American Greers
James Greer of Tullyconnell, Co Tyrone, Ireland
Born: 1779
Died: Abt 1818
Elizabeth Harkness, wife of James
Born: 1784
Died: 1859

John Greer 1810-1895
William Harkness Greer 1814 - 1899
Samuel Greer 1816 - ?Abt 1859
Elizabeth Greer Bef 1818 - ?

Route of Emigration

Date of Emigration
1837 William and Samuel
About 1870 John Greer, his 2nd wife - Elizabeth Nesbit and probably the following children
Sophia, Thomas, James, Samuel and William
About 1876 John Greer's daughter Nancy Ann, and children
Unknown Nancy Ann's husband William Wilson

William Harkness Greer's descendants

John Greer's descendants

(Samuel Greer is a brick-wall)

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