Thomas William Gallagher came to America from Ireland in 1849 at the age of 10, a survivor of the Great Famine. He lived in various places - Massachusetts, California, Illinois and Wisconsin before settling in Minnesota. He married twice. The researchers of this line descend from the second child, Myles Edwin, of his first marriage and of the third child, Edward Thomas, of his second marriage.

Myles Edwin, born in Minnesota in 1874, left home at the age of 14 to seek his fortune, plying his trade as a carpenter, eventually ending up in San Francisco. He met his bride, Ida Winifred Hind, as a result of the great San Francisco earthquake and fire of April 6th 1906. He saved her life by carrying her out of a burning building on that day. They were married in August of 1906. They lived the rest of thier lives in the San Francisco Area.

Edward Thomas, born in Wisconsin in 1893, moved to Minnesota with his family in 1894. He married Hazel Moore in 1913 and homesteaded near Bowdoin, Montana in 1915. After working in a meat market for a time, Edward went into business for himself in Glasgow, MT. This family business evolved into a grocery store, then supermarket. Gallagher's IGA remained in the family until the 1980's.

Due to the difficulties of "Famine Irish" research, collaterial lines are often investigated. The researchers of the Thomas William Gallagher line have investigated collateral lines and families, that are related to Thomas Gallagher, but the exact nature of that relationship is at this time, unknown. Those lines will be posted here. Stay tuned.

Family Tree

Thomas William Gallagher
b. 4 June 1839 in County Sligo, Ireland, d. 14 Dec 1923, Sauk Centre, Stearns Co., MN m.1) abt. 1870 Catherine McCanna b. 1854 Paris, Brandt Co., Ontario d. 31 Dec 1886 Westport TWP., Pope County, MN. m. 2) abt. 1889
Mary Ann Doyle b. 8 Nov 1859 Albany NY, d. 30 July 1930, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR

The Children of Thomas Gallagher and Kate McCanna are:
  1. William Henry, b. 20 Jan. 1872, Westport, Pope Co., MN; d. May 13, 1957 Kansas City, MO; m. 1) Bessie Pearl Jarvis, b. Nov. 21, 1879, Macon Co. IL; d. Oct 1963, New York City, NY; m. 2) abt. 1929, Ninette M. Hotchkiss, b. 25 Aug 1879, Texas; d. 20 Apr 1958, Kansas City MO.
  2. Myles Edwin, b. 22 Feb. 1874, Westport, Pope Co., MN; d. 6 Aug, 1969, Brentwood CA; m. Winifred Hind, b. 1 Oct 1883, Winona, Winona Co., MN; d. 25 Sep 1964, Paradise, Butte Co., CA.
  3. Ann E., b. 20 Aug. 1875, Westport, Pope Co., MN; d. 28 Mar 1967, Reseda, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. 11 Oct 1898 Edward Herberger, b. 5 Feb 1874, MN; d. 25 Feb 1957, Minneapolis, Hennipen Co., MN.
  4. Margaret Jane, b. 22 Apr. 1877, Westport, Pope Co., MN; d. 17 Oct 1958, Minneapolis MN.
  5. James Emmett, b. Dec. 1878
  6. Thomas, b. 20 Aug. 1881, Westport, Pope Co., MN; d. 28 Feb 1883, Westport, Pope Co., MN.
  7. Infant, b. 2 Oct. 1885.

