Giants' Causeway, Co Antrim

View showing the causeways jutting into the sea. The three causeways are named the Grand, Middle and Little causeways.
On the Middle Causeway is the Giant's Wishing Chair. This was apparently made for Finn MacCool when he was a boy.
Looking west towards Portrush

Standing on the large causeway looking back inland at the Aird's Snout. The cliffs are 120 m. high

In the foreground you can see the often hexagonal basalt columns which form the Giants Causeway. They generally have 4, 5, 8 or even 10 sides and are about a foot acroos.

The Grand Causeway.

Legand says that Finn MacCool made this causeway to provide a path to Staffa in Scotland.

The Giants' Gate (below) is in the centre of the picture where the shadow is.

The Giants' Gate

Small figures can be seen in the gateway.

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