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Birth Dates:
David Nedwill
John George
Robert Edward
10th May 1901
19th April 1905
30th May 1907
Emigration Dates
David He went first, about 1926
John and Robert Set off in either 1926 or 1927
Arrived the following year

The descendants are spread across the North Island, with one group settled in the South Island in Christchurch.

David Nedwill Lennox
Born 1901 in Tamnadesse, Parish of Magherafelt, Co Londonderry. He was the first to go out to New Zealand, and initially he settled in Napier, probably with Elliott relatives there.
He married Dora Poolman in May 1927 in Wellington. Dora was born on 30th July 1904 in Napier, although her ancestors were from Southern England. They had a total of 7 children.
David died in 27th February 1959, and Dora in July 1986.
John George Lennox
Born in 1905 in Tamnadesse, Parish of Magherafelt, Co Londonderry. He joined his brother in New Zealand at his urging. They took about 6 months approx. to reach New Zealand, and he and Robert were on-board the ship over Christmas. They arrived in Auckland and travelled by train to Wellington where they stayed with Tommy Stewart who they had known in Ireland. John was the first to come to Wanganui where he was able to get temporary work on a farm with people by the name of McKnight (who had also came from Ireland). Shortly after he was offered a job for 6 weeks with Walter (Jack) Matthews digging drains on his farm at Ngutuwera (just outside of Waverley). This job became permanent. In the mid 1930's John and Bob (who also worked on a neighbouring farm) bought a property just up the road. For the first few years they had very little money and mainly lived on potatoes and mutton grown on the farm. Their mother had sent them a tobacco tin of seed potatoes from home, from which they kept seeds for many years. John bought Bob's share of the Ngutuwera property when Bob left to buy his own farm in Kohi (the other side of Waverley), but they continued to help each other.
They both had an interest in race horses (separately). John was in partnership with a neighbouring farmer with 3 or 4 horses. John worked on farms or his own for 26 years around Waverley, and then moved 10 miles down the road to Maxwell in 1954. When his son married in 1963, John moved to Wanganui (St Johns Hill), but still took an active interest in the farm for a number of years.
John married Martha May Perry born 15th May 1913 in Northern Ireland. They married at Waverley, in New Zealand in 1936. They had 5 children.
John died on 12th February 1997 and Martha died on the 28th July 1998. The farm is still in family hands.
Robert Edward Lennox
Born 30th May 1906 in Tamnadesse, Parish of Magherafelt, Co Londonderry. He travelled out to New Zealand with his brother John. They set off the day before their brother Andrew was due back from Canada. Bob travelled with John initially, but was going to go on to Austrailia, although he first went down to the South Island where he got a temporary job. A neighbour to the farm that his brother John was on, a Mr Alexander asked if he knew of someone who would work a team of horses on his farm. So John sent for Bob and then the two brothers worked on neighbouring farms for 3 or 4 years before bying the property just up the road. Bob, like John, was interested in race horses and actually trained a number of winning horses.
Bob married Annie Patterson Belton, who was born on 21st Dec 1905 in New Zealand. They had 7 children.
Bob died on 6th November 1989. The farm has passed on to the next generation.

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