The Children of Thomas Gallagher and Mary Ann Doyle are:
  1. Mary Elizabeth (Mae), b. 21 Mar. 1890, IL, d. 19 Apr 1973, Paynesville, Stearns Co., MN; m. 27 Jun 1923 Einar Fischer, b. 15 Nov 1883, Norway; d. 11 Apr 1973, Bismarck, ND.
  2. Lucie A., b. 6 June 1892, WI; d. 29 Jan 1988, Spokane, Spokane Co., ID; m. Andrew Joseph Griesbaum, b. 19 Dec 1890, Warrick Co. IN; d. June 1972, IN.
  3. Edward Thomas Gallagher, b. 9 Dec. 1893, Superior, Douglas Co., WI; d. 16, Jul 1970, Glasgow, Valley Co., MT; m. Hazel Hildred Moore, b. 15 Jan. 1897, West Union, MN; d. 21 Feb. 1993, Glasgow, MT.
    1. George Thomas Gallagher, b. 18 Aug. 1915
    2. Inez Mae Gallagher Bradley, b. 14 Feb. 1917
    3. Donald Fremont Gallagher, b. 5 Jan. 1919
    4. Helen Kathleen Gallagher Shurtliff, b. 6 Nov. 1921
    5. Francis Edward Gallagher, b. 20 Mar. 1929
  4. Eleanor E., b. 9 Jan. 1895, MN; d. 14 Mar 1978, Gold Beach, Curry Co., OR; m. 5 Jun 1926 Julius G. Koehler; b. 15 Aug 1894, MN; d. 17 Oct 1985, Curry Co., WA.
  5. Francis J. Gallagher, b. 1 Mar. 1897, Sauk Centre, Stearns Co., MN; d. 27 Nov 1927, Glasgow, Valley Co., MT.

Thomas W. Gallagher Timeline

4 June 1839: Born in County Sligo, Ireland. (Obituary & Naturalization papers)

1848: Father dies in Ireland during potato famine. (Obituary)

1849: Arrives in America (censuses), with mother and younger siblings. (From obituary)

1853: Family settles in Sandersfield (Probably Sandisfield), Mass. (From obituary)

1860:Works as farm labor on the farm of Thomas Walsh and Bridget Gallagher Walsh, near Grandby, CT. (1860 Census)

4 September 1860: Appears at court for intent of final naturalization in County of Hartford, CT. Listed as resident of Grandby. (Conn. Naturalization papers)

1864: Goes to California to seek his fortune. (Obituary)

1868: Settles in Westport Township, Pope County, Minnesota. (Obituary)

1 September 1869: Purchases NE1/4 Sec. 6, Twp 118 R.35, Kandiyohi Co, in a cash sale (BLM records).

1869: Marries Catherine McCanna. (Obituary)

6 November 1869: Files for homestead on Section 17, T.126 R.36, Westport TWP, Pope Co., MN (Final affidivate of Homestead Claim)

7 November 1870: Becomes a Naturalized Citizen again (first papers were lost) at Douglas County Court, Alexandria, MN.

20 January 1872: William Henry born in Westport Township, Minnesota. (Birth certificate)

4 November, 1872: James Gallagher of Green Lake, Kandiyohi Co., grants a Mortgage to Thomas W. Gallagher on the Kandiyohi property (Mortgage deed records)

22 February 1874: Myles Edwin born in Westport Township, Minnesota. (Birth certificate)

20 August 1875: Anne E. born in Westport Township, Minnesota. (Birth records)

22 April 1877: Margaret Jane born in Westport Township, Minnesota. (Birth records)

6 November 1877: Final Affidavit filed with District Judge Clerk for homestead claim. (Homestead records)

24 April 1878: Final Homestead Certificate Granted for the Westport tract. (Homestead records)

December 1878: James Emmett Gallagher born. (Birth records)

20 August 1881: Thomas Gallagher born in Westport Township, Pope County, Minnesota. (Birth records)

1883: Listed as one of the founders of "Our Lady of the Lake" Catholic Church, Villard, Pope County, Minnesota. (Church records)

28 February 1883: Thomas Gallagher, son of Thomas W. and Catherine, dies. (Obituary)

31 December 1886: Catherine McCanna Gallagher dies. (Death records)

6 June 1888: Sells Westport Township farm. (Land records)

June 1888: Leaves Minnesota.

