Strand Henry's of Muntober, Co Tyrone
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There are several different Henry families in this townland. To separate the groups they have been known as:

Ballintine Henry's
Strand Henry's
Civil Henry's
King's Henry's

It is from this last group that my main branch of Henrys are from. However I suspect that some of the families probably intermarried and so in the long run most of these Henry's may be related either through marriage or the distant past.

Henry's from Drumnaglogh, Kildress Parish married into the Muntober Henry's

Other Henry families Relationships Unknown

Muntober Townland is 613 acres, in Kildress Parish, Dungannon Upper Barony
This townland is frequently spelt either Montober or Muntober. It has in the past also been spelt Maetober (?) and Mintober.

Strand Henry's


1 Thomas Henry d: ?1869 Groom's father
d based on Val change
+ ?Eliza ? based on Val change
2 Glasgow Henry b: 1834

m: 12th Dec 1854
Orritor Pres

d: 1910 m: OPC
b: based on 1901
d: based on Val change
+ Nancy Glasgow
Father: David
b: Killycurragh d: Bef 1901

Name + POB OPC
DOD from 1901

3 William Henry b: 1865 From 1901 name + DOB
3 Mary Henry b: Muntober or
1867 Killycurragh?
d: 6 Jun 1937
From Megan
DOB from Derryloran
3 James Henry b: 1870 From 1901 name + DOB
3 Glasgow George Henry b: 23 Sept 1872
d: 9 May 1929
B + D from Megan
3 Rachel Henry b: 1873 From 1901 name + DOB
3 David Henry b: Orritor d: 5 Dec 1915 Aus From Megan
+ Mary Jane Glasgow
Father: David
m: 30 Oct 1884 Orritor Pres   OPC


I have found this entry for a Mary Anne Henry from Killycurragh which is very close to Muntober - which could be for the above Mary, if so she was baptised in 1867 in Derryloran Parish Church.


Mary Henry and Glasgow George Henry definitely came to Australia (possibly before 1893) as they both married their partners in QLD Australia.


Griffiths Valuation and subseqent re-evaluations

Griffiths Valuation
3a Thos. Henry (Strand) Earl of Castlestuart H L 10-0-10 4-5-0 0-15-0 5-0-0
b Glasgow Henry   H
0-10-0 0-10-0

Supports the theory that Thomas is his father

Valuation - 15A
3a Thos. Henry (Strand) Earl of Castlestuart H L 10-0-10      
b Glasgow Henry   H -      


Valuation - 15B
3a Thos. Henry (Strand)
Earl of Castlestuart H L 10-0-10    
b Glasgow Henry   H ?O 6-2-0?      


Valuation - 15c
3 Glasgow Henry   Didn't note any details  


Valuation - Unknown???
3A Glasgow Henry
William Henry
b James Henry    


Valuation - 15f
3a William Henry   Didn't note any details  
b J Henry        

There also appears to be a Glasgow Henry in Drumnamalta in plot 8 noted in15A (changed from Robert Henry can't read the date), 15B, 15C, 15D, 15E (changed to John Greene 1903)


David Henry married Mary Jane Glasgow in Orritor Presbyterian Church 30th Oct 1884. Mary's father was David and they were from Ballinagilly / Ballynagilly in Lissan Parish nearby. In GV (1859) there is only one Glasgow entry:

Griffiths Valuation
8 Henry Glasgow Mary E.S. Trench H L 36-3-20 2-10-0 1-5-0 3-15-0


I assume that Henry Glasgow may be the father of David Glasgow, but I would need to check the later land valuations.

David and Mary Jane later emigrated to Australia before 1901 so they don't appear in the census.



1901 Census

Marital Status
HENRY Glasgow 67
William 36
Farmers Son
Not Married
James 31
Farmers Son
Not married
Rachel 28
Farmers Daughter
Not Married

There is also a Glasgow Henry in another household in Muntober - who is 16 years old and the son of John and Mary Henry.

Possible Sibling of Glasgow Henry?

Baptised: April 22 1841

Born 25 September 1838?

Christian Name: Esther?

Parents Christian names: Thomas & ? Elizabeth

Surname: Henry

Abode: Montobber or Killycurragh

Occupation: Farmer


Sam Winter

Mary Winter

May Winter

Church: Derryloran Parish Church


Could this be a sibling of Glasgow? - who based on information on Marriage certificate, and Valuation Records may have parents Thomas and Eliza. The date would make her younger than Glasgow who was born in 1834.

The entry next to this baptism is for a Thomas Winter (parents Samuel and Mary, and the witnesses listed are May Henry, Thomas Henry and possibly a Dr Barder?) Perhaps the two families are linked?



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