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McCoskrie Photo Albums

Many of these images are copied from an album kept originally by Margaret Susan Mansfield (1863-1939), wife of Reuben Gregory McCoskrie. The album was passed down to their daughter, Nannie Belle McCoskrie. Both mother and daughter annotated some of the photos.

Other photos were in the possession of Reuben's brother and sister-in-law, Isaac Lewis McCoskrie (1867-1926) and Emma F. Bryan (1868-1912).

Thanks to Christine Metzner for sharing these images!

Brookshier, Bettie McCoskrie, Harve Family, 1930
Bryan, Dora McCoskrie, John Samuel
Bryan, Dora McCoskrie, Leona "Ona"
Darnell, Bob McCoskrie, Levi
Fryer, Minerva Ann McCoskrie, Nannie Belle
Hicks, John McCoskrie, Reuben G.
Hicks, Ralph Nance, Rice
Jones, Lucinda Smith-Wells, Bettie
Mansfield, Margaret Susan Smith, Sanford
Mansfield, Margaret Susan Unidentified persons
McCoskrie, Andrew J. Family Worchester, Rev. Leonard
McCoskrie, Andrew J. McCoskrie, Irvin and Cole
McCoskrie, Elizabeth McCoskrie, Isaac Lewis
McCoskrie, Isaac Lewis family
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