1889: Marries Mary Anne Doyle in Albany, New York. (Family records)

21 March 1890: Mary Elizabeth (Mae) Gallagher born in Illinois. (Notes and 1910 Census)

6 June 1892: Lucie Gallagher born in Wisconsin. (Notes and 1910 Census)

9 December 1893: Edward T. Gallagher born in Superior, Wisconsin. (Family records)

1894: Returned to Minnesota and settled on a farm in Kandoka Township, Todd County, Minnesota. (Obituary and 1900 Census)

9 January 1895: Eleanor born in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. (Family records)

1 March 1897: Francis J. born in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. (Family records)

1905: Moved into Sauk Centre, Stearns County, Minnesota. (Obituary)

14 December 1923: Thomas W. Gallagher dies. Funeral at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church at Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Burial at Calvary Cemetery, "The Irish Cemetery". (Obituary)

Edward Thomas Gallagher - A Short Family History

Edward T. Gallagher and Hazel Moore were married in Long Prairie, Minnesota in 1913. In 1917 they moved to Montana. Ed worked in Wolf Point for a time and homesteaded 13 miles south of Bowdoin. The land was not exactly the best so after an honest try, he moved his wife and two children to Glasgow and worked in a store owned by a Mr. Coffey. The store was located in the Shanley Building. J.I. Lebert and son Byron became owners with Ed as an employee. The business was moved to a Fifth Street location. In 1924, Ed became a partner with Byron in the CITY MARKET.

Ed, with sons George and Donald, bought out Byron Lebert in 1940. The store operated on Fifth Street for seventeen years before expanding to the former Johndahl Bakery on Front Street. The Gallaghers also raised and butchered their own beef for the meat market. The cattle operation was located east of Glasgow on the Fort Peck Highway.

After their five children were raised, Hazel became bookkeeper for the firm. She continued until Ed's death in 1970 and then worked in some capacity for the store until the age of 85.

In 1960, the business moved from downtown to GALLAGHER'S FOODLINER on Highway 2 West, operated by George and Donald until 1983 when the store was sold.

George Thomas was born Aug. 18, 1915 and Inez Mae Feb. 14, 1917, the year the family moved to Montana to homestead. Donald Fremont was born Jan. 5, 1919, Kathleen on Nov. 6, 1921 and Francis March 20, 1929.

George married Birdie Agre June 11, 1938 and they lived in Glasgow all their lives except for a few years in Oregon.

Mae was married in 1938 to Ray Bradley. Mae died in 1967.

Donald and Dorothy Christenson were married June, 1939 and she died in 1962. Don died in 1999. Donald lived in Glasgow all of his adult life.

Kathleen married Darrell Shurtliff in 1943.

Francis was married in 1957 to Bernadine Donahue.

In 1934 Ed and Hazel bought their home at 212 2nd Ave. N. in Glasgow Hazel moved in 1986. Ed passed away in 1970 and Hazel in 1993. In Jan. of 2000 they had three living children, 27 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren and 37 great-great grandchildren.

Collateral line 1: James Gallagher

Because of the scarcity of records in Ireland and in the United States and Canada for the time period of the Great Famine (abt. 1845-1855) and for ship records durign the massive migration of survivors of the famine to the United States and Canada, collateral lines are very helpful in research. Two promising collateral lines for Thomas W. Gallagher - James Gallagher and Bridget Gallagher Walsh - have been researched. The lines were identified based on contacts found in the public record and the proximity of the families geographically, as well as many common given names are being researched to establish the degree of kinship between the families, and ultimately a link to a common parish and townland in County Sligo in Ireland.

Before c1800: b. Michael Gallagher, father of James, Ireland (James marriage certificate)

1800/02 b: Ann/Margaret (Mother of James) (Census', marriage certificate of son James)

30 July 1827 b: James Gallagher born Co. Sligo, Ire. (Death cert., history of Kandyohi Co., MN)

9 Nov. 1827: Mary Foley (future wife of James) born in Queenstown, Cork Co., Ireland (Obit)

1849: James immigrates to U.S. (Hist. of Kandiyohi Co., MN), Probably with family

1850: Mary Foley immigrates to the United States, settling in Sandersfield (Sandisfield) MA (Obit)

20 Aug. 1850: A James Gallagher and family is listed living with the Thomas Rileys in New Marlboro, Berkshire, MA (Census). Note:

1 June 1855: James, et al, living in Sandisfield, Berkshire, MA. (Census)

29 Sept. 1855: James weds Mary Foley in Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA. (Marriage cert.)

May 1856: James "Ghallager" enrolled in the town militia of Sandisfield. (Sandisfield town vital records)

12 Sept. 1856: A male child, John, is born to James Gallagher, resident of Sandisfield. (Sandisfield birth register)

May 1857: James "Glaller" enrolled in Town of Sandisfield. (Sandisfield Town records)

21 May 1858: James Gallagher enrolled in Town of Sandisfield. (Sanisfield Town records) Note: As of 1859, James is no longer listed in the town enrollment.

