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Ancestors of Lester L. Noll

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A narrative report is in the modified register format. The parents of a family are at the top of the page. If the parent's parents are in the database, then clicking on the parent's name will pop you up one generation to the parents of the parent. The children of a family are at the bottom of the page. If a child has a family of his own, clicking on the child's name will drop you down one generation to the child's family.
A family group sheet shows a family, parents and children, in a standard family group form. Parents and children with families have links that take you to their families, the same way as they do in the narrative reports.
To jump right into the family group sheets and search by name, click here.

Surname Family Name Narrative Family Group
BINKLEY Heinrich Binkley and Anna Maria Ruth Narrative Family Group
DEPPEN Christian Deppen and Veronica Ruchty Narrative Family Group
HEISER Samuel B. Heiser and Fietta Hildebrand Narrative Family Group
HERSHEY Benedict Hershey and Judith Heining Narrative Family Group
MOYER Frantz Mayer and Barbara Bayer Narrative Family Group
NOLL, George George Noll and Gertrude Fieman Narrative New Family Group
NOLL, Henry Henry Noll and Julian Deppen Narrative New Family Group
UNDERCUFFLER George Undercuffler and Magdalena Schechler Narrative Family Group
WALTER John S. Walter and Sallie B. Narrative Family Group
ZELLER Jacques Zeller and Clothilda de Valois Narrative Family Group
NOEL Joseph Noel/Newell (Princess Augusta) Narrative New Family Group


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