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The Nedwill family are from Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland. They farmed land in the townland of Tullinkisay, near Magherafelt and also Ballyronan in Artrea parish.


Descendants of John Nedwill

1. John Nedwill b: 1797   d: 1882
  +Margaret A. Clarke b: 1804   d: 1889
  2. David Nedwill b: 1834   d: 1912
  +Marion McKane b: 1842   d: 1914
  3. Anne Clarke Nedwill b: 1865   d: 1922
  3. Agnes Jane McKane Nedwill b: 1 December 1866   d: 17 February 1943
  +Andrew Luke Lennox b: 28 February 1839 m: Abt. 1900 d: 13 December 1906
  3. Margaret Jane Nedwill b: 1 December 1866    
  3. Ada Mary Nedwill b: 1870   d: 1946
  3. John Courtney Nedwill b: 11 July 1872 m: 1907 d: 1940
  + Emma May Haly      
  3. Robert William Nedwill b: 1875   d: 1943
  3. Elgie Scott Nedwill b: 1877   d: 1892
  3. Alice Elizabeth Caroline Nedwill b: 1878   d: 1869
  +F.W.B. Forbes     d: 1918
  3. Greta Sinclair Nedwill b: 1881   d: 1904
  +Michael Mahony b: October 1871 m: 24 March 1902  
  3. David James Nedwill b: 16 November 1882    
  3. Edward Nedwill b: 4 July 1884    
  3. Twin 1 Nedwill b: 5 September 1888    
  3 Twin 2 Nedwill b: 5 September 1888    
  2. Courtney Nedwill b: 14 August 1837   d: 10 April 1920, NZ
  +Ada Mary Nicholls b: Abt 1848 m: 20 May 1868 Christchurch, NZ d: 29 August 1893, NZ
  3 Daughter 1Nedwill b: NZ    
  3 Daughter 2Nedwill b: NZ    
  3 Mary Lilian Nedwill b: abt 1871, NZ   d: 3 July 1891, NZ
  3 Son 1Nedwill b: NZ    

Mary Ann or Marion McKane (her name appears to be spelt several ways), was born near Ballymena, Co Antrim.

Griffiths Valuation (Co Londonderry)

for John Nodwill only

  acres rood perches       Leased From Townland Parish
John Nodwill 4 1 35 £2 10 shillings     the Marquis of Londonderry and Sir Robert Batson Ballymulderg Beg Artrea
John Nodwill   1 30 £1 house £2 10 shillings the Worshipful Company of Salters. Ballymulderg More Artrea
John Nodwill 27 1 3 £17 offices 15
John Nodwill 17   25 £11 10 house £5 William Leacock Ballyronan More Artrea
John Nodwill       5 shillings unoccupied house     Ballyronan More  
        house   John Nodwill Ballyronan More  
John Hammeran         house   John Nodwill Ballyronan More  
Anne McCallum.         house   John Nodwill Ballyronan More  
John Nodwill 22 2 55 £17     the Worshipful Company of Salters Lisnavarrow  
Robert McClernan         house 10 shillings John Nodwill Lisnavarrow  
Sarah Jane Grimes         house 10 shillings John Nodwill Lisnavarrow  
        house 10 shillings John Nodwill Lisnavarrow  
John Connor         house 10 shillings John Nodwill Lisnavarrow  

1901 census

Registered in Ballyronoan Moss was David Nedwill, Merian Nedwill, wife, Robert Nedwill son and A (difficult to read) C Nedwill daughter aged 22, possibly Alice??

I think its Ballyronan More townland in Artrea Parish rather than Ballyronan Beg in Ballinderry Parish

"Gay" (Agnes Jane) Nedwill with one of her grandaughters about 1938

John Courtney Nedwill was born on 11th July 1872 and lived in Magherafelt. He was a member of the Moravian Church and met his wife Emma May Haly there. He left Ireland on 10th April 1891 on a steamship called the Ethiopia and arrived in New York on April 22nd. He was married in 1907, although he did not become an American citizen until 1916. He settled in Philadelphia. He died in 1940.
His brother Edward lived in Oregon.

John Courtney Nedwill sitting in his dental office

Courtney Nedwill 1837 - 1920

Courtney Nedwill was born at Ballyronan, the second son of John Nedwill and Margaret Clarke. He went to Queen's College, Belfast to study medicine. In 1862 he joined the ship - Chariot of Fame as a surgeon, and apparently dealt well with an epidemic on route to New Zealand.
By 1864 he had settled in Christchurch, and married Ada Mary Nicholls on 20th May 1868. He was the medical officer for the Christchurch Drainage Board, and together with his predecessor, Llewellyn Powell, he campaigned to abolish cesspits in the city which contaiminated the water supplies. Eventually they suceeded and a system of underground sewers began to be built in 1878.
He worked at the Christchurch hospital, and was apparently not afraid of speaking his mind against inept Doctors and staff.
He was one of Christchurch's prominent medical men for half a century. He was also active, playing tennis, cricket and at 60 he took up hill walking and lobbied for better public access to the Port Hills.
His wife Ada died in 1893, and then his eldest daughter kept house for him, until he died in 1920

Exerts from: Rice, Geoffrey W. 'Nedwill, Courtney 1837 - 1920'. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 11 December 2002


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