1901 Census, Muntober, Kildress Parish, Co Tyrone
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1901 Census for Henry's for Muntober

No Forename Surname (S - Son, D- Daughter)     Age Occupation M- marr
NM - not mar
W -wid.
of Birth
1 Glasgow Henry Householder COI R+W 67 Farmer W  
  William   Son COI   36 Farmers Son NM  
  James   Son COI   31 Farmers Son NM  
  Rachel   Daughter COI   28 Farmers Daughter NM  
2 Robert James Henry Householder P R+W 32 Farmer NM  
  Sarah Maria   Sister P   27   NM  
3 Robert Henry Householder P R+W 49 Farmer M  
  Marianne   Wife P   50 House Wife    
  Minnie   Daughter P   21 Farmers Daughter    
  Sarah   Daughter P   18 Farmers Daughter    
  Jane   Daughter P   16 Scholar    
  Robert James   Son P   14 Farmers Son    
  Maggie   Daughter P   12 Scholar    
  Jemima   Daughter P   9 Scholar    
  Samuel   Son P   7 Scholar    
  Maud   Daughter P   5 Scholar    
  Emily W.   Daughter P Cannot R+W 2 -    
4 Thomas James   Householder P R+W 52 Farmer    
  Mary   Wife P   51     Derry
  James   Son P   21 Farmer    
  ?Mary Jane   Daughter P   14 Scholar    
5 Robert Henry Householder P R+W 48 Farmer    
  Ellen   Wife P   45 Farmers Wife    
7 John Henry Householder P R+W 55 Farmer    
  Susan   Wife P   57 Farmers Wife    
12 Robert Henry Householder P R+W 69 Farmer Widowed  
  Rachel   Daughter P   28 House Keeper NM  
16 James Henry Householder P R+W 52 Farmer M  
  Annie   Wife P   40      
  Thompson   Son P   12 Scholar    
  Samuel   Son P   11 Scholar    
  William   Son P Read only 5 Scholar    
18 John Henry Householder P R+W 64 Farmer    
  Mary   Wife P   47      
  Glasgow   Son P   16 Labourer NM  
  Alfred   Son P   10 Scholar    
  Lizzie   Daughter P   8 Scholar    
  Edith   Daughter P Not R+W 6m      
  William Henry Boarder P R+W 62 Pensioner from RJR? 2nd Battalion NM  

Last updated: 28 July, 2004