Photo Albums of Anna Bretland Robinson and Flora Higgins Robinson

Robinson and Allied Families
Photo Albums

Many of these families lived in or near the Molo community, located between Mooresville and Ludlow in Livingston County, Missouri

These photos are from two beautiful albums originally owned by Anna Bretland Robinson (1844-1932) and her daughter-in-law, Flora Higgins Robinson (1867-1938). Their families and some of their friends are pictured. The albums are now in the possession of Rita Ann Robinson (Mrs. Donald W. Davis) and are displayed here through her generous wish to share these valuable images. Her personal comments are included. Please email your additions, corrections and comments to Rita.

Married women are identified by their birth surnames (when known) as well as their married names to aid in genealogical research.

BaptismHiggins, WesleyRobinson, Ruth Cecil
Amery,RaymondHiggins, Nell and FloraRobinson, Richard & family
Bissel, JudgeHiggins, WesleyRobinson, Rita Ann
Bissel, Mrs. JudgeHughes,Ralph J.Robinson, Sarah
Borders, Perry and Cora TonerLee, George & familyRobinson, Sarah "Mollie"
Borders, Perry babiesLee, Richard Sr.Robinson, Sedgemund
Bray,LorenLudlow Class PlayRobinson, Sedgemund
Bretland, BobMcCoskrie, John & MertieRobinson, Sedgemund Thomas
Bretland, BobMcCoskrie, Myrtle Mrs.Robinson, Sidge
Bretland, CharlieMcCoskrie, NannieRobinson, Sidge and Rita
Bretland, EllenMcCoskrie, Ruben & wifeRobinson, Sidge home
Bretland, FrancesMerrill, AliceRobinson, S. T. home
Bryan & wifeMerrill, FrankRobinson, William Jr.
Bryan, AvrieMerrill, John H.Seeley, William family
Bryan, CharleyMerrill, John's fatherSeeley, Charlotte Mrs.
Bryan groupMerrill, John's motherSeeley, Eva
Bryan, MarieMerrill, Sarah Mrs.Seeley, Eva
Cecil, NorrellNorthard, ElizabethSeeley, Eva
Class PhotoParks boySeeley, William
Country SchoolReynar, Mary EmmalineSeeley, William and Charlotte
Crawford, FrankRobinson, Anna Mrs.Shields, Mrs. Daisy
Dale, SarahRobinson, Anna Mrs.Shields, Delores
Earl, AlphaRobinson, Anna Mrs.Shields, Jesse
Earl,CleoRobinson, ArthurShields, Jesse
Earl, LottieRobinson, Charlotte AmeliaShields, Nyle Mrs.
Earl, RuthRobinson, CharlotteShilling, Ollie
Fryer, William & familyRobinson, CharlotteSkinner, Neil
Gilliland, Daisy DeanRobinson, Flora Mrs.Skinner, Neil
Glenn, Mrs. DaisyRobinson farmSkinner, Neil
Goodrich, GranvilleRobinson, Flora Mrs.Skinner, Neil
Goodrich, Lenora Mrs.Robinson, Flora Mrs.Skinner, Nell Mrs.
Goodrich, RobertRobinson, FrancesSkinner, Frank & family
Hambleton, Ann Mrs.Robinson,FrancesSkinner, Frank & family
Hambleton, WilliamRobinson, FrankSkinner, Sarah Catherine
Hambleton, WilliamRobinson, FrancesSmith, Albert C.
Hicks, AliceRobinson, Ellie Mrs.Smith, Anna
Hicks, RobertRobinson, GeorgeSmith, Bob
Hicks, RobertRobinson, GarrSmith, Frances Mrs.
Hicks, Thomas childrenRobinson, George Hale Sr.Smith, Marie Mrs.
Higgins BrothersRobinson, GeorgeSmith, Wm. R. family
Higgins, EdRobinson, George familyToner, Avrie Mrs.
Higgins, Edward & MildredRobinson, JennieToner, Cora and Perry Borders
Higgins familyRobinson, John C. & familyToner, Fred & family
Higgins, FloraRobinson, John C. & ElizabethToner, Fred & family
Higgins, FloraRobinson, JosephToner, Fred & Mary
Higgins, FloraRobinson, JohnToner, James & Ellie
Higgins, FloraRobinson, John "Kink"Toner, Jewel
Higgins, Flora and NellRobinson, John "Kink"Toner, Mary Mrs.
Higgins, Four generationsRobinson, Lee ArlingtonToner, Mary Mrs.
Higgins, GeorgeRobinson, Lee ArlingtonToner, Nyle
Higgins, Joseph familyRobinson, Lee and MaryToner, Russell
Higgins, LenoraRobinson, Mary AnnToner, Ruth
Higgins, LenoraRobinson, Myrtle AmandaTrio of ladies
Higgins, Mary ElizabethRobinson, Myrtle A.Truitt, Charles
Higgins, MaryRobinson, Norrel C.Union Church Picnic
Higgins, MaryRobinson,OlethaUnion Sunday School
Higgins, MildredRobinson, Olive AliceWeatherby, Jenny Robinson
Higgins, NellRobinson, Peter's dauWilson, Rosa
Higgins, NellRobinson, Richard 

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