1 May 1859: James, Mary & Family relocate to "Lakefield" (probably Lakeville), MN. (Mary's obit)

25 July 1860: Census of this date has a James Gallagher, of the right age, wife Mary and 3-year-old son John born in MA, farming in Lakeville Twp., Dakota Co., MN. (Confirmed in Mary's obit)

10 Sept. 1860: Mary Ann Gallagher born, probably Dakota Co., MN. Baptized in Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN on 12 April 1861.(Cathedral records)

1865: James, Mary, John and Mary reside in Lakeville, Dakota Co., MN. (Census)

27 Apr. 1868: James is naturalized in Shakopee, Scott Co., MN. (Naturalization certificate, NARA)

1 Nov. 1868: James and family move to Monongolia (now Kandiyohi) County as some of the early settlers. (Mary's obit)

18 July 1870: James and family (2 children) "entered upon and made settlement" on his land, MN.

4 Nov. 1872: James Gallagher grants mortgage to Thomas W. Gallagher of Westport, Pope Co., on the NE 1/4 Sec. 6, T. 118, R. 35. (Mortgage deed)

1872-73: John and Mary Gallagher (son and daughter of James) enrolled in Dist. 33, Kandiyohi Co. (List of first students)

6 Apr. 1874: Mary J. Gallagher of Green Lake, grants mortgage to Thomas W. Gallagher on the afore mentioned property.(Land records, Kandiyohi Co., MN)

21 June 1877: James perfects his claim at Benson, MN. Final certificate issued. (Final affidavit)

23 June 1880: James, Mary and family living in Green Lake, Kandiyohi Co., MN. (Census)

1885: James, Mary, John and Mary living in Green Lake, Kandiyohi Co., MN. (Census)

22 Sept. 1887: "James Gallagher received the sad news a short time ago that his son (John F.) had met his death while working on the railroad in Colorado." (Willmar Argus, p.1 col. 4, Green Lake news)

30 Nov. 1889: Mary Ann weds Clarence C. Field in Kandiyohi Co. by P.J. Boland, a Catholic priest. Witnesses: William White.

24 Oct. 1890: Mary Foley Gallagher becomes an invalid. (Obituary)

1 July 1892: Born, John Leo & Ira Stanley, twin sons of Clarence and Mary Ann Field, Kandiyohi Co., MN. (b/d cert.) (Note: In adulthood, Ira uses J. as his middle name.)

2 Oct. 1892: John Leo Field dies of unknown causes. (Kandiyohi Co., courthouse records)

1895: James and Mary living in Kandiyohi Twp. (1895 census)
Kandiyohi Twp. house 95
Gallagher, James, 74, farmer, yrs. in state: 39 yrs, 2 mo.; Resident in Twp.: 2 yrs. 10 mo.
Gallagher, Mary, 70
New London Twp., house 41
Field, C.C., 42, NY, farmer; yrs in state: 36; Res. in Twp., 27
Field, Mary Ann, 35, MN
Field, Ira Stan, 2, MN
Field, Frank, 4/12 yr., MN

30 Oct. 1898: James Gallagher dies in Kandiyohi Co. (Death cert., Mary's obit)

19 Aug. 1904: Mary Foley Gallagher dies in (New London?) Kandiyohi Co., MN and is buried in graveyard at St. Patrick's Church, Kandiyohi. (Obit)

1 Sept. 1916: Clarence Calvin Field dies, husband of Mary Ann, in New London, MN. (Obit)

31 Aug. 1937: Mary Ann Gallagher Field dies in Denver, CO, burial at Olivet Cemetery. (Obit)

The researchers of this line are Barbara Gallagher and Dan Shurtliff. This page was created by Joan Shurtliff. It was last updated on 31 May 2008.