Extracts from the Cornish Times 1858 for Linkinhorne Parish

Linkinhorne Parish

Newspaper Extracts

  Most extracts have been taken from the Liskeard version of the Cornish Times. Extracts marked 'L' have come from the Launceston Cornish & Devon Post. New extracts have been added for the end of 1858  (July 2002).

4th Oct. 1856. L Case of PRIOR v COMBE over the rent of a dwelling and mill at Linkinhorne known as Gwennamill (Dwellamill) where the contestant's payment was £4. 6s. 0d. per quarter.

15th Nov. 1856. L. In a list of prize winners at Launceston Agricultural Show, we find J NICHOLLS Jnr of Linkinhorne, Thomas KITTOW of Linkinhorne and Mr Brent of Rillaton.

16th Jan. 1857. An accident occurred at the Phoenix Mines when a man named Matthew THOMAS was most seriously injured by a premature explosion. He sustained severe injuries and on Monday his leg was amputated, but he died shortly afterwards leaving a widow and four children.

17th Jan. 1857  At South Caradon Mine a lad named LOWRY was coming up the ladder and came in contact with the rod, cracking his elbow joint. He is doing well.

31st Jan. 1857.  Births. At Henada in the parish of Linkinhorne, on Wednesday last, the wife of Captn William RICHARDS, a daughter. At Cheesewring, Linkinhorne on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr William BARRATT, of a daughter.

7th Mar. 1857.  Deaths. At Linkinhorne, on the 26th ult. Mr William HOBBS for many years Clerk of the Parish, aged 70 years.

14th Mar. 1857
. L.  Deaths Mr William BATE, innkeeper of Linkinhorne, aged 56 years.

21st Mar. 1857. Henwood Linkinhorne. On Saturday evening the 14th inst. A teetotal meeting was held in the new Primitive Methodist Chapel when a very impressive lecture was delivered by Mr J ALSOP of St Cleer, to a very attentive audience. At the close of the meeting 16 persons signed the pledge, several of whom have for many years been habitual drunkards. We hope the good effect then produced will be lasting.

Deaths. At Henwood in the Parish of Linkinhorne on the 12th inst. The eldest son of Captn W RICHARDS, aged 5 years.

4th Apr. 1857.


On Saturday last a man called Thomas MINHARD of the parish of South Petherwin, a labourer at the Cheesewring  Quarry, while assisting to move a large wagon from one place to another was caught between the sides of the wagon and a large block of granite. It is found that he has sustained great injury.

Deaths. At Linkinhorne on the 31st ult. Jane daughter of Mr William HENWOOD, farmer, aged 20 months.

18th Apr. 1857. Births. At Uphill Linkinhorne on the 9th inst., the wife of Mr Joseph ROWELL, of a daughter.  Marriages. At Linkinhorne on the 15th inst. Mr Robert S????? to Miss Ann HALL and on the 14th inst. Mr Richard HALL to Miss Selina Barratt BENNETT. Deaths. At Rilla Mill the 7th inst. Edwin WHITING, eldest son of Mr WILLIAMS, aged 9 years. At Uphill, Linkinhorne on the 12th inst. Jane daughter of Mr Robert TREHANE, aged ? years.

25th Apr. 1857Marriages. At Darley Chapel, Linkinhorne on the 21st inst. By licence Mr James Francis PEARCE to Miss Ann SPARE both of St Cleer. 

2nd May 1857 Births. At Treovis, Linkinhorne on the 28th inst. The wife of John COLMER, of a son.

9th May. 1857Marriages. At Linkinhorne on the 2nd inst. Mr BARTLETT, carpenter to Miss HOBBS both of the parish. Deaths. At Linkinhorne on the 27th inst. The daughter of Mr William OLVER, parish clerk, aged four years.

6th June 1857. L. At the County Magistrate Meeting.


Fanny WEBB, Sampson Webb and Victoria Webb, were charged with assaulting Elizabeth PETERS on the 18th April.  Defendant kept a beer shop at Dunsley, Linkinhorne. The complainant's husband rented a small house from them and when they arrived they found Elizabeth Peters apparently doing a moonlit flit as she had most of her furniture loaded on a wagon. Sampson Webb held Elizabeth whilst Fanny Webb hit her with a saucepan assisted by a punch or two from Victoria. Sampson was found guilty and fined 5/- with 13/4d costs . Victoria was fined a like amount.

