronagh - land owned by Fleming
  • Knockaconny - land owned by Fleming
  • Sandholes - Some Flemings are burried here

Un-related local Flemings

Eliza and William Fleming Eliza married David Frazer in 1872 at Carland Presbyterian Church, Gortnaglush, parish of Donaghmore. She was from Claggan. Her father was William Fleming and there was Samuel Fleming present as a witness.

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