Ulster American Folk Park


The Ulster American Folk Park is just outside Omagh, in Co Tyrone. It contains a number of buildings showing what life was like in the past in Ireland, and also some examples of the type of buildings that they would have lived in, after emigrating to America.


The Blacksmith's Forge
A turf fire with the metal hoops inside.

The hooping table, anvil and the blacksmith's
floor were provided from Robert Greer's forge

Hooping the cart-wheel.

This looked very hard work!!

The finished wheels.
The Weaver's cottage.
The School House.

The Campbell House
from Aghalane, Plumbridge

The occupants of this house would have been comparatively well off.

Mountjoy post-office.

This was in use between 1861 to the early 20th centuary.


The Mellon House.

This building stands on its original site. It was the home of Judge Thomas Mellon who emigrated in 1818 at the age of 5.

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