This site will be constantly under construction. I hope to upload some details of cemeteries around the area I live. To start I live in Liverpool, England. And I have seen that there is a few sites and one graveyard has been put online but there seems to be very little on the other cemeteries in the area. In walking distance of me is Anfield and St Mary's Walton. I hope this site will be of some use but cannot guarantee how often I will be able to update the site but I will try to sort something out even if it is only a few details a month.

 Anfield cemetery is between the two main football grounds in Liverpool. It is a large cemetery which was opened in the 1860's. Many fine examples of headstones from this time still exist. The cemetery has grown in the same way that the city has grown. It also features a number of Chinese graves, Liverpool having a large Chinese community in the 1800's.

 St. Mary's Walton on the hill, is a churchyard with a long history as originally Walton was a recognized area before Liverpool. The church graveyard has been vandalized in the past so by putting the information on these pages hopefully there will be a permanent record of the headstones that still exist today.

 In Liverpool there are quite a few churchyards and cemeteries but to the visitor these can be confusing. For example Everton cemetery is not in Everton, it's in the north of the city towards Fazakerly. Kirkdale is not in Kirkdale it is also towards fazakerly. Hopefully as this site progresses i will be able to put up some history about the cemeteries in the area and the names from the headstones. Walton Cemetery on Rice lane also has a few historic headstones when I get chance i will try to post up some of these. Very sorry to those who are looking for South Liverpool cemeteries at the moment they are not featured on these pages but who knows ??

The site has been updated some names are given by relative who have family members buried in Anfield and a very big special thank you must go to Sheila who with trusty dog and camera have given time and patience to add names to this site.

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