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Henry Headstones

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  Kildress COI  
  In loving memory of
James Henry (Montober) died 24th February 1922,
Also his wife Annie, died 10th June 1943.
And their son William Robert died 13th April 1985, aged 89 years.

b: abt 1896
  In loving memory of
John Henry Montober died 2nd February 1920.
Also his wife Mary died 21st October 1940.
Their son Glasgow died 25th September 1967
And their daughter Elizabeth E deid 21st December 1976
  Headstone 3
In loving memory of John Noel Henry, Montober died 24th March 1995 aged 68
b: Abt 1927

in loving Memory of Winifred A. Died 4th October 1938
Mary Died 2nd June 1950
James Moore Died 24th March 1964
Jacqueline Died 3rd February 1994 aged 26 years
and Baby Richard Thomas
Annie Elizabeth (Betty)
Died 16th September 2000 aged 70 years

In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Ann
Beloved Wife of Robert Henry
who died 21st June 1929
also out dear son Corp. T.A. Henry. RIR?
Killed in Action in Ypres
16th August 1917
And our dear daughter Martha
who died in infancy
also the above Robert Henry
who died 30th March 1933
  In Loving Memory of
Thomas J. Henry
Died 20th Oct 1921
Aged 73 years
Also his wife Mary,
Died 18th Oct 1926
Aged 77 Years
Also James Henry
Died 13th Oct 1957,
Aged 77 years.
And their daughter
Mary Jane,
Died 23rd May 196?
Aged 76 Years

Erected by
Mary Anne Henry
of Drumnamalta
In memory of her Beloved Husband
John Henry
who departed this life 23rd Jne 1903,
Aged 82 Years
Also of his sister Margaret Jane Henry
who Departed this life 1st July 1868,
aged 29 years.
Also of his mother Mary Henry,
who departed this life 19th January 1884,
aged 70 years.
Also his son Benjamin Henry,
who departed this life 11th January 1927,
aged 32 years.
Also their son Robert George Henry,
who departed this life 18th November 1930,
Aged 37 years.
Also the above named Mary Anne Henry,
who departed this lfe 8th February 1934,
aged 74 years
Also her son Samuel Burnett Henry
who departed this life 4th April 1979
Aged 79 years
And his wife Sarah Jane Henry
who departed this life 1st September 1981
Aged 79 years

  In Loving Memory of
Isaac Henry, Baltinanean,
called Home 28th May 1949.
And his wife Susan,
called home 29th Jan. 1959.
"Too good in life, to be forgotten in Death"
And their daughter Catherine Susan
called home 19th Nov. 1985.

In Loving Memory of
Theophilus James Henry
Died 26th Aug. 1967 aged 72 years.
And his wife Margaret
Died 1st Nov. 1985 aged 84 years.

And his Brother
Dr Fred Henry
Died 14th July 1944

Also Rachel
Wife of Fred
Died 10th June 1964

Also his Father
Major Robert Henry
Died 24th Sept. 1936

? Henry
1887 (didn't notice at the time - covered by flowers)

In loving Memory of
Robert John
Died 26th July 2000 Aged 70 years
In Loving Memory of
William J. Henry. Gortfad.
Died 5th Feb. 1971, aged 79 years.
His wife Letitia Died 11th March 1993, aged 98 years.
Their son John died 16th July 1991
And his wife Violet died 5th June 1991
  Sandholes Presbyterian  

In Loving Memory of
Alexander Henry died 17th April 1911
His wife Margaret died 5th Jan 1928
His brother William died 2nd Aug 1920
Their son in law R.A. Cuddy
Died 14th June 1982
Their Daughter Edith wife of R.A. Cuddy
Died 10th Nov 1985

Gortfad Glebe
In loving memory of
Thomas William Died 14th June 1995
In loving memory of
A dear wife and mother
Florence Margaret
Died 16th Oct. 1985 aged 50 years
  Claggan Presbyterian  
In loving memory of
David James died 5th September 1995
also his Mother
Sarah Jane died 20th February 1962
Also his father
David died 14th February 1932


Other Surnames
  Kildress COI  

Erected in Memory

of James Glasgow ?J??
who departed .....
July 1975 Aged ?80 Years
Also his wife
Margt Glasgow
who died 2? ?? 18??
And their ?Daughter
Annie Glasgow
who died ....1895???
Jane Glasgow
wo died 17th June 1925
in her ...eth Year
also their daughter in law
Margaret Glasgow
....1928 ... Y9 Years
Also ...Glasgow...

  Erected in Memory of
Isabella Young
Died 26th July 1922
Also her father
James Black
Died 13th July 1880?
and her husbands
John Moody
Died 2nd April 1899
Robert Young
Died 8th march 1906?

In Loving Memory Of
A Dear Husband Father and Grandfather
Died 8th April 1998 Aged 79 Years

To the Memory of
Robert ? Black
who Died ? August 1919?
Aged ?? Years
Also his Daughter
Who Died 26th March 1921
Aged 26 Years
And His Wife
Who Died ? August 1933?
Aged 73? Years
Also their daughter
who died 3rd December 1954?
Aged 66 Years
And their son
Robert Cathcart Black
Died 26th March 1966?
Aged 6?36or 8 Years
Also their daughter
Died 30th November 1988
Aged 86 Years.


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