John BROWN, an innkeeper of Rilla Mill, was charged with common assault upon Harriet BALL his servant, 18 years old. Fined 40/- and 11/- costs.

East Cornwall Agricultural Society show of Tuesday last.

Extracts from prize winners
3rd best cow in milk  Mr DINGLEY of Knighton (Netherton) £1.0.0
2nd best heifer  Mr J NICHOLLS Linkinhorne  £2.0.0
3rd best heifer  Mr Thomas KITTOW  of Browda £1.00
3rd best hog ram  Mr J TREHANE of Stockadon  £1.00
Best lot of ewes  Mr BRENT of Linkinhorne  £3.0.0

CAMP MEETING. On Sunday 31st inst. The Primitive Methodists held their Annual camp meeting at the Cheesewring, near Henwood, Linkinhorne. Two sermons were preached by the Rev. George OSBORNE and Mr J ALSOP and the evening addresses were delivered to a very respectable and attentive audience.

13th Jun. 1857  Marriages. At Darley Chapel, Linkinhorne on the 10th inst. Mr John TANCOCK to Miss Maria Ann JEFFERY.

11th Jul. 1857. L. Samuel PHILLIPS summoned for assaulting Emmanuel SPRY, toll collector at Plasha Cross, fined 5/- and costs.

1st Aug. 1857. L. Launceston Agricultural Society Meeting at Badash. Second prize for longest serving labourer with same family went to Mr GUMB of Linkinhorne.

1st Sep. 1857.L. John BROWN of Linkinhorne fined 2/6d and 13/6d costs for selling beer during the hours of divine service.

Sampson HORRELL, farmer and innkeeper of Linkinhorne, fined 1/- and 14/- costs for using a wagon with no owners name on it.

10th Oct. 1857.L. Richard SARGENT, keeper of beerhouse at Henwood, on information of Sargeant HARRIS fined 10/- and costs for having persons drinking in his house during the hours of divine service.

On the 2nd instant, a man called Dave had his leg broken by a fall of ground at Marke Valley Mine, he also sustained other injuries. Amputation of the leg was carried out by Mr Priddeaux of Liskeard. The poor fellow died four hours later.

14th Nov. 1857. Deaths. At Milcombe, Linkinhorne on the 10th inst. Mr Thomas STEPHENS , aged 83 years. At Rilla Mill on Tuesday 10th inst. The wife of Mr George HICKS, a mason, aged 46 years.


To Cattle Dealers, Butchers and Agriculturists generally

NOTICE. The FAIR held annually on the Monday previous to December 7th at Rilla Mill will fall this year on Monday 30th November, when a good supply of stock of all descriptions is expected.

28th Nov. 1857. A coroners inquest by Mr John JAGO Esq. At Linkinhorne on the 24th inst. On the body of George CHAGWING whose death took place on the 22nd inst. and a verdict of "died suddenly from natural causes" was returned by the jury. 

12th Dec. 1857. Births. At Linkinhorne Monday 7th inst. The wife of Mr Samuel SHOVELL, a daughter. At Rilla Mill Linkinhorne on Tues 8th inst. The wife of Mr Joseph HARRIS, a son.

9th Jan. 1858 .L. At the East North Petty Sessions, before E A ARTHUR, H H TRELAWNEY and W D HANSON, Mathias JOLE was charged with stealing two sovereigns. The property of Mr James RUNDLE farmer of Leigh (Ley) in Linkinhorne. He had been sent to pay for some sand  that had been obtained from Mr John STATTON of Nine Stones in St Cleer. Evidence was given by Mr R COMBE of Upton.

John STENLAKE was charged with stealing a large stick of wood from a wood rick, the property of E ARCHER. The value of same 2d. The prisoner was sentenced to one year hard labour.

Mr J DINGLEY of Netherton was summoned for assault on Mr E WADGE, clerk of Phoenix Mine, at the Inn at Rilla Mill. Bench thought the case ought not to have been brought before them and could have been better settled outside. J Dingley fined 5/- and 17/6 costs. William POLLARD charged with assaulting Ann ALLFORD, landlady of the Caradon Hotel, fined 5/- and 17/6d.

