Alumni Record of the University of Illinois, 1906

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The University of Illinois Alumni Association has announced it will create a memorial to all graduates of the university who died in service during wartime. If you know of a UI alumnus or alumna who died in any war, check the following lists to make sure the name has been properly recorded:

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The Illinois Industrial University was renamed the University of Illinois by an act of the Illinois Legislature signed into law June 19, 1885 by then Gov. Oglesby, according to the Annals of the University in the preface to the book.

Alumni Record of the University of Illinois, 1906

Editor: Frank William Scott
Published by the University of Illinois, 1906.

This is a book that my husband found at an antique sale a few years ago. It contains biographical sketches of all the alumni in the classes up through 1905, with parents, parent birthplace & birthdate, spouse, marriage date, children, children's birthdates. Sketches are also included for all faculty and trustees through that date. A list of graduates for 1906 is included, but there is no genealogical or biographical information for any of them, so I have not included them in this database.

I have entered all the genealogical data (names, birth dates and places, marriage dates and places, and relationships) into a gedcom file and uploaded it to I chose to use a gedcom database because it allows me to easily notate the relationships between individuals, and the WorldConnect project is a highly visible and accessible place to publish this information.

Here is a sample entry:

and a full-sized page is available here. Some of the abbreviations and clubs listed can be found here.

The amount of information on each person varies, and there are certainly typographical and data errors in the book. As with any original source, users must evaluate the data and seek other corroborating sources. I find it particularly amusing to see the variations in parents' names, birthdates, and birthplaces in the entries of siblings (these are all very smart, accomplished people, yet they don't know their parents names!); I've tried to notate these differences as much as possible within the limitations of the GEDCOM format.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like the biographies of anyone in the book. Biographies are available for the primary entries (alumni, trustees, and faculty), not for their parents, spouses, or children. It is helpful if you send me the ID number of the person. The table below shows the approximate ranges for the different groups of people in the database and may help you decide which person in a family is the "primary" entry; however, many families have more than one graduate in the database.

Rootsweb IDType of entryNotes
1-2537Undergraduate alumniAll should have a GRAD: (year) University of Illinois note. The ID numbers are the same as the numbers assigned to them sequentially in the book.
2538-2565Graduate alumniThe alumnus will have a GRAD date and an IDNO starting with G.
2566-2599Honorary alumniThe alumnus will have an IDNO starting with H.
2600-4136Faculty, trustees, their parents, spouses and children The faculty member or trustee will have an OCCUPATION note and there should be a page number in the IDNO field.
4137-10600Parents, spouses and children of undergrad and graduate alumni, through 1906Find the grad with the primary entry by looking for a GRAD note on the parents, spouse, or children.
10600-endAlumni, faculty, trustees, their parents, spouses and children from 1906 to 1912. Find the grad in each family (usually the lowest ID in the family). The second book has a slightly different numbering scheme, so the alumnus number is in the IDNO field.

I'm happy to transcribe the entries and e-mail them to you. I am hesitant to attempt to copy the book or scan it all in because it is rather fragile.

Please do not send me additional information on individuals in the book, interesting though it is; I am restricting this database to facts in the book alone. If you wish to annotate any entry or to find others interested in the same person, feel free to add a Post-Em to the Rootsweb entry.

Alumni Record of the University of Illinois, 1913

Editor: James Herbert Kelley
Published by the University of Illinois, 1913.

I now have a copy of this later edition and can also transcribe any of these entries if you wish.

My son is currently entering all the new names from the classes of 1906-1912 into the database; we hope to be done by the end of the summer of 2003.

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2409 S. Vine Street
Urbana, IL 61801 217/367-6384

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