John Greers of Nebraska
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John Greer
Father: James Greer
Mother: Elizabeth Harkness
Born: 10th Jan 1810 in Tullyconnell, Artrea parish, Co Tyrone
Died: 26th October 1896 in Marquette, Nebraska obit
Buried: Richland Cemetery, NE

1st Wife: Rebecca Duff 2nd Wife: Elizabeth Nesbit
Born   Born 1827
of Tyrone, ?Coagh of Ballygoney, Co Tyrone
Link to Marriage information document
Died Before 1863 Died 6th May 1890
Children Children
Matthew b. 1837 Sophia b. Abt. 1858
Nancy Ann b. 20 Dec 1841 William b. Abt 1859
James b. 21 Jan 1843 Thomas b. Abt 1861
Samuel b. Abt. 1863

Emigration within America

John and Elizabeth, with children: Thomas, Samuel, William,
also Nancy Ann and family
Abt 1879, Munroe Township, Hamilton Co
John and Elizabeth died here (1896 and 1890 respectively)

and buried in Richland Cemetery, NE

NE > CO Nancy Ann and husband William Wilson
By 1897, in Washington Co, Colorada
CO > NY One of Nancy Ann's children
followed by Nancy Ann and William
Abt 1917
NE > CA Thomas moved to California at some point, and died here

Hamilton Co, Nebraska - 1880 Census

1880 Census
John and Elizabeth appear with the following children
(age in brackets)
Sophia (22), William (21), Thomas (19), Samuel (17)


In 1898 William, (John's son), owned land in Munroe Precinct, Hamilton Co, NE, and Samuel rented it.

It was 114 acres right besides a large river.


Two photos put together offer a panorama view of the Platte River, which is just north of the Greer Land. As you look at the photo, the Greer land would be behind the trees on the right. Remember, in the years before 1900, there likely were only a few trees along the river, IF ANY! The Platte River today doesnt look like it probably did in those days. This summer, the river was low enough that you could walk across it in places; at times in the spring, it will be deep enough to not even think about attempting that.
The second attachment is a photo, taken down the hill, LOOKING TOWARD THE EAST: After taking the photos I sent to you in August, we drove down the road a little bit, stopped the car and I took this shot looking back up the hill. Those photos were taken standing at the top of the hill.
In this photo (two put together) you can see the WILSON LAND to the right of the road and the GREER land is on the distant left horizon. Yes, there is a farm on the right side of that photo. I'm SURE that the view from the top of the hill (before 1900) before all the trees were there offered a far distant glimpse of horizons many miles away, along the Platte River Valley.
Then we continued driving west down the hill in the car, the road angled to the north, and we drove over the bridge across the Platte River... where I took those photos from the moving car.

The first photo was taken toward the west (and late afternoon sun, thus not much color) and the road heads down toward the river bottom. The left side of this photo is what I believe to be the WILSON land. The other photo is the right side is where I believe is the GREER land. I've made notations on the photos that should help you understand directions. There is an old, dilapidated windmill noted on this photo. The two photos, if printed off, should be joined to make a 180° panorama.
Where I stood is the north edge of a level flat plain of farmland to the south and east. The sections adjoining the river are sloping and sometimes some water erosion, as the land sloped down at least 100 feet down to the river valley. Remember, when your ancestors lived there, there view was likely not bothered by many trees at all and this location would have given them a many-mile view. The trees in the photo are mostly CEDAR, the seeds of which have been deposited by birds. Because the land is not farmed (cultivated) the trees continue to grow.


Naturalization Records
Nancy's husband (and therefore family) 1882
Thomas 1898
William 1906

Passenger Lists

Link to ISTG, 1878 SS Victoria, Glasgow to New York

(Information reproduced with permission from ISTG)

SS Victoria
Glasgow, Scotland and Moville, Ireland to New York
25 April 1878
ID Name Age Sex Occupation Country
of Origin
Date of Birth
from other source
91 Mrs. Wilsen 36 F Wife Scotland USA 20 Dec1841
92 Hugh Wilsen 13 M Child Scotland USA 10 Jan 1864
93 Lizzie Wilsen 11 F Child Scotland USA 17 Jan 1866
94 Jas Wilson 9 M Child Scotland USA 1 Jan 1868
95 Annie Wilson 7 F Child Scotland USA 18 Jan 1870
96 Wm Wilson 5 M Child Scotland USA 3 Mar 1872
97 John Wilson 10/12 M Infant Scotland USA 28 Jan 1877

Link to photographs of Nancy and William

John and Elizabeth's Headstone


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