16th Jan. 1858.L. Mathias JOLE pleads guilty to stealing 2½ guineas, the property of his master, James RUNDLE and is given 6 months hard labour.

30th Jan 1858. "ANOTHER SUDDEN DEATH on the evening of Sat. last, when returning home Mr Sampson JASPER, farmer of Netherton, Linkinhorne, suddenly expired. His body was discovered by some workmen returning home from their labours between (line cannot be read) Netherton Gate, and by them employed in his residence. It appeared that the deceased had been to one of the quays on the river Tamar for a load of ..? and had staggered within a short distance of his home and was seen and spoken to be several persons just previously to his being found as above described. The deceased was 66 years of age, wa a consistent member of the Wesleyan Society for many years and was greatly respected throughout the entire parish." The verdict was 'Died form natural causes' and the burial on the Tuesday at the Rilla Mill Chapel was well attended

Birth. At Rilla Mill on the 25th inst last the wife of Mr PEARS of a daughter.
At Treovis, Linkinhorne on 23rd inst. Mr John BICE aged 54 years

6th Feb. 1858.L. William POLLARD fined £5 for an attack on John BROWN of Manor House Inn, Rilla Mill.

Peter FLOYD, Henry FLOYD, Isaac POLLARD and James POLLARD of Linkinhorne and Edward BOWDEN of South Hill, were summoned for drunken and other disorderly behaviour at Upton Cross. Each of them were fined 5/- and 16/- costs. And in default, to spend six hours in the public stocks.

6th Feb. 1858.  CHAPEL ANNIVERSARY. On Saturday last two sermons were given in the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Henwood and the next day a tea meeting was held followed by a public meeting. "At each of the services the chapel was crowded with attentive hearers and the collections were very liberal." The article goes on the mention that the donations would go towards the new gallery which was to be put up without delay as it was urgently required for extra seating.

Birth. At Sellers, Linkinhorne on the 30th alt. The wife of Mr Thomas TRESIZE of a daughter.
At the Register Office, Liskeard on the 31st ult. Mr James TREHANE shoemaker to Miss Mary JANE both of Linkinhorne
At Ley Mill Linkinhorne on the 26th ult. Sarah Jane daughter of Mr John ANDREWATHA aged 11 months.

13th Feb. 1858. LISKEARD PETTY SESSIONS. Case between Mr HAWKE of Liskeard, mine share broker and Mr T JOHNS of Linkinhorne, mine agent, regarding purchase of four shares valued £9.7s.6d. 

Benjamin Symons ROWELL, a tailor of Linkinhorne was summoned for neglecting to instruct his apprentice , a lad named Lark, in the various branches of his trade. Case adjourned, the lad continued his apprenticeship with Mr BROWN of Callington.

Birth. At Kerna Bridge, Linkinhorne on 30th ult. The wife of Uriah ROGERS of a son.
At Ley Mill, Linkinhorne, on the 9th inst. The wife of Mr S GOURD of a daughter.
At Darley Ford, Linkinhorne on the 5th inst. The wife of Mr John TANCOCK a carpenter, of a son.

20th Feb. 1858. FALL OF SNOW On Monday morning last Carradon Hill near Liskeard was covered with snow for the first time this season. In some parts it was inches thick.

27th Feb.1858.L. County Police Report. On Monday last, Edward BOWDEN of South Hill, one of the six men who were at the last Lanson Petty Sessions convicted of drunkenness at Linkinhorne, was placed in the stocks in the village of Linkinhorne for six hours in consequence of having refused to pay a fine of 5/- and 11/- costs. The six hours in the stocks will only satisfy the fine and another process will ensue to cover the costs and this process the magistrates were determined to carry out. Two of the others has absconded. Commitments were out for them as soon as they can be met they will share the same fate as their companion Bowden.

Birth.  At Mill Pool, Linkinhorne on the 17th inst. The wife of Mr SPEAR of a son.

