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Ancestors of Lester L. Noll

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21-Jan-2019 The resurrected FreePages site has been back online for several months now. Today I replaced the previous menu, that used to work but no longer does (as with several other server-side includes), with a simplified CSS menu. Not sure that I will be doing much more on this project. See now instead sites.rootsmagic.com/noll/
10-Jun-2006 Corrected CemLibMellingers.htm page title from "Mellingers Cemetery Records" to "H. M. Mellinger, Funeral Director, Records - May 9, 1906 - July 30, 1941"
23-Dec-2005 Added George Noll genealogy received from Beryl (Noll) Miller.
19-Dec-2005 Added FreeFind search box.
Updated genealogy software to RootsMagic 3.0.
DNA shows I am not related to Joseph Noel of the Princess Augusta. I am related to George Noll but it is unclear how.
Updated website.
21-Feb-2004 Added a www.extreme-dm.com site monitor.
01-Jan-2004 Removed all of the "New" icons -- starting fresh in 2004. Corrected code to allow Freepages ads to display at top and bottom.
24-Dec-2003 Added a cute image to upper left of page that changes based on the date.
20-Dec-2003 Just discovered that my home page did not display from Netscape. Found an <.HR tag with a width and size value not enclosed in quotes. Internet Explorer didn't care.
13-Dec-2003 Added a bit of Javascript to determine if one of my pages is being accessed from one of my own links or from an outside URL.
Added a cute image to the page header and changed the background to snowflakes.
27-Nov-2003 Added HTML formatted Counting Kindred index to the Library page.
26-Nov-2003 Added HTML formatted cemetery listings to the Library page.
24-Nov-2003 Added a real, live pedigree chart, thanks to RootsMagic 1.0
23-Nov-2003 Revised the Table of Contents page. Added a second display type: a family group display. Each family can now be displayed either in narrative form (Modified Register) or with Family Group sheets. Updated all family genealogies.
21-Nov-2003 Moved the data from the Table of Contents page table, the What's New? page table (this table) and the Library page Book Reports table and the various tables on the Favorites page to an Excel workbook. Then generated include files from the Excel sheets using a utility called xls2html. This reduces page maintenance.
Added a few items to the Favorites page.
18-Nov-2003 Added the Old Swamp Cemetery (Blanisport, PA) records.
17-Nov-2003 Reworked the code to use #include files and a few other non-visible improvements.
13-Nov-2003 Added the Guest Book and the Family Group Sheet pages.
26-Oct-2003 Added the Cemetery List to the Library page.
20-Oct-2003 Updated Noll page from Roots Magic database.
18-Oct-2003 Added the Northwest Indiana Genealogy Society's Websiteto the Favorites page. Thanks to Mike Sutton.
16-Oct-2003 Added the Cemetery and Book Indices sections to the Library page. Thanks to Patty and Lenny Gehman for the cemetery listings.
Divided family files into subdirectories (not that that really matters to any guests).
20-Apr-2003 Moved my genealogy home page from ww2.netnitco.net/users/lnoll to www.freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~lnoll. Added horizontal divider at top of page to separate the sponsor ad from the web page content.
20-Oct-2001 Converted the web-site to yet another slightly different format using Sausage Software's HotDog PageWiz (no kidding--it's a good WSIWIG editor).
Added the Book Report section to the Library page.
Added Undercuffler information, thanks to Gene Fasnacht.
31-Mar-2001 Temporarily removed Jacques and Clothilda Zeller genealogy.
02-Aug-2000 Added Peter Noll information from Linda Davis -- thanks!
30-Jul-2000 Added this nifty new menu thing on the left.  Hopefully it won't add to the number of "hoops" that a user must jump through to get anywhere.
21-Apr-2000 Added some new dates and sources.
07-Dec-1999 Regenerated the pages and added source listings.
11-Jul-1999 Added hit counter.
05-Jul-1999 Regenerated the genealogy data files. Only minor revisions.
02-Jul-1999 Added this What's New page so that users don't have to waste time hunting around to see if anything has changed.
Revised home page using Word 97.  Also placed Pedigree Chart at bottom of home page.  No revisions to genealogy data.
   25 Jun 1999 [Original Home Page Greeting] Your help is requested. Parsons Technology's Family Origins genealogy software generates these surname pages.  The problem is that, when it generates another set of surname page, it uses duplicate file names.  So if you try to combine these page sets you end up with a cross-linked mess.  I believe I have been able to work around this shortcoming but I need your help.  If, as you jump from one page to another and back again, you find a problem in the linkages -- if, for instance, you start out in a Deppen lineage and suddenly you find yourself in a Noll lineage -- please let me know.  At this point I believe everything is fine.


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