Smith, Bretland, Robinson and Allied Family Photos

Smith, Bretland, Robinson and Allied Families

These images are posted courtesy of Mark Borckardt. The album in which the photos were found was previously in the possession of Mark's mother, Margaret Louise (Smith) Borckardt. She made this notation inside the album cover:

"This album was from my father's family -- my paternal grandfather was William R. Smith and my paternal grandmother was Frances 'Fannie' Bretland Smith. The English Bretland/Hambleton relatives would be hers, and the Smith/Burton relatives would be his. Most of the penciled notations [on the original album pages] were my father's, but some were mine. William Moore Smith was my older brother, and Walter Smith was my father. Jimmy Smith was my other brother, the Army Air Corps pilot lost in World War II."

Bretland, Alfred LancelotRobinson, JohnSmith, George
Bretland, FrancesRobinson, John E.Smith, Iva
Bretland, FrancesRobinson, NorrellSmith, Jimmy
Bretland, GrandmaRobinson, SedgemundSmith, Lauren
Bretland, MaggieShidaker, Martha BurtonSmith, Lauren
Bretland, MaggieShidaker, MattieSmith, Marion
Bretland, MaggieShidaker, Phoebe BurtonSmith, Robert
Bretland, unknownSmith, AnnaSmith, Robert
Burton, MarthaSmith, Barbara BurtonSmith, Vira
Burton, PhoebeSmith, BertieSmith, Vira
Cousin, EnglishSmith, CharlieSmith, Walter
Hambleton, EleanorSmith, ClaytonSmith, Walter D.
Hambleton, WilliamSmith, ClaytonSmith, William Moore
Hambleton, WilliamSmith, ClaytonSmith, William Riley
Knoop, Ella Mae Mrs. Smith, ClaytonSmith, William
Knoop, EthelSmith, ClaytonSmith, William
North, Mrs.Smith, Elizabeth Mrs. Wright, Will
Pritchard, AuntSmith, Ella Maeunidentified, child
Pritchard, unknownSmith, Ella Maeunidentified, male
Robinson, Anna SmithSmith, Ellenunidentified, woman & child
Robinson, AnnieSmith, Ellenunknown, Emma
Robinson, FrancesSmith, Ellen Mrs.unknown, Jessie
Robinson, Frances E.Smith, Frances Bretlandunknown, Mary Ann
Robinson, FrankSmith, Frances Bretland