5th Mar. 1858. Birth. At Pengelly Linkinhorne on the 2nd inst. The wife of Mr James LANE a farmer, of a son
At Millpool Linkinhorne on the 2nd inst. The infant son of Mr William SPEAK

13th Mar. 1858. Death. At West Sharptor Linkinhorne on the 10th inst. The infant child of Captn William RICHARDS aged 3 months
ERRATA from 20th Mar. The death of the infant child of Captn. William RICHARDS as appeared in our last, should have been the infant child of Mr Richard PHILLIPS of Darley Chapel Linkinhorne

20th Mar. 1858. CORONERS INQUERY. On the 12th inst. T GOOD Esq., held an inquest on the body of Mrs TRUSCOTT of Ley Mill Linkinhorne who, whilst sitting in a chair, mending her husbands waistcoat, fell off the chair a corpse. The verdict was 'Visitation of God'.

Birth. At Liverscoombe, Linkinhorne on the 14th inst. The wife of Mr ABBOTT of a son.
 At Henada Linkinhorne on the 24th inst. The wife of Mr GERRY Grocer etc. of a daughter.
 At Rilla Mill on the 20th inst. The wife of Mr William HARRIS of a daughter.

10th Apr. 1858.  MINE ACCIDENT on Wednesday night at the West Caradon mine, two died, not named.

Births. At Dwellamill Linkinhorne on the 30th inst. The wife of Mr Richard STRIKE of a son. 
At Downgate Linkinhorne on the 30 inst. The wife of Mr S CRABB grocer, of a daughter. 
At Lanhargy Linkinhorne on the 31st inst. The wife of Mr William WARNE of a daughter. 

. At Millcombe Linkinhorne on the 2nd inst. 
Mrs Edna DAWE widow of the late Mr Arthur DAWE aged 41 years. At Plushabridge, Linkinhorne on the 3rd inst. 
Mr John MITCHELL mason aged 66.

15th Apr. 1858. ACCIDENT. Sampson BENNETT a labourer working at Phoenix Mine broke his leg on the 8th inst. He for some reason had located himself in Linkinhorne churchyard and was making a peculiar noise when a police constable hearing, entered the churchyard and turned on his light. He found a person who jumped off the wall and on going to the place he found BENNETT who had pitched on a plough outside the wall with his leg broke.

17th Apr. 1858. LISKEARD COUNTY COURT. MENHENICK v DINGLE of Linkinhorne, this case was brought to recover £1.15s.0d for plastering done to Mr Dingle's house. However the magistrate decided against the plaintiff as "This was a manifest case of an attempt to get paid more than the plaintiff was entitled to" Plaintiff to pay costs.

WEST CARADON MINE ACCIDENT. On Wednesday last as two men were sinking against two who were rising, those above gave notice to those below that they were about to fire their hole when they left. After waiting a considerable time they returned, thinking that the hole had missed or not been fired, but the hole immediately went off  ????? of the fragments striking a man called Polkinghorne on the forehead. It is singular that Polkinghorne’s comrade, who was in advance was not touched.

DEATH FROM POISON On the Thursday 9th inst. The inhabitants of Rilla Mill were thrown into a state of alarm by the most sudden illness of a boy called William Henry BATE and the alarming illness of two other boys, one the brother of the deceased and the other a son of Mr Charles WILLIAMS, shopkeeper. The other two boys recovered and the inquest returned a verdict of 'Death by Poison'.

Birth. At Linkinhorne on the 15th inst. The wife of Mr P BENNETT of a daughter.
At Linkinhorne on the 15th inst. Mr Henry HENWOOD to Miss Jane HICKS

24th Apr. 1858
At Linkinhorne on the 15th inst. the wife of Mr P Bennett of a daughter
Marriage. At Darley Chapel, Linkinhorne on the 20th inst Mr Joseph Triggs, tailor, to Miss Catherine Laundry both of Liskeard
At Leigh Mill, Linkinhorne on the 19th inst. Martha, wife of Mr Stephen Crabb, aged 59 years
At Cheesewring on the 14th inst. Margaret daughter of Mr Joseph HOOPER stonemason, aged 1 year 9 months

1st May1858
. At Plashmill, Linkinhorne, on the 18th ult. the infant daughter of Mr Thomas Jeffery

22nd May 1858. A NARROW ESCAPE On the 19th inst. At Treovis a woman called Elizabeth BENNETT was dressing her child, sitting with her back to the fire, unconscious of danger. When to her concern she discovered her clothes in flames. At once she hastened to the door screaming for assistance, but none but small children were present, and they incapable of rendering assistance. Fortunately there happened to be a washing tray full of water within  a few yards of the door and immediately threw herself into it, and by so doing put out the flames, without much injury except her clothes being burnt from off her back.

LISKEARD DISTRICT GRO RETURNS. Scarletina, croup and bronchitis had proved extremely fatal throughout the district in the first quarter of the year.

Birth. At Rosebrook, Linkinhorne  on 25th inst the wife of Mr William OLVER of a daughter.

22nd May 1858  


TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION On Thursday, the 27th day of May, instant, by Two o’clock in the Afternoon, at Dunsley Wheal Phoenix Mine, in the Parish of Linkinhorne, Cornwall, the under mentioned

1 50-feet diameter and 3 feet breast Water Wheel, with 8 stamp Heads and connecting Gear complete; 40fms of Launders and Stands;
1 Water Wheel, 6 feet diameter and 1 foot breast, with Dressing Floor Machinery;
1 Horse Pumping Engine;
3 Whim Kibbles
2 Winze ditto
35 fathoms of Whim Chain,
30 fathoms of 3 inch Whim Rope  etc. etc.

29th May. 1858.
CARADON TOWN. The United Methodist Free Church at this place, having lately had their chapel put in a better state of repair, it was re-opened on Sunday last , when 3 sermons were preached, and on the following day a tea meeting was held , to which about 100 sat down, and afterwards a sermon was preached by Mr Cleave to a large congregation.  The tea was provided gratuitously and the proceeds amounted t £8. 7s.

Maria Wivell 36 dressmaker, who the preceding evening had been creating a disturbance during the hours of divine service, was ordered to be removed to the Lunatic Asylum. This unfortunate young woman had lately exhibited repeated proofs of insanity, and on Sunday may 23rd, appeared in the streets with a long carving fork, threatening to run it through several persons. She was conveyed to her destination on the afternoon of Monday.

3rd  July 1858

Marriage. At Linkinhorne, on the 29th inst. Mr John Gerry to Miss Angelina Lawry

10th July 1858 Front page Col. 1

Cheesewring. Many tourist parties and visitors, have visited these romantic rocks during the past week, and have no doubt felt themselves amply repaid for their journey by this delightful scenery. The Kilmarr Railway in its immediate vicinity, is in a progressive state. Mr Joseph Thomas, contractor of the time has been working his men day and quarter, and the whole line will be ready to receive the permanent rail the end of this week. The line will be open by the middle of August, when the  finest specimen of granite can be sent to any part of the world. 

Linkinhorne Accident. On the 26th ult. as James Buckingham, farmer of Linkinhorne, about 11 or 12 years old, was driving his fathers cart, and on turning a corner in the village, the cart upset, injuring the boys leg very severely. Mr Kempethorne of Callington was sent for, and on finding that mortification had set in, deemed amputation of the limb imperative, which was performed on the following day, and the patient is now going on favourably

Death. At Leigh Mill, Linkinhorne on the 1st inst., Jane wife of Mr J Andrawartha aged 26 years.

24th July 1858  Front page, 2nd Column

Marriages. At Mamre Brook, near Angaston South Australia, the residence of William Salter Esq., on the 14th April,  J J Moody Esq. of Pine Cottage, near Truro to Ellen, the third daughter of Nicholas Foot Esq., of Gawler Park and late of Rillaton in this County.

July 31 1858  Front Page 2nd Column

Deaths. At Linkinhorne,  church town, on the 21st inst., Mr William Bennet, blacksmith, aged 62 years.

August  7th 1858

Births. At Darley, Linkinhorne, on the 31st ult., the wife of J W Dingle of a daughter.
Death. At Stow Cottage, Linkinhorne, on the 4th inst., Captain Samuel Secombe, aged 49 years.

14th August 1858

Destructive Fire. On Monday last, a distressing event occurred at Notter in the parish of Linkinhorne. The dwelling house belonging to the farm rented by Mr Richard Sargent, Henwood, being under repair, the family residing there as herds, were obliged to lodge in the barn, the wife of the man whose name is Hoskin, being obliged to attend the hay field, left her three youngest children (the oldest of the three not six years of age) to play in the curtilage, they having obtained some matches lighted a fire almost close to the barn, when the flames came in contact with the thatch roof, and before assistance came the fire had burnt down the barn, and other houses attached, with all Hawkin’s furniture, clothing, and provisions, with the exception of a small table and a little flour. The poor family are left in a pitiable conditions, although Mr Sargent has greatly assisted them.

Capt. Samuel Seccombe. It is with deep regret that we have to record the death of Capt. Seccombe, of the Phoenix Mines, near Liskeard, which event took place on Wednesday 4th inst. in the 48th year of his age. Capt. Seccombe was a sound practical miner, and it was by his energy and perseverance that the Phoenix mines have been brought to their present position. Capt. Seccombe has the power of gaining the esteem of all with whom he associated in private or public life. He was loved by his family and relatives, esteemed by his friends, and respected by his neighbours. The bereavement has produced a gloom on all, and his loss will be greatly felt by all classes. He was interred in the burying ground adjoining Darley Chapel, in the parish of Linkinhorne on Tuesday last. His remains were followed to its last resting place by a large number of sorrowing friends.

Reopening of the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Henwood. Details given about this event. The chapel had been lengthened and old seating replaced with new which was freshly painted.

August  28th 1858  Front page 1st column

Opening of the Kilmar Railway . This railway was opened on Thursday 27th inst. The proceedings were opened by the Directors inspecting the line from Pontice Piece to Kilamr, and then proceding to inspect the granite, etc., in the neighbourhood. About two o’clock a sumptuous dinner was provided for them, in a capacious tent at the foot of the hill, after which various toasts and speeches appropriate to the occasion, were delivered. The chair was taken by Mr Harris, chairman of the Cheesewring Granite Company. About half past four, four wagons loaded with granite, and two with the Directors, and their friends started from Kilmar as far as the Caradon branch, and then proceeded to Cheesewring, a distance of about three miles, which was accomplished in splendid style. At the latter place a tea was provided for about 200 stone cutters and labourers, which was evidently enjoyed. The stone-cutters rang a peal on the jumpers. To give an idea of this it may be necessary to state, that the men placed several pieces of iron, called ‘jumpers’, used for boring, in a circle, when each man strikes it in turn, producing a good imitation of the xxxxxxx on hand bells. The line is considered a very good one, and great praise is due to the engineer and contractors, for the satisfactory manner in which the work has been carried out. The cost has been below the first estimate, and the line was completed within three months. At Moorswater about 40 xxxx were also regaled with tea and cake.

births  At Cristal stile, Linkinhorne, on the 25th inst., the wife of Mr Matthew Gourd, of a daughter.

11th September 1858.L. Lanson Petty Sessions. Mr Samson BALL of Rilla Mill applied for a spirit licence and was opposed  by Mr PETER, solicitor of John BROWN, innkeeper of Rilla Mill. Licence granted.

Mr John GERRY also applied for a new licence, his father had one for the inn he kept near the Cheesewring, but he promised to give it up in favour of his son whose house is a short distance off. Licence granted.

Susanna MARTIN of Bray Shop fined 1/- and costs for keeping her beer shop open during prohibited hours.


Cornish Times

18th Jan. 1862. A notice stating that Mr Baker will sell at Auction on Tuesday 21st inst. at South Yolland in the parish of Linkinhorne various items, (there follows a list) which includes sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, clover and upland hay, oats, implements and household furniture ‘the property of Mr Thos. Batten, quitting the estate’.

25th Jan. 1862  Liskeard Market prices. Wheat £3. 1s.7d, barley £1.8s.6d oats £0.18s.10½d.

A notice that Mr Wadge would be selling by auction on the 28th inst. at the Glebe in the parish of Linkinhorne, live and dead farm stock belonging to Mr John Brown.

1st Feb. 1862 “The Cornish Times containing all the news of the week, may be obtained of Mr Hobb, Rillamill, Linkinhorne, every Saturday morning. Price One Penny.”

 Deaths. At Linkinhorne on the 24th alt. Miss Elizabeth Brooks, aged 84 years.

8th Feb. 1862  South Yolland farm to be let by tender. There is a description of the house, sheds and land and then….. “Threshing machine worked by water-power, sufficient to drive in addition a pig meat mill or other required machinery. Lime and other manure will be obtained from the Caradon and Liskeard Railway terminus at Tokenbury.”

Fatal Accident. Wm. Henry Govett, a lad of Nighton in the parish of Linkinhorne came by his death under the following circumstances; it appears the lad had been teasing some horses with a pike, through the stable door on the farm, when one of the animals kicked and drove the handle of the pike with such force against the boy’s chest, that he died the following day from the effects of the blow. An inquest was held and a verdict of accidental death returned.”

15th Feb. 1862  “Child Burnt to Death. On the 11th inst. an infant child about 12 months old, the daughter of Mr Ball blacksmith of Rillamill was placed by her mother near the fire while she want to take in the clothes that were hanging to dry. She was absent about 10 minutes and on her return, found the child’s clothing had taken fire, and the child burnt to death.”

8th March 1862  Ad  title page 1st column


 “Livestock, household furniture etc., The property of Mr James Lane who quits his Estate at Lady Day, namely:-“

details include
39 cattle
170 sheep & 1 ram
2 horses
7 pigs

Various household items.

CALLINGTON Petty Sessions Richard Thomas of Cheesewring, Linkinhorne was summonsed by Richard Haley for an assault and was fined 15s and costs.

Richard Bolitho of Linkinhorne was summonsed by the Waywardens of the same parish for non-payment of Water Rates, and also by the Overseers for non-payment of the Poor Rate. Order made in each case and for the costs.

March 15th 1862  Advert 1st page 1 col

Christa Stile

Freehold dwelling houses and Gardens  
To be sold at Public Auction at the Caradon Hotel, in the Parish Of Linkinhorne on Thursday the 20th March instant, by four o’clock in the afternoon…………….


The above Premises are advantageously situated , being within half a mile of Phoenix, Marke Valle, Rosedown and several other promising Mines, and about three quarters of a mile from the Cheesewring Granite Works, affording every opportunity for the small capitalist. ….

March 15th 1862 Page 4

RILLA MILL Mine Accident On Saturday late, William Harris, a miner, of Rilla Mill was seriously injured by falling whilst descending a shaft a Marke Valley Mine. He is still unable to work.

DEATH OF A VETERAN Matthew Hambly of Caradon Town, has recently died, aged 84 years. He spent some time in the naval service during the late war with Napoleon, and was one of the heroes of Trafalgar, in the vessel in which Nelson fell. He leaves a widow herself very advanced in years.

March 22nd 1862  Page 4

Cornwall Lent Assizes At Bodmin on Monday. Trials of Prisoners. John Halls pleaded not guilty to a charge of stealing three fowls. The property of Robert Allen of Linkinhorne, on 7th January. It appeared that the prisoner was at the prosecutors house on the night of 7th January, and the fowls were missed the next day. They were sold to Mrs Cory in Callington on that day; but the purchasers could not identify the prisoner. A witness named Timewell, who witnessed the transaction identified the prisoner. – Acquitted.

April 5th  1862  Advert 1st page 1st column


Superior Larch and Ash Poles, Beech, elm , Scotch and Sycamore Timer

To be sold at Sutton Plantation

For viewing apply to Mr Brooks pf Sutton House or Mr Bartlett Plushabridge.



From Cheesewring Common, Linkinhorne on the 26th March a BAY NAG PONY about 12half hands high (description) Reward of 10s will be given

John Herring, owner near Phoenix Mines.


Edward Budge of Cellars Linkinhorne who did not appear on his name being called although he afterwards came into court was summonsed by the Police for having an incorrect beam and scale used for weighing flour etc. Inspector Stephens proved the testing of the scale and that the scale was one ounce against the purchaser. Fined 30s costs  and costs 10s.

Birth. At Uphill, Linkinhorne on the 2nd inst. the wife of Mr John Martin of a son.  

April 12th 1862 Advertisement page 1 column 2

To masons, builders and others.
Tenders will be received at the Account House of these mines on Saturday 19th inst. for the building of a 60 inch CYLINDER ENGINE HOUSE, STACK, BOILER HOUSE, etc. complete.  


Page 4 column 4

The village of Linkinhorne provided a very bustling and animated appearance on the Tuesday last, the day appointed for the holding of the 4th annual meeting of the Agricultural Society. The sheep were shown on a field belonging to Mr William Henwood and the bullocks were exhibited in the road.
(there then follows a long list of winner)
The annual dinner of the Society was held at the New Inn, kept by Mr Northey immediately after the show.
(full report of the dinner, speeches, etc).

CALLINGTON PETTY SESSIONS 3rd May  William Allen of Dunsleigh Linkinhorne was summonsed by Mary Ann Hog of the same parish for being the father of her bastard child. Mr Peter for defendant. The case was clearly made out and an order for 1s 6d per week was made.

31st May 1862

To be let by tender either together or separate, for 7 or 14 years from Michealmas next, all those messuages, farms and lands called


With the barns, challs, excellent threshing machine and convenient outbuildings to the same belonging, containing 117a 2r 23p of rich Meadow Arable and Pasture Land in the occupation of Mr William Stanton.

Also the farms and lands of

Now in the possession of Mrs Brent …etc.……etc.……..

14 June 1862  Page 1 Col. 1

To be let by tender for a term of 7 or 14 years from Michaelmas next all those desirable farms called



Now in the occupation of Mr William Buckingham tenant

June 21st 1862

MINE ACCIDENT On Friday 13th inst, as some men were at work blasting a hole at West Caradon Mine, the powder exploded , and a young miner named Francis, was so severely injured, that it is feared he will lose the sight of both eyes.

5th July 1862  Page 1 Col. 1


To be let by tender from Midsummer last two grass fields containing together about 3 acres situate at Cresta in the above parish and lately occupied by Mrs Gourd. 


CORNWALL COUNTY COURT  TRIALS OF PRISONERS “Thomas Rogers, miner  (on bail) was called up to surrender himself to answer a charge of stealing a quantity of ore from South Caradon Mine on the 29th May 1862. He did not surrender himself. “ It turned out that he was already in custody under an excise warrant put in force the previous day

John Richards, 18, was charged with breaking into the dwelling-house of Joseph Rowell of Linkinhorne on the 24th June, and stealing the sum of £10, the property of William Bennett. It appears that in consequence of suspicious circumstances (stated by witnesses) Inspector Marshall of the County Constabulary apprehended the prisoner at Stoke and on searching him found £6 1s in gold and 31s 9d in silver and copper, in his pockets …etc.…etc.…………….  Inspector Marshall stated that the conduct of the prisoner  in the lock-up was very strange and he would judge that he was not of right mind at times. His father also stated that he had received a serious injury in the head some years since from a fall, and they had had great trouble with him at times since. The jury found the prisoner guilty with a recommendation for mercy. – and two previous convictions for felony were proved against him. He was sentenced to six months hard labour.

19th July 1862  P 4 col 5

Liskeard County Court  Joseph Hancock v Daniel Venning  Long account of an assault that took place in Henwood. Some Linkinhorne names mentioned are; Catherine Jewell, Northey, Mary Ann Jewell, Susannah Sweet. Thomas Upcott, Stephen Harper.

Births. At West Sharp Tor, Linkinhorne on the 17th inst. The wife of Captain W Richards of a son.

26th July 1862  Page 1 Col. 3



Who is acquainted with country work. Apply to C Bennett, Rillaton, Linkinhorne.

RILLA MILL SUNDAY SCHOOL Anniversary held on Tues 22nd inst.  Sermon, tea etc. The school comprised 194 scholars

2nd August 1862

Marriages. At the Wesleyan Chapel St Austell on 29th ult. By the Rev Alfred Mewton, Mr William Rundle (or Riddle) of Linkinhorne to Miss Mary Ann Job of Tywardreath.

23rd August 1862

Deaths  At Linkinhorne Vicarage on the 15th inst. After a long and painful illness, Augusta Kempe, the wife of  Rev E Marshall Kempe, vicar of the parish